Top Executives Who Faked on their Resumes

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 09 May 2012, 11:45 Hrs   |    5 Comments
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Bangalore: It is always a disgrace for executives to lie, especially on their resume and moreover it is quite an unacceptable fact for a Fortune 500 company like yahoo to find that their CEO have lied about his educational qualifications. The fact might have come as a surprise to many who might never have expected this kind of blunder from Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, who came into limelight recently for faking in his resume, that he has a computer science degree from Stonehill College, reveals Henry Blodget on Business Insider.  

Although Scott apologizes to the employees for lying on his resume, according to reuters. Still it is a shameful and a matter of great embarrassment for a top notch executive like Scott Thompson, whose career as a CEO is threatened now. However, this is not the first case that an executive has lied in his/her resume, there are many such executives who also faked in their resume and had to face great humiliation for their shameful act.  Vivian Giang and Jhaneel Lockhart  listed down the executives who lied on their resume, on Business Insider.

1. David Edmondson, CEO of Radio Shack: Although Edmond had made great contributions to the performance of Radio shack; still he had to face the disgrace because of his fib on the resume. In 2005 David Edmondson became CEO of Radioshack, but could not remain in that position for a long time as in the very next year it was revealed by  Forth Worth Star-Telegram that David  had not earned degrees in theology and psychology from Heartland Baptist Bible College as he had mentioned on his resume. Soon after which David decided to quit his job although the company’s board of directors stood up for their new CEO.

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Reader's comments(5)
1: All this only goes to prove that Degrees are just as irrelevant as a piece of paper even in USA where our students are flocking to for higher studies in increasing numbers every year!
It is also a puzzle as to how guys in USA can fake claims of degrees from Stanford, Carniege _Mellon , MIT etc--which are the top IVY league colleges --and get away with it undetected for years together. Just again proves talented people are way beyond such paper degrees and what it can offer them --as some firms have admitted that they are too good to be fired even if they have faked!!
Posted by:Raj vaidya - 25 May, 2012
2: Is resume describe all the experiences of one particular person. If yes thn why there is interview session.
Posted by:harvinder Singh - 13 May, 2012
3: Indeed, it's a real shame on anybody for that matter to lie about their qualifications or experience, especially the top brass who are suppose to set an example for the youngsters. On the other hand, the employers should also believe people who are very very honest about their qualifications and their experience, and focus more on the capabilities of the person who's being interviewed for the top post. Guess, am making some sense here!!
Posted by:Ranga - 10 May, 2012
4: Taking the positive side of the report these people have proved no degrees can achieve what work can. MBAs, especially those who act God, should wake up that having a degree from Stanford or Harvard, etc doesn't make them superior beings nor is their multi million dollar salary justified!
Posted by:JBP - 10 May, 2012
5: nice article...
Posted by:Anu - 09 May, 2012