9 Tips And Surprises To Get Ahead In Your Career

By siliconindia  |   Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 12:57 Hrs
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BANGALORE: Well, we all wish if we had a constant continuous career guide, but it’s not easy to get one. Articles on the web and books are indeed long to read. To serve both your purpose of getting some laudable career advice in a brief, with Business Insider we crystallize some of the tips. Alone these definitely won’t reap your way. But ample attempt and these tips may buy your ticket to your dream.

Don’t be too loyal – it’s holding you back:
You must have seen your father and uncle going to the same office everyday over a span of more than thirty years. Gone are those days and to make it to the top of the industry, the present trend is switching jobs. The number of big brands you serve, the more you will be achieving success.
Quora user John Fawkes comments, "Most people get too comfortable in their jobs and coast for too long, receiving small, incremental raises.” But you can often make bigger jumps by switching companies, especially if you're good at job hunting."

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