Mahindra Satyam to provide second break to women professionals

Monday, 30 May 2011, 16:29 Hrs   |    8 Comments
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Hyderabad: With a view to tap the potential of those women professionals, who seek to restart their career after a gap, Mahindra Satyam, brand identity of Satyam Computers, has launched a recruitment initiative, named- 'Starting Over'.

Mahindra Satyam today said it is stepping up efforts to attract the talent across Asia-Pacific and India, two of its fastest growing markets.

"'Starting Over', a lateral recruiting initiative taps into a highly talented pool of mid-career women, seeking to restart their careers at Mahindra Satyam after having taken a break for personal reasons," Mahindra Satyam said in a statement.

"Women make a significant part of the technology workforce today and 'Starting Over' is novel way of honing that talent base effectively. 'Starting Over' nurtures the talent right from the initial application stage and ensures opportunities to all candidates by offering three employment avenues: internship and part time or full time employment," said Suresh Samudrala, Head HR, Asia Pacific, and Mahindra Satyam, said.

He added, "This way, we ensure that all the candidates are optimally employed."

According to Madhavi Lakkaraju, who has been re-employed by the company as a part of this initiative, Msat is the first company that is offering a chance to start careers all over again.

Another innovative talent development goal that the Indian IT major has achieved is more than 55 per cent localisation of its employee base in every country outside India that the company operates in.

The company's Singapore-based regional headquarter has tied up with the island country's premiere university, National University of Singapore , and other prominent universities to recruit the would-be engineering graduates.

"The response from NUS has been overwhelming and we are very impressed with the calibre of applicants. We have successfully implemented this in many other countries including the neighboring Malaysia and it has worked very well", said Samudrala.

Meanwhile Mahindra Satyam, today announced the establishment of a Center of Excellence for testing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The center will provide support for global testing for MasterCard business applications, as well as application development in Java and Business Intelligence.
Source: PTI
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4: Hi, Does any one know how to apply for this Starting Over Program. if yes Please let me know
Posted by:Harka - 02 Jun, 2011
5: All ways of hiring talents at cheaper rate. I dont understand what is wrong in taking a break and coming back, it is our personal choice, these IT companies try to depict that we have done something wrong, then they try to show that they are obliging us by giving us work, women please fight for your rights, and make sure you get a fair salary , they are coming up with all these schemes because there is manpower shortage, and trying all new means of hiring. Nothing wrong in different ways of hiring, but what I dont like is the tone that they are giving us a chance whereas they are in no need for them. But the actual truth is the opposite
Posted by:anonymus - 30 May, 2011
WHY anonymus, BEcause u are BEING negative. Pranams and accept any OFFER as THE PRASAD without Grumbling, LET US ALL JOIN and MAKE BEST use of this OFFER by ANY name, thy will bedone on earth, why NOT we Gents too make a call and check OUT .. pramodkimalgmail
pramodkaimalgmail Replied to: anonymus - 31 May, 2011
Women or men whoever it is, think twice before you join this company. There were many victims of this company earlier. Though it is growing at a faster rate, it has taken off careers of more than 8000 fresher students offered during the campus placements. now it says "start over" why cant it start over with those freshers as well. All because it cant hire them at cheaper. and you never know where the pit holes are present in the company. it is under reshaping process.
prashanth Replied to: pramodkaimalgmail - 31 May, 2011
8: This is a very smart recruiting plan, if you need some help Preparing for interviews then check out

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Posted by:Jaya - 30 May, 2011