Highest offer made in IIM-L at 75 Lakh

Wednesday, 24 February 2010, 02:50 Hrs   |    31 Comments
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Highest offer made in IIM-L at Rs. 75 Lakh
New Delhi: IIM-Lucknow, which started its placement process mid-last week, has already bagged 200 offers, with the highest offer of 75 lakh being made by commodity trading company Olam International for a Singapore position, reports Economic Times.

Ajit Joshi, a former consultant with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu who went to IIM Lucknow, has recently landed a job offer of 50 lakh in equity research in Bank of Muscat's i-banking division. However, his is just one of the international offers that IIM-Lucknow's post-graduate programme students have bagged this placement season. "Things are brighter now. Our seniors had it tough last year," says Joshi.

Based on placement offers till date, the institute expects a 25-30 percent increase in the number of international offers this year. The institute, which had 100 offers for students with work experience, began its final process with 220 students and has received offers for a majority of them.

According to Economic Times, some of the new companies on campus this year include Mckinsey, Nomura, Deloitte Consulting, Calyon Bank, France, Siemens Infosystems and Suzlon. Last year, the highest international offer was from Barclays, which picked up a student for 1 crore. "Many i-banks have come back this year, besides several good consulting and IT firms. We will see the average salary go up this time," says Professor RL Raina, Chairman, placement, IIM-L.

On the other hand, IIM-Kozhikode, which began its final placement in the first week of February, has already placed a majority of its 250 students. IIM Calcutta and IIM Bangalore, which are yet to start their respective process, too talk of an improved job season this year.

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Reader's comments(31)
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Posted by:rerty - 09 Dec, 2011
2: packages are nothing but reward/compensation for extraordinary capability and skill. those who disbelive may perhaps have not been exposed to type of hard work the faculty and students undergo at iims. yes, to be at iim one need to be above several averages !
Posted by:b m anand - 02 Mar, 2010
3: http://www.dnaindia.com/academy/report_cat-2009-results-baffle-candidates_1353677
Posted by:ankit - 01 Mar, 2010
4: These packages are for people like Albert Einstein ,Chandersakar etc I don't think all these IIM and IIT people are in that class,may be few
Posted by:ravi kumar - 26 Feb, 2010
5: I was never fancied by these high profile institutions but now i am.This is because of the impact made by our prof who studied at IIM-A.I've never met a man like him.Every word,action,gesture made by him carried a message for us.Now he is teaching at IIM."Hope i would see you again.Miss you sir(Dr.SSM)."
Posted by:siva - 25 Feb, 2010
6: Formal education can provide a good living. But, its the self education that make a fortune. Internet is such an amazing invention. Do you know there are hundreds of video courses from ivy league institutions like Harvard, Yale, Stanford etc. available free on the internet?
Strive for the wisdom and control your fear, you would go a long way in life both personally and financially.
Posted by:Ricky - 25 Feb, 2010
7: I believe IIM'S are run by indian government who are spending millions of money every year,but people who study there gets placement in foreign companies and go abroad.cant they work in india or serve indian government.
Posted by:Chandrasekar - 24 Feb, 2010
Well said buddy i appreciate your view. Hope this message reach them....
vijay Replied to: Chandrasekar - 24 Feb, 2010
many of IIM's are willing to work in india, because of stupid politics and politicians they are opting foreign companies.
politicians never try to utilise these guys in government administration.
shashi Replied to: vijay - 25 Feb, 2010
they can't work in india. because
1. lot of politics in indian firm(mainly govt sectors, even in private also)
2. indian firm won't pay that much package
3. etc.
pokkiri Replied to: Chandrasekar - 24 Feb, 2010
11: There is no doubt about the talents of IIM students and they deserve good salary. But somewhere the other B schools which have the same kind of talent are not even getting the opportunity to show their talent. Brand name of the college is build by students only when they are working in companies.So inspite of crying for the getting MNCs in campus the other B schools should build their alumni relations.
Posted by:Dinesh K Mishra - 24 Feb, 2010
12: It is heartening to note that as our economy is picking up, placements with high pay packages is back. It is very encouraging news for the students of professional colleges.
However there is a flip side to this good news. It may be realized that such high salaries are creating a wider gap between haves and have-nots.Particularly senior citizens are finding it very difficult to manange their budget with the limited pension amount. Of course the role of fate/destiny can not be denied.
Posted by:Piyush C.Sharma - 24 Feb, 2010
13: IIM's are grabing top-noch offers. That is good. But, what about the other so called top B-Schools in India ? We have to remmebr one thing. We are the Second Largest Populated nation in the world. But, what about our talens ? Authorities, who are crying for carriculam change in India at 10th, +2 and other higher level have to give their attention from kinter garten levelonwards.Then, at least after ten years things in India will change positively

