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By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 05 March 2012, 02:59 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: When you get an interview call, you probably prepare for presenting all your strengths, for proving how efficient you are for that particular job and also you will prepare to discuss how you can bring an immediate progress to the organization. But ironically, in every job interview you will be asked the same old classic interview question, ‘What is your greatest weakness?’ In fact, every interviewer expects that their candidate should be recognized their faults and tries to improve themselves for not doing the same mistakes. Also your interviewer wants to see how smart you are to present your faults to impress them.

More sarcastically and undisputedly this is one of the toughest questions in an interview board. And this is one of the behavior-based interview questions, and already your interviewer will be tired off so many usual answers. If you say, you do not have any weakness, it will be the biggest lie and mistake you admit in front of them. Your answer can either cast you in or cast away

In one of his article in blog.jobberman.com, Adejoke gives glimpse of how to practice for answering to this question instead of step back.


Attending an interview should not be your sudden decision without planning. There may be people who could pass a job interview without an adequate preparation. But, everyone cannot be lucky as they were. It is advisable for every job seeker, to prepare well for the interview. Every interview will be different from other as the demanded skills will vary according to the prospective employer. When you prepare yourself for an interview, figure out maximum questions which can be asked during an interview. You should find out all your weakness and strengths to align with specific tasks which connect with job profile.

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1: very informative..
Posted by:Hasan Raza - 06 Mar, 2012
2: its really a tough to beat qstn...
Posted by:Jacos - 05 Mar, 2012