India's 10 Most Admired Employers

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 19 August 2013, 05:39 Hrs   |    4 Comments
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Bangalore: Of all the companies in India, it’s Microsoft that garnered the enviable title of dream employer this year.

Based on the feedback of 7000 respondents, HR service firm Randstad has come up with a list of companies that are perceived as the most attractive employer in the country by most job seekers.

Aspire to know which other companies made it to the list besides Microsoft? Read on to know more about 10 most attractive employers in the eyes of job seekers here in India, as listed on Rediff.

#10. Tata Consultancy Service (TCS)

TCS is considered as one of the most valuable companies in the country and unsurprisingly it is also the firm which is on the dream list of every job aspirant in the country.

From a very humble beginning in 1968 where it started providing punched card services to sister company TISCO (now Tata Steel); the company has grown by leaps and bounds. It has presently emerged as the largest India-based IT service provider by employee count and also with regards to revenues (as of 2012). And thanks to its success stories, it has become the heart throb of numerous aspirants in the country who aspire to make it big on the global stage. 

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Reader's comments(4)
1: I have seen IBM India charging 28-30$/hr for some resource and paying 6.52L INR/annum as CTC(means 3.6$/hr)

Are we employees or slaves?
What is India taking pride on its Software Industry Growth?
Is there any regulation to stop this slavery?
Are the regulators themselves corrupted?

IBM India ventures on Disabled and Women drives - the
Pros: IBM creates a good image (like a corrupted politician )
IBM will get resource who are less liable to leave job
(or better asy won't move )
Cons: Some more employment(sorry better to say begging
in your own country for a MNC )
Posted by:Anonymous - 17 Sep, 2013
2: Example of Quality of Resource in IBM India(GBS):
[While its an example, it do mean most but not everyone]

Team Lead 1:
One fine day,she comes and says - "Why are you using size() in
for(int i = 1; i < vector.size(); i++){
..some code..
It iterates all objects and calculate the size of vector for
each i"

Developer said to himself - "Are my OOPs knowledge got failed to what she read yesterday night" (actually she was terribly wrong)

Team Lead 2(Advisory IT Architect):
When faced to handle concurrent transaction requests in EJB(Java), He suggested - "We can do it by 2-Phase-Locking in Java"
Wait a minute: I have heard
Thread Double checking pattern
2-Phase-Locking in DBase(growing and shrinking)
EJB Transaction Boundaries/Isolation levels(READ_COMMITED..etc)

What is 2-Phase-Locking in Java ??? (good for nothing fellows)

Solution Architect1:
They take pride on having their Excel Sheet selected in India for resource planning and estimation.
WOW - I thought he will come up with some out of box technical stuff!
Posted by:Anonymous - 17 Sep, 2013
3: Ask any Google/Facebook/Amazon employee who were ex-IBMer.
They will "Spit on the Grave" for IBM.

Wonder how Forbes, Barron overlook the real face behind this BlueBrand. I think they are not aware of IBM India.

Why doesn't India have guts to scrutinize IBM India?
Who are authorized to reveal the secrets of IBM India?
Posted by:Anonymous - 17 Sep, 2013
4: Hi,

IBM should not be listed.Many will disagree but none need to critisize or jugde my individual opinion here.Following is about IBM GBS:

In India its the lowest payer among MNCs. Somehow, I don't know! even if you get 2-3L INR more as CTC compared to CTS ot TCS you will find you are getting 2-3L less /annum.
Most Team Leaders/Project Managers place their hands on back pocket wallet at each EOD and say "All is Well" if spent 500-800INR on car-fuel.
90% Employees take pride as IBMer while being in IBM(coz there is no alternative)
If a Microsoft resume arrives on your desk for a challenging IBM GBS position PMs say "leave that CV" (IBM can't afford to pay...ha ha ha ridiculous).

18% variable :literally have to beg to get 10%.
But you have to pay tax for that 18%, though your money being grabbed by IBM in the end.
IBM even don't show it as their income to Govt. Neither they pay tax.
There should be some Employee union to throw away this kind of Org from our country.
Posted by:Ex IBMer - 17 Sep, 2013