India Needs to Refine its Current Education System for Better Future

By Sangeetha P, Online Content Writer, Siliconindia   |   Friday, 05 July 2019, 01:19 IST
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School Education

Education is every child's birth right. Still, India's literacy rate is just around 74 percent which is very low compared to the other neighboring countries such as China and even smaller nations like Vietnam. China's literacy rate is 95 percent as of 2010, it was 65.5 percent in 1982 and has evolved to 96.4 percent by 2015 with an average growth rate of 10.39 percent, likewise Vietnam has 94 percent in 2009, whereas India's literacy rate lies just at 69 percent even in 2011. Education lays the foundation for the productive society; and thus lack of proper education system is one of the vital reasons for India still being a developing country.

The current Indian education system tends to practice more of rote learning, memorizing information in a repetitive manner, which can be applied in the initial stages of schooling while learning numbers, alphabets, and multiplication tables. Rote learning enable quick recall of the facts learned, thus one can even apply this method for chemistry equations and formulas at high school levels. But, this method of learning lacks critical thinking and applications, as a result of which students are not able to apply the facts they learned in real world situations. Hence the system should implement the combination of rote learning, critical thinking and practical study where this combination would complement each other, rather than using single method of learning.

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