Posted by:RAJAN PILLAI C - 24 Feb, 2010
14: I congratulate the Placement efforts. Though there are many business schools are in India, with either same or little lesser quality in education. Though ISB has been ranked as 14th, the placements are not lucrative in it and in Icfai Business School too. Icfai National College (INC) Placements are reeling around SIM Card, Credit card, Insurance Policy, USB Card etc., If IIM is the Brand name and Corporate image is maintained and as well the support of HRD MInistry. Other B Schools are only commercials and no thought of knowledge management, hence less placements.
Posted by:sundar - 24 Feb, 2010
15: I am not from any IIM nor from any B-school.. i am a normal guy who wants to live happily. if you want to earn money do some business or else do waht ur mind says.if every one is a manager or an mba. who will do the other jobs... think..
Posted by:happy singh - 24 Feb, 2010
16: IIM's are good. There r equally good B-schools in India. Its all the hype created. 1 guy was offered a good salary & every company just followed into various IIM's. I am an alumni of a SCM, Pondicherry Univ. which I an equally, infact I would say have a better curriculum & infrastructure in place. We were also selected on all India exam, GD & PI. Here too its purely on merit basis similar to IIM's. Its all in the hands of Govt. to take effective changes in the educational structure in our country to get the coming generation the best offers from institutes like this. I will not blame only the Govt. but also in many institutes there is a huge lag or a inferiority complex or set- mind of administration & faculty about their own B-schools with respect to IIM's. I feel a huge difference strategy & execution which is evident in all these institutes. There should be a huge revamp of the entire system for all this to happen. When this happens a person like me will not be writing comments like this & no one would dare say "IIM da Gr8" or "IIMer's- Da talent pool". Talent is every were. Only problem is that it is not recognized or projected properly.

"Days of IMMer's will change. They will have to compete still struggle harder than now (Infact they are competing even now for a matter of fact). Any the superiority cover will be demolished soon".

Doesn't it sound all bull shit when I tell this. Lets stop talking about all this & may be try to be more productive by taking initiatives to make our institutes equally good. There is were we actually fail in reducing the difference between IIMs & other B-Schools.
Posted by:Ashwin - 24 Feb, 2010
17: Students in the IIM are cream of India. It may be possible that students from other B-school be more talented than students from IIM but Good International Companies won't visit other B-school because they are lacking in Brand.To attract the Top-Notch Companies the Institute need to prove its Creditability.
Lets take this practical case ....
I belong to IIIT-Hyderabad initially we lack in Brand but at present we have Best companies around the world coming to fetch the students. This is possible because Alumni of IIIT-H did impressive job in their respective company Thus attracting more and more companies. We have 2nd highest placements in T-School in India after IIT-D but still not much people know about IIIT-H because IIT's is the Media Hype....
Same thing apply's to B-School.
Posted by:Aditya Gautam - 24 Feb, 2010
18: Because IIMs are Brand...and It take a lot to get into it...
Posted by:Ashish Singh - 23 Feb, 2010
19: why only the iims?
Posted by:sagarika - 23 Feb, 2010
BEcause everybody can not GET into it, do not blame anything if u can not get it.
shashi kant Replied to: sagarika - 25 Feb, 2010
Companies will not go to every B-school and waste their precious time to get the talent that they want because possibