IT Resume Makeover: 10 Tips To Spice Up Your Resume

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 31 December 2014, 09:50 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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BANGALORE: There is a common saying that goes, ‘The first impression is the best impression’ and this phrase has caught up to every aspect of your life. When we look at the work we want, the girl to marry or the environment we try to adjust to, it all resonates this one phrase.

So, when looking at the kind of job you want to build a career in, the first impression you set about yourself starts with your resume. It determines whether you get the pass to even land an interview. This part needs to be taken care of because so many people get rejected because of flaws in their resume. So, to get that interview you have been longing for, follow these tips to decorate your resume with inputs from Sharon Florentine.

Be specific: When writing a resume, you will have the tendency to fill the pages with loads of information and most of the times these information are irrelevant. So instead of a list of jobs, tasks or work you have done be specific about it and detail out the accomplishments of the job. Success stories catch the eye of your interviewer because that shows them you’re a man of action. It’s not about information overload but accomplishments and results that will get you the job.

Be Audience specific: This particular point is easily forgotten due to the preconceive notion of wanting to impress your interviewers with information. What this point suggests is to make sure that you know the audience or line of work you are looking at and add credentials that highlight the particular genre of work.

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1: Nice article, thanks! In fact many job hunters write a lot of irrelevant information in resumes and that's very unprofessional. Your resume should be well written, clear and create professional positive image and that is a key to success. I consulted to get some tips how to avoid common resume mistakes. Very often college grads and job hunters can't write good resumes (and cover letters as well), while these documents boost chances to work at the company of your Dream or to enter an internship.
Posted by:ShinyElena - 10 Jan, 2015