Obama makes a bold move by freezing federal worker pay

By SiliconIndia  |   Tuesday, 30 November 2010, 05:51 Hrs
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Washington: Barrack Obama takes yet another difficult decision as worded by the White House officials by announcing a two year pay freeze for federal employees. White House officials opine that the decision has been made to reduce the nation's escalating discrepancy as the freeze would be applicable to all the civilian federal employees.

There would not be any effect on the grounds of military personnel although the freeze would be applicable even for those working at the Department of Defense. The Deputy Director at the Office of Management and Budget Jeffrey Ziants opines that more than $5 billion of savings are expected due to the freeze.

"The president is clearly asking them to make a sacrifice," he said. "We believe it is the first of many difficult steps ahead," Ziants commented. The President forebodes about the impact the freeze will have on the federal employees although freeze is mandatory so as to put the country on an economically sound financial year.

Although freeze expects to result in more than $5billion in savings over two years, it would hardly make an impression in the $1trillion-plus budget deficit. The voters voicing their anger over the expenditure incurred by Washington during the mid-term elections has hit the White House. The voters await some sort of a representative motion which would be symbolic that White House got their message.

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