Why States Don't Want New Engineering Colleges Anymore?

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 31 October 2011, 10:44 Hrs   |    8 Comments
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Bangalore: Earlier in India there were many aspirants for engineering seats because of a great demand for engineers not only in India but also in abroad. But around two decades back, only few aspiring engineers found seats in the engineering schools. Now the supply seems to have better demand. But lakhs of engineering seats in Indian colleges are been wasted.

Because of this many state governments have requested the country's regulatory body All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to reject fresh proposals for starting any more engineering colleges, says Hemali Chhapia from times of India.

S S Mantha, Chairman of the AICTE said that they have received letters from the governments of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Chhattisgarh, telling them not to clear any proposals for engineering institutes. He also added that, in the rural parts of various states, many of the engineering seats are vacant, but only the core engineering courses of civil, mechanical and electrical have takers and the rest of the courses are not in much demand.

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5: This is well known fact that Indian Top Management has shit to say about how work culture goes in. India in this same site I read that the way Indian IT is growing if we want to keep the same pace of graphical growth "which this site mentioned earlier" we will be in huge shortage of engineers ......NOW the fact why the colleges seats are going vacant do give it a thought.....The student has to spend 5 lakh which means hell lot of money in Indian subcontinent.....which makes them invest another 1 or 2 lakh in order to search right jobs and living in the same time...and the outcome is 12 to 15 thousand per month that's what they get ...... which is not worth of education money they spent earlier in their future development to the hell no one is responsible for this and many readers reading this will feel it offensive...it clearly shows how the things are going on because if this continues it will be hard to find engineers anymore. They have to spnet almost 5 years or more to save 6 lakhs in bank that what i felt and experienced....Just to stop attrition the companies are up to hiring Bsc's and Bcom's for engineering and management Job profile that's what i saw in few adds if i am wrong consider this comment a crap now if a student sees all this going on in the market why would he be foolish to spend 5 lakhs of rupees I dont know how a person can save 1 crs in bank i feel even if he is in top management he can save this amount of saving in his whole life so it simply means it is not worth working with spending money on your education when education importance has been shadowed by doing business....we have to decide if to choose education or business as it is common known fact that big CEO's around the world were drop outs....:) interesting ..
Posted by:Srivastava.G - 02 Nov, 2011
6: Good account of Engineering Education in India.

India produces around 750,000 engineers every year. Of these almost 40 per cent who scout for a job for almost a year while around 22 per cent take almost two years before bagging a job according to HR firms.
Tamil Nadu has a total of 454 engineering colleges, with a student intake capacity of 192,000. According to Madan Padaki co founder and CEO MeritTrac Services, if 100 engineering students apply for a job today, only 20 of them are employable. Impact of this decision could be two fold. One you are lowering the standards for engineering education and two you have to make do with even lower quality of analytical and written English skills. This means the employability factor reduces further, says Padaki.
Merit Trac runs an industry standard assessment and certification programme NAC Tech (Nasscom assessment of competence for technology professionals) in association with Nasscom. The programme is to ensure the transformation of a trainable workforce into an employable workforce and also to create a robust and continuous pipeline of talent for the IT and engineering industry.
According to a Nasscom s Perspective 2020 study industry is already facing a shortage of employable talent and companies are hiring people who lack skills but are trainable. An average company invests 16 weeks to train one employee in areas such as technical skills soft skills company orientation and process-specific domain skills. As a result the training and recruitment cost of technology services companies has risen steadily in the last few years. Recruiting a trainable pool is not a sustainable option going forward.

Here is the pathetic situation of some Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh:
There are now a staggering 640 of them which have as many as three lakh seats on offer.
But the number of students who managed to qualify in the engineering entrance test conducted by the state government this year was only 2.03 lakh. This means nearly one lakh of seats will go a-begging this year.
What is worse, the All India Council for Technical Education AICTE the apex body which controls technical education in the country, has tentatively approved the creation of another 40,000 to 50,000 seats this year in various branches in some of the reputed - and sought after engineering colleges across the state.
This has left a huge question mark over many of the newer colleges most of which are not known for their academic excellence.
Students are likely to opt for admissions in colleges with a better reputation and a good placement record observers say.
If the AICTE gives the final approval for increasing the number of seats in the better colleges the total number of vacant seats in the engineering colleges might even go up to 1.5 lakh.
Of the total three lakh seats nearly 2.1 lakh seats have to be filled by students under the government quota. But the number of students who have qualified in the entrance test is itself 2.03 lakh. When the government quota is not filled up where is the question of filling up the management quota? a private engineering college official asked.
Even under the government quota, not all students end up actually joining the colleges.
Last year nearly 40,000 students who qualified in the engineering entrance test did not actually join, as they did not get the course or college of their choice.
Many students now prefer joining regular undergraduate courses instead, rather than an engineering degree programme which does not have much value in the job market.
As a result, many engineering college managements have become virtually bankrupt so much so that they are not in a position to even pay salaries to their teaching staff.
(Source:A. Srinivasa Rao Hyderabad July 11, 2011 & UPDATED 10:11 IST
Andhra engineering colleges make offers on SMS to fill up vacant seats India Today).
There are Engineering Colleges with single digit admission in Andhra Pradesh.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP), India

Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 02 Nov, 2011
7: The profession of Pharmacy, a highly respected profession overseas, has been ruined here in Bhaarath by a wanton and irresponsible opening of many colleges in AP. Just ask the many B.Pharm students and their staff as to how they feel betrayed by the traitors in AICTE and the Pharmacy Council of India.
Posted by:RCH - 31 Oct, 2011
Educational traitors would be more appropriate for these leeches in our educational bodies who open the colleges in response to suitcases stashed with illegal money, all of which are money rorted from the tax payers by the MLAs and the Mahaa_Paapis (Mps) who are most of the time the owners of these hera-pheri colleges.
RCH Replied to: RCH - 31 Oct, 2011