Check What's Bothering Indian Young Graduates

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 25 February 2013, 11:29 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: Most of the young graduates in India are finding it hard to survive in this tough economy right from getting the best education or the best job that they have dreamt from many years. But it has been proved that it is not the lack of skills or the poor education institutes that are keeping them back, but it is actually their lack of passion towards learning and the poor choice they make regarding their academic life or the professional life. So, check out some more interesting and shocking insights taken from recent roundtable held in Mumbai shared by Raman Madhok, Group Director, Human resources, JSW Steel, as reported by Divya nair of slidebyline_location, as reported on the rediff website.

Raman Madhok while sharing the shocking statistics also warned us that the worst is yet to come. He shared that, by 2030, India will experience a shortage of 40 million high skilled and 30 million of mid-skilled workers.


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Reader's comments(2)
1: Most of these young grads are clueless & confused about their careers. Even the IIMs, IITs, XLRi Grads lack Innovation & confidence. The rest populace who struggle with evening courses or DLPs(distance learning progr or Correspondence educated grads)have very poor knowledge about a(ny) subject/course they are pursuing,but most grads would like to 'mug up' or copy seniors work,there is no innovation. many pvt & politically affiliated MBA institutes too have mushroomed at every nook & corner,giving fake assurances & oversized degrees.& the students have Zero Power of knowledge.
Also, most of the Teaching Faculty in schools & collages are Pathetic (thanks to kapil sibal & late Arjun singh) teachers & professors equally have poor knowledge on the subject they are teaching.Most are interested to make money by taking Pvt tutions or waste precious time. Most of the confused grads who are unemployable come from a lot which is below the age group of 35 yrs.
Posted by:saji - 12 Apr, 2013
2: The mindset should change in our young grads.
Posted by:suri - 25 Feb, 2013