How to Master the Art of Smart Negotiation?

By SiliconIndia  |   Friday, 02 December 2016, 05:29 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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BENGALURU: Even in today’s competitive job market, your skillset will not only place you in a perfect job, but it can also offer a deserving salary. Skillset also involves the knack of ‘smart negotiation’, which, most individuals either ignore or find it extremely awkward––a mistake they usually regret in future. During an interview, ignoring the significance of negotiation thwarts the opportunity to grab the best salary offered as per industry standards.

The essence of communication while negotiating lies in being professional and polite simultaneously. This also means interacting with the company on equal terms and being bold enough to ask for what you expect, also dealing with rejections in a respectful manner.

Before aiming for a deserving paycheck, it is always crucial to know your market value with respect to your field of expertise and the level of experience. As a first step, it is always recommended to compare the salaries offered to other employees working in the same field. The information can be easily obtained from leading job portals offering services such as salary index reports, average pay, salary comparison, salary survey and much more.

While negotiating with a recruiter, solely focusing on money will turn out to be a wrong move. So, it is always recommended to portray your value in the company before talking about salary and setting a specific figure. Furthermore, to gain more out of your paycheck, it is very crucial to review the salary structure and ensure whether it has a minimum tax burden. The structure should also include incentives and allowances.

Although salary negotiation can seem to be tricky during an interview, practicing the entire scenario with a potential employer is always the best approach.

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1: An incumbent should't be extortionate while negotiating salary.However he/she can be demanding during her increment or incentive after proving his/her worth to the organization...
Posted by:Ramangshu - 12 Dec, 2016