Top 5 Careers To Make You Happy And Rich

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 30 July 2014, 13:25 Hrs   |    4 Comments
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BANGALORE: If you’re surrounded by people who think a happy career and a fat paycheck are mutually exclusive—then you got to be on the wrong path. The reality is that, these two things sometimes do go hand-in-hand, if you focus on finding a job you love. So in order to find out which are the jobs that can make you happy and rich, CareerBliss has compiled a new list of jobs on the basis of its bliss score, check them out!
Chief Technology Officer
Bliss score: 3.42
Average Annual salary: 51.00 lakh

With the wide array of computer systems and associated technologies in businesses today, a Chief Technology Officer is considered as one of the key positions that can bring you joy and at the same time make you rich. These professionals work with management, IT team and external partners to make sure that the IT infrastructure and digital possessions are working efficiently and effectively within the firm. They are the final decision makers of IT management in a corporate house and are also responsible for taking necessary steps for timely investments in IT. So if individuals can look for right opportunity to build something great while learning and earning a piece of the action, a career as a CTO will do a word of good for you.
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Reader's comments(4)
1: These are designations, not jobs.
Posted by:anon - 04 Aug, 2014
2: Thast fine. But how about letting us know how to land those jobs?
Posted by:Anoop - 31 Jul, 2014
3: Good,It would be better if you reveal the path to go there too.
Posted by:Kumar Guptha - 30 Jul, 2014
4: well, it would be better to know from the guys who are in these positions, but still worth a consideration.
Posted by:Roshan - 30 Jul, 2014