Top Workplace Trends of the Year

By SiliconIndia  |   Tuesday, 06 March 2012, 12:21 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: When it comes to experimenting new ways of working and rising trends, you should know the recent technological advances, socio-demographic changes, economic markets, security issues and the changing attitude towards work and social media. Knowing new trends in workplace is another way of progress. You may be working in the same position and at the same place for years, but is that the same way you are doing your work done? Everything is changed. You might have recorded your documents in a paper file when you joined, and now? Word file, Excel sheet, all became part of your business growth. Technology has advanced and even the economy too.

Earlier, business tour was part of every businessman’s life whereas today, the system has fastened with technology. Rather than getting an appointment to consult a person, today we prefer taking an appointment for video-conference. Check out the below list to know the top workplace trends of today.


‘Telecommuting’ helps to eliminate daily commute to a central place of work. As the technology has progressed to offer more accessible business modes of communication, ‘telecommuting’ emerged to pave the way to a potentially more competent communication system in workplace. The emergence of ‘telework’ has replaced traditional workplace concept which demanded you to work at the office. Today, doing work can be done from anywhere as telework reaches to the global business market. Whether at home, on your travel, at your co-working space, in fact ‘any place at any time’ has become the trend in workplace flexibility.


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