Top 10 Nations to Work In To Earn Big Bucks

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 03 December 2012, 03:04 Hrs
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Bangalore: You would have read many articles that provided you immense information about the pay package different jobs are getting in India. It is a very well known fact that each and every professional on earth, will be tending to earn lots and lots of money before they retire from their professional life. So, to achieve it, many Indians are flying to abroad nations where they feel that as the best place where they can earn more. So, if you are one among them, here is a list of top 10 Nations you can look as the perfect destination to work abroad, where as an emigrant, you can earn far more better than your counterparts working in India or in any other developing nations. Another advantage of working abroad is that, you might be having the benefit of paying less income tax to that Nation’s government. By moving out of India, you also might get an awesome chance of earning and saving more than what your counterparts are earning and spending here in India.

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This list given below is actually a survey conducted by HSBC on around 4,127 migrants in 100 different nations. To make it easy for you, here is listed only the top 10 nations where you can earn big bucks, as it was reported on Shelter Offshore website.

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