Personal Branding: A Key To Career Success

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 13:09 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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BANGALORE: Performing well in office and being professional is like two sides of the same coin. While good work assures success in office, professionalism guarantees success in life. It’s your professional outlook that sets you as an example to others. Your success is definitely entitled to how others, seniors, juniors or your peers look upon you.

If they set you as their motivation and example, then, what you have successfully built is a personal brand. Personal brand implies includes your attributes, features and characteristics that make you stand out from the chunk articulating unique value proposition. That’s s your stump for success.

 Though most of us know the importance of personal branding, we have suggested you few tips according to Brazencareerist that might help you to compose a concrete personal brand for yourself.

When you set to sail in the attempt of building your own personal brand, feedback helps you to strengthen it.

Most organizations now suffer from Feedback Famine that is; employees are not accurately informed about their performances. Timely and specific feedback cultivates the scope of improvement for you.

Hence, go to a colleague or ask your boss to assess and update you with your progress report at regular intervals. However, the person you assign for the purpose, should be critical and sound. He should be objectively studying you over time and provide you unbiased feedback.

His feedback might de-motivate you. But you got to accept the flaws and bring in the transitions, so that success arrives at your doorstep.

In the process of brand building, you got to remember, you cannot be ‘Jack of all trades and master of none.’

Like all human beings, you have a list of skills and weaknesses. Check  your  strengths and your brand building will be based on this. In the process of brand building, your strengths should over count your weakness. The more you expose your strengths, the greater positivity you can exhibit.

So, in the game play of building personal brands, self assessment and feedback from others form the keys. Wind the keys and you will soon explore the ladder of success.

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