India Inc to Focus on Women Talent For 2013

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 13 December 2012, 12:41 Hrs
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Bangalore: According to a survey, it has become a key HR agenda that, they would be focusing more on investing upon the women talent. The survey was conducted across 130 firms all over India and in that, 79 percent of the firms that were polled believed that, investing upon women talent can bring them sustainable growth and better output, says Mini Joseph Tejaswi of the Times News Network on the Economic Times.

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Apart from that enterprises that were surveyed reported that more than 75 percent of their diversity and inclusion [D and I] for the coming year would go into developing, educating and retraining women talent. According to the study findings, around 55 percent of the firms that were surveyed had a D and I Budget of 10-20 Lakh, 10 percent of the firms are having 20-50 Lakh and another 10 percent of the companies are having D and I budget that varies between 50 Lakh and 1 Crore for the present year [2012]. Around 22 percent of the firms reported that they are yet to allot a D and I budget and that will be done from the upcoming year.

General Manager at Standard Chartered Bank, Rajashree Nambiar said that, their bank is going to invest additional and provide resources to nurture their women talent. Continuing she also said that, there is no harm in utilizing equal participation of the women just like men.

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83 percent of the respondents replied that they are eagerly waiting to give a chance for second career women like those who have taken a career break for their marriage or childbearing, and are looking for a second chance in their professional life. The above mentioned percentage of respondents told that they are eagerly waiting to hire such women.

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