Product Manager: A Hot Profession With Top Salary

By SiliconIndia  |   Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 12:59 Hrs
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BANGALORE: Engineers, technicians, and designers are the most celebrated ones in an organization as they are parent to a product or service. But the unsung and unidentified heroes are the product managers who guide a product to success.

Such skilled professionals stand by the lifecycle of the product from generating the idea, based on top management, to sketching the strategy so that the product appeals to the target audience.

The incredibly broad job profile aims in maximizing the profit gained from a company’s concept. They are responsible for defining the right product from the right person for an available audience.  Once they succeed in preparing a compelling and clear product strategy, the next task is to define the roadmap to reach the target audience of the product.

With and three eminent product managers-Aurelien Poma of Telefonica, Jason Wong from Atlassian, and Gregg Johnson of Salesforce here is a guide to this job profile.

To be a product manager , there is no science or art. You can be from media, management, or engineering.

Qualities that one needs to possess in this job include empathy, listening skills, curiosity, a good rational IQ level and must be willing to experiment.

If you have all of these, now you may wonder why to take up this profession?

Gregg Johnson claims, “There is something really rewarding about putting your heart and soul into something, and then seeing people use it on a daily basis.”

Johnson, Jason Wong, and Aurelien Poma all agrees that communication skills is necessary for being a perfect product manager.

Poma said, “The critical skill for me is to be able to understand what the team and communities need, after which I prioritize these features, document, and organize them for the development team.”

Johnson adds to it, “You also need to manage expectations internally and on a constant basis, to help people envision the future while also ensuring that the rest of the organization doesn’t get too far out ahead of your ability to deliver.” He also added, “and ultimately, at most companies, the engineers who design, build, test, and document your software don’t work for you directly — so your ability to motivate, energize, and challenge that team is absolutely critical to your success.”

Poma knows the value of honesty. She says, “I would always recommend people to be honest and transparent in this field. It might not pay off straight away but it will pay off in the long run.”

So, if you have the skills and drive, then follow then shoot an attempt, you never know where your success lies!

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