Best Paying IT Jobs Of 2013

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 29 July 2013, 12:37 Hrs
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Bangalore: Wondering which is the highest paying job in the IT field? Read on to know about the jobs that are commending the highest pay within the ever-evolving and highly-competitive IT sector, as listed by Rich Hein for

10. Android Developer

Tablets and smartphones are all over the place and their sales are at an all time high. Thanks to the drastic fall in prices of these products, many tech consumers have more than one option to choose from at all time. And as per Michael Kirven, founder and CEO of Mondo, Android is on top and is winning, at least with regards to the developer job market. He added that leading innovators prefer the ‘open’ nature of Android over the closed structure of Apple, and this is the reason why Android’s market share is outshining its adversary by manifolds, and this in turn is driving up the wages for Android developers.

As per the PayScale website, the median wage for these professionals is roughly around 1.12 lakh to 4.96 lakh per annum.

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