Knowledgehut Makes New Forays Into Targeted Education

By SiliconIndia  |   Friday, 16 October 2015, 11:23 Hrs
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In today’s world, education has moved far beyond traditional rote learning in brick and mortar classrooms. A new classroom is evolving, where training courses are fuelled by passion, and students learn theoretical concepts through hands-on practical exercises gleaned from real-life experiences. Bengaluru based KnowledgeHut conforms to the new-age style of pedagogy,where didactic learning has taken a back seat and students learn instead through new education formats that include virtual classrooms and blended learning.

Founded in 2011 by three zealous young entrepreneurs, this education technology company has had a rapid rise to the top in this niche sector.M. Subramanya Reddy, MadarapuNagaraju and Manjunath V. had a common background in the training industry that made them realise the need for a unique approach to training — where industry needs would be predicted ahead of needs, and appropriate products launched that met and exceeded expectations.

Armed with a seed fund of just 5000 USD, KnowledgeHut was set up in September 2011, with a small team of 10. The enthusiasm and perseverance of the directors ensured that profits were generated from the second month onwards… and the company has never looked back. Last financial year, the turnover has clocked 4 million USD.

Within one year the staff number had grown to 100, and the office had upgraded to larger premises and significantly expanded their operations. Three years later, KnowledgeHut has close to 200 hardworking and dedicated staff who work round the clock, and has successfully trained over forty thousand professionals across the globe in courses such as PMPTraining,CSM, Agile and Scrum, CEH, Big Data and Hadoop among others.Regardless of which part of the world you are located, you can be sure that KnowledgeHut offers a face-to-face workshop not too far away!Be it Dublin, Berlin, Singapore, Perth, Boston or Mumbai...KnowledgeHut workshops are organised wherever they are needed.

Having completed four successful financial years of service as a leading player in the fields of Enterprise Information Technology, Classroom Training, E-Learning, Virtual/ Online training, Consulting and Support Services, KnowledgeHut is looking to enlarge its global presence. At present training is carried out in over 70 countries; with operations overseen by the Bengaluru office. The Directors hope to expand this to include a virtual office in every country, with operations in at least 100 countries by the end of the coming year….not a tall order, looking at the rate they are growing at present!

M. Subramanya Reddy, Subbu to one and all, believes in setting high benchmarks of quality. Stringent adherence to quality control ensures that customer satisfaction is established, and happy clients sign up for more training. “What our customers are looking for is what they get,” says Subbu, adding, “We keep a close watch on customer support services, and referrals from our customers are what keep us on the upward growth track.”

In the training industry, accreditations play a large role in establishing the credibility of the company. KnowledgeHut is accredited to 8 leading globally recognised certifying bodies, including the Project Management Institute (PMI®) based in the US, Scrum Alliance, CompTIA and APMG, among others. Being Authorised REPs for these institutes demonstrates that the company adheres to strict standards of training imparted; and these accreditations have paved the way for the rapid growth of the company. 

KnowledgeHut’s new corporate strategy focuses the company's attention towards shaping its long-term aspirations of growing its international operations at record rates, and being the preferred Training and Consulting partner of its many corporate clients across the globe. Continuous strategic planning and monitoring of goals keeps the organisation forward thinking and productive. On its onward journey, the company strives to reach greater heights serving the community and corporate world at large.

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