Tech honchos war begins on campus hiring

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 30 December 2010, 06:02 Hrs   |    20 Comments
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Tech honchos war begins on campus hiring
Bangalore: Last year, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the biggest Indian firms was listed in the Limca Book of Records for the largest number of students hired from a single campus by hiring 1,075 students from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). But this year there is a great jump in the campus hiring. Cognizant hired 1,643 students from VIT which superseded the previous record of 1,075 in Limca Book of Records.

Prabhankar Narayan, a professor from one of the engineering colleges in India said that now companies fight for early placement slots to get access to more students and sometime even demand to prevent the entry of their competitors in campus.

TCS hired 1,091 students from SRM University in Chennai and 1,359 students from Shanmugha Arts, Science, and Technology & Research Academy (SASTRA) University in Thanjavur. Accenture hired 1,309 students at Amity University in Noida while Infosys hired 1,224 students at Amrita University in Coimbatore.

"So comparatively this year the firms offer a good pay. The number of companies coming to the campus has increased and the competitions among the companies are really helpful to us in getting good job," said Ashok Kumar an engineering student from Bangalore.

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Reader's comments(20)
1: hiya jolly!
Posted by:jolly - 03 Jan, 2011
2: I guess s/w companies should have a online exam on what they were expecting from students. College by college with time slot say one college starts @9AM then another @10:30AM etc.. This will save our planet too :) with less usage of paper and find good resources for the company. Keep up the cutoff in different ranges like 9/10, 8/10,7/10 and see the statistics of how many students can afford in the skills. based on that, Call all of them to one place and once find them suitable you can give offer letters to join. This reduce the burden on manual effort of HR's, ctc, all student will get benefited, may be more...

By this way every student attend the exam and find his ability to success and find the way to achieve his goal of getting job. No matter what marks, ranks or college ranks etc every student of the pool of colleges should give a chance to attend and prove his skills.
Posted by:Kishore - 03 Jan, 2011
3: To all the ignorants out there, who failed to assess the real situation and fighting over college names.
You should realize it's all about Business.

When a company plans to recruit about 30K people and competitors are on the run for the same number,What do you do? How do you reach your targets? If they fail to reach half their target recruitment in the first couple of weeks,they'll fall behind their competitors.
Recruiting from top colleges have 2 benifits:
>can recruit more efficient people
>with less effort in a very less time[coz' companies gotta stay in the game and be on Top]
I see this as a sole strategy to get 50% of the job done.
The next 30% from Tier2&Tier3 colleges and the rest 20% from off-campus.

I guess this fills the void over the number confusion.
Posted by:Insight - 03 Jan, 2011
4: Companies to look for students and try to find talents in 3 tier colleges as well.. these colleges also have a lot of talents and even smart peoples though they may not find a huge count it would be gr8 if they pool selection like combined campus drive compining some 8-10 colleges of nearby places and try to hire smart candidates .
Posted by:Sarvesh Nayak - 02 Jan, 2011
They are doing the same. TCS, Infosys etc are going for the pool campus selection giving chance to every student.
Eddy Replied to: Sarvesh Nayak - 03 Jan, 2011
6: how can they hire so many people from one university?

I seriously doubt the accuracy of this.

For help in interview, check out:

Posted by:jaya - 01 Jan, 2011
7: Students must also be prepared well for the industry e.g. they should know atleast one prog. language and must have a certification. e.g. Java has a SCJP certification. I find this site very helpful for that:

Posted by:Kamal - 01 Jan, 2011
8: It's an absolutely preposterous way to look at it. Most multi-nationals base their hiring strategies basis past records and performance of candidates hired from various colleges. Look at it from a companies point of view - if even 20% of the hired candidates turn out to be junk and either leave or need to be released due to non performance or non conformity of industry standards, it results in wasted assets which could have been utilized for better purposes. While I don't disagree that companies should not do concentrated hiring, I also believe that companies have deep rooted reasons for their beliefs and most strategies are meticulously planned out with considerations towards impending losses (immediate as well as long term). Feel free to disagree but all we need to do is raise our standards, channel our energies into multi tasking, and though it's best to excel at everything you do, but sheer possession of theoretical knowledge on various subjects could really be of much value in an interview. Not to forget the most important aspect - Communication Skills.
Posted by:Amit Upadhyay - 01 Jan, 2011
Companies should also go to the 3rd tier colleges, these colleges may not be very well known but have very bright students,
Raj Replied to: Amit Upadhyay - 01 Jan, 2011
Yeah. I agree with Raj. Companies should go fishing in small colleges as well. It is very absolute that there will be bright students who cannot afford to study in big universities like those mentioned in the article.
Former VIT Student. Replied to: Raj - 01 Jan, 2011
11: Other engineering colleges or universities me skillful candidates nahi hai kya. Ye sab show-up ke liye hai. Aaisi company hamare desh ko barbad kar rahe hai. I want to say vaise students jo small city and college me study karte hai aur uski fees bahut less hai to kya es student me talent nahi hai. Oey "gadahe recuiter and company" kyo hamahe country ke un maasum student ko barbaad kar rahe ho aur unki confidence ko loose kar rahe ho. Talent kisi big university or college me study karne se nahi milta eske liye bahut labour or bahut tyag karna parta hai and apne aap ke success banana parta hai. Haa agar gadahe ko select karana hai to thik hai.......and aur karte jaooo........taki humare country me technology ki development ki jagah gadahe ki development hogi.
Shayad ek sologan aap sab ne suni hogi.....
"Andher nagari aur Chaupat raja"
Happy New Year 2011 my dear friends
Posted by:Ajay Kumar - 30 Dec, 2010
andher nagri---INDIA
chaupat raja---HON PM MANMOHAN SINGH
SAURABH AGRAWAL Replied to: Ajay Kumar - 31 Dec, 2010
13: Don't go on this facilitatory figure, VIT is well known for having internal setting with TCA like campus recruiters.

VIT takes huge fees / Donations and management pays a part of that to recruiters as one year salary.

Which company will not take such advantage for 1 year free service. Its eye wash be-aware please.

I shown only 1 point of the dark side coin. There is a list I wish you to think about other hidden facts.
Posted by:Sameer VIT - 30 Dec, 2010
Its Because of u all our country is not able to develop... These IT companies are creating employement yet u all idiots are not happy... and by the way u don't know anything about placements at VIT.. Its VIT's reputation and not Amount dat dese companies are recruiting.. seriously man u r shame for ur college and country... bdw are u placed?
Shiva VIT Replied to: Sameer VIT - 31 Dec, 2010
Everything is fraud in these recruitment's i have and met plenty of people who clearly said this. The interviews will be hi bye kind of thing. Also the region feelings are very much involved in these recruitment's and they recruit only in Chennai.
Karthik Replied to: Sameer VIT - 30 Dec, 2010
16: Great to hear that companies are hiring. Also check out:

Posted by:jaya - 30 Dec, 2010
17: Why These Company Think about the Experienced Candidates
Posted by:Pranav - 30 Dec, 2010
18: i dont think so the company will hire that much candidates from a single university
Posted by:mayu - 30 Dec, 2010
19: Great to hear that companies are hiring. Also check out:

Posted by:jaya - 30 Dec, 2010
hey friends,
don't show your verge on those colleges ans students
I even belong to a small college!
every company needs talent,no company can tolerate useless people.
companies will form a queue! happy new year friends!
varudh Replied to: jaya - 31 Dec, 2010