Top 10 Executives Who Were Busted For Lying On Their Resume

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 21 November 2012, 13:16 Hrs   |    3 Comments
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Bangalore: Now a days people are ready to go to any extent to get a job. People commonly lie or provide false information on their resume to boost the probability of landing a dream job. They fail to realize that lying or faking on resumes can jeopardize their entire professional career.  

Here is a list of such high profile individuals who were caught faking on their resume, as reported by Vivian Giang and Jhaneel Lockhart on Business Insider.

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1. Robert Irvine:

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine had cooked up a story regarding designing Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake. It was later uncovered that he only attended the school where the cake was made for the royal wedding and contributed just by picking fruits for the cake. Following the incident, he was fired from his own U.S. television show, Food Network’s Dinner Impossible.

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1: very nice article
Posted by:akshay - 12 Dec, 2012
2: There are so many top executives in India who don't work and do not take any accountability. Please fire them. Americans are scared to fire top notch Indians just fire them no need to worry.
Posted by:Dennis - 30 Nov, 2012
3: Good article:)
Posted by:mahesh - 23 Nov, 2012