More SAP Professionals will Get Hired in 2012

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 02 January 2012, 13:34 Hrs   |    3 Comments
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Bangalore:  New Year resolutions are not new and as we enter into another year, many have charted their list with diet control, banking investment, and career growth and many are looking ahead to begin their career. This is a better time for SAP professionals to get hired as the demand increases.

SAP skills are on a high demand today. Why do SAP skills get the demand? Systems, Applications, Products in data processing or SAP, got its way to the business management system for more than three decades. SAP dominates the large business applications market by allowing businesses to track their customer and business interactions.  SAP’s role on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and data management programs are highly in demand for every business organizations to run with blueprint activities. SAP consultants are asked to have the skills in both SAP and the business area. As an organization cannot run without a blue print of its activities, SAP professionals are much in demand. SAP technical support organizations are accelerated in support to the growing business enterprises.

The SAP consultants with the skills of SAP BPC, SAP/BOBJ BI, SAP Mobility, SAP HANA, SAP CRM & SAP Industry Solutions (IS OIL) will be hired more this year. Whether a global enterprise, a mid-market, a small business or a government organization, to compete with its counter partners, it should bring up an operational excellence, sustainable growth and a clear-cut competitive advantage in its blue print. It is very difficult for business enterprises to sustain without a SAP module in their business management.

To be a better paid SAP professional, you have to find your career in aerospace or defense, professional services, healthcare or financial services. The SAP career in public sector, education, retail or communications will not help you to earn more comparing to the other opportunities.  “IT professionals with knowledge of SAP HANA in-memory databases will get more opportunities on 2012,” the Co-Founder and CEO of Foote Partners LLC and one of the most quoted industry analysts on IT labor and IT-Business management issues, David Foote revealed in his interview with Dice News.

Moreover, reporting the highest growth in financial performance and strategy management, order management, and project and portfolio management, a total amount of $37.9 billion had spent over ERM applications last year. While SAP is being among the top three ERM vendors, it is a good sign for SAP consultants to get hired easily in a business venture.

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Reader's comments(3)
1: C=A*B ==== BEST COMPUTER LANGUAGE ( like JAVA, C, C , Oracle PL ..)

SAP ABAP is not a BEST CPL see come cases :

( No GOOD careers in SAP compared ORACLE FU, JAVA ; Plz do not waste your money in terms laks of Rupees for SAP Trainings )

Simply copy above formula in JAVA, C, ABAP and execute it .

I am JAVA expert so i prefer to say JAVA, C are faster but not at all ABAP.

In ABAP i found RESULT as === $$$ Statement C=A*B. not defined Check your spelling $$$.

I wondered that i am doing mistakes in Maths being human, who always write C=A*B.

I stopped learning ABAP as it is very peculiar which can be understood by machines but not by Humans.

I continue my ORACLE career with JAVA, which is evergreen IT .

CLs should follow constructs what Humans follow in Real life.

As on toady MS, UNIX, Oracle are BEST SW technologies which follow BPs as per ISO for IT .

Here just i gave some example where ERPs should follow BPs.

1) In SAP ERP i observed that some printers can not print any SAP Report in the specified format.

2) SAP ALV page formats are difficult to fit on to Hard print out. U have to Hard code in Progs, which is not BP.

3) SAP Reports can not be sent to external mails easily. U have to hard code many things in progs , which is not a BP.

4) Difficult to perform SAP Report operations like print, Mail, Fax on Low cost devices like Thin clients , Terminals , Tabs ...

5) SAP can not utilize User identity / Roles of OS users.

6) SAP BI performance is very poor compared to other BI products.

7) U have to invest so much on HW, NW, SW if U R SMEnterprise.

This way there are many important areas where SAP is not capable.
Posted by:Simon - 09 Jan, 2012
You may be right on the most part, but if you look at number of ERP implementations for fortune 500 companies are riding their their activitis in & around SAP. SAP is a one way for many companies. SO I belive as a Job & Growth aspirant I would follow SAP. Unless you want to Innovate get a new Identity.
sat Replied to: Simon - 22 Jul, 2012
3: ya really the SAP course is awesome and its in demand according as per the requirement of the present era........
Posted by:sarim - 09 Jan, 2012