Solar Installations In India Makes Way For New Jobs

By siliconindia  |   Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 12:51 Hrs
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BENGALURU: Govt.’s target of installing 100 GW of solar power projects by 2022 will give rise to many job openings that may reach lakhs in numbers. Sunshine is about to come with a new hope of jobs for many job seekers and talent will gain its real value, reports ET.

Currently in India there are only 3GW of solar installations. Big companies involved in the solar space are doubling their headcount almost every year, and on the other hand real estate, food, beverage and  some unrelated businesses are establishing their own separate solar energy B-units.

Vivid career paths can be chosen via this sector, starting from senior management roles to a wireman profile. Entrepreneurs, non-solar, and govt. senior management professionals are also been recruited and welcomed in these projects.

Inderpreet Wadwa, CEO of Solar Energy firm Azure Power said, “There's plenty of people available in the infrastructure space, partly because some of the other projects haven't progressed the way they could have otherwise. That's made a large pool of people available for hiring.”

According to solar consultancy and market intelligence firm ‘Bridge to India’, a 1GW solar installation needs almost 40, 000 people for small rooftops,  27,000 for commercial rooftops, 10,000 for utility scale and 6,000 for GW scale. Azure Power plans to increase its headcount by 500 this year. Wadhwa added, “By and large if the industry grows on scale this can be a big issue (availability of trained manpower). But we don't see that as a problem.”

Rahul Gupta, director of a solar engineering procurement and construction company, Rays Power Experts said, “There's a lot of poaching from our company because people are looking at where to get training from. This is because it is a very secure job for engineers and packages are rising. Now we work to retain people.” Gupta plans to hire almost 25 percent from wind sector because of their experience and knowledge about renewable energy.

"Professionals at wind energy companies, which are just a handful, felt insecure when the market dipped in 2012-14 due to the withdrawal of tax breaks. However, there are now many options with so many solar companies flourishing," he added.

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