U.S. Cities With Highest Paying IT Jobs

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 29 March 2012, 12:37 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: Are you a techie who aspires to work in the U.S.? If yes, then you must be definitely wondering, which are the highest paying U.S. cities for tech jobs. To make your queries easy, online recruiter firm CyberCoders.com recently released the results of their survey of the U.S. cities which pay the highest average salary for technology jobs. CyberCoders evaluated more than 3,000 technical job titles from around the United States to find out the highest paying cities for technology jobs. Listed below are the highest Paying Cities for Tech Jobs in the U.S highlighted by the InfoWorld website.

1. San Jose: Established tech hub San Jose grabs the first place as it pays an average salary of $119,412 per annum amongst 85 IT jobs. The city pays medium annual salary of $120,000. And the high range annual salaries are paid to professionals like Director of display algorithms ($170,000), NAND flash firmware ($165,000), SSD architect ($165,000), Director of engineering ($162,500) and Clustered file-system architect ($152,500). Tech giants like Adobe, Yahoo, Cisco systems, Cypress semiconductors are located in the city of San Jose, California. Technology Jobs that are highly in demand in the city include: Java developers, software engineers, C++ developers, and QA engineers to name a few.

2. San Francisco:  San Francisco, takes the second position in the list of Highest Paying U.S. Cities for IT jobs. Located in the state of California, San Francisco pays an average annual salary of $112,739 among 649 jobs. The city which is also considered to be one of the beautiful and the costliest city in the United States pays a Median annual salary of $115,000 to the IT professionals. It pays high range salaries to professionals like Senior VP of product development ($200,000), Manager of quality engineering ($187,500), Chief Web services architect ($180,000), Director of Web engineering ($175,000) and Security architect ($170,000). San Francisco is also a home of renowned tech compnies like Twitter, Craglist, Zynga and Strategic enterprise solution.

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