How to Turn Your Job Hopping Positively

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 27 December 2012, 09:05 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: Normally, it is a belief in today’s corporate world that, changing job continuously without stability, is a negative aspect which can harm one’s career in a long run. Whenever a job hopper look out for a job in another company, it is clear that the employer will be doubtful about the candidate who has already changed many jobs in a small time frame. The first question the employer think during this time, is that candidate worthy enough to trust him or her?  Meanwhile, this kind of negative perception towards the candidates who have left several jobs for some justifiable reasons is unfair. But, the fact is, the recruiters don’t have much time to dig deeply into all the candidates professional background to assure themselves that the candidates are trust worthy or not? So, in such kind of a situation, it will be candidates’ duty to turn the negative perception towards job hopping into a positive one if they really need a job. Here are few tips you can follow to give the job hopping a positive outlook, given by Ritika Trikha on the Career Bliss website.

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Reader's comments(2)
1: HI. I am an MBA with 7 years of experience. I stayed in my first and third jobs for 3 years each. But I left my 2nd employer after working for barely 6 months and have taken up my 4th job just about 3 months ago. At my first and third jobs I was pretty successful and enjoyed my work but my 2nd job made me so miserable that I took a significant pay-cut to get out of that job.
Now I am in my 4th job and I am in an organization which is known to be a good place to work but unfortunately I am in a function which is not held in high regard in the company. And after trying so hard for last 3 months, I think I won't be at peace here.
Now my question is how do I face an interview with the prospective employer definitely having questions about my stability.
Posted by:Gautam Ahuja - 05 Jan, 2013
2: Nice to know how job hopping can be given positive look.
Posted by:swathi - 27 Dec, 2012