Hottest Careers to Look Out For in 2013

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 17 December 2012, 02:58 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: For many individuals, New Year sparks fresh interest in landing a new job. Some individuals are just looking to switch workplaces, while others are hoping for a fresh start or change careers. So if you are an individual looking for fresh start or a career switch, here is a list of hot careers that are most likely to have the edge as per growth in 2013 and beyond, as reported by Lisa H. Armstrong on Yahoo Education website.

1. Dentist:

If you are interested in high paying medical occupation with a flexible schedule, then here is a perfect option.

This is a lucrative profession that is concerned with all health issues afflicting teeth, gums, mouth and other tissues of the oral cavity. The job outlook for this profession is excellent and the demand is bound to grow with greater emphasis on health care. And with the advent of various cosmetic dental procedures wherein corrective treatment is involved, the demand is likely to reach the sky within next few years.

The educational qualification required to pursue a career as a dentist is a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery (BDS).


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1: Your 'top ten' and such lists - e.g., Top Careers That Let You Have Fun, Hottest Careers to Look Out For in 2013 - are interesting, but I would request that the list could be given at the beginning of the article, rather than requiring one to go through the whole series of frames to get that basic information. Naturally, we can then see the details as desired by flipping through the pages.
Posted by:T M Hoffman - 23 Dec, 2012
2: Good article and well written...
Posted by:Prakesh - 16 Dec, 2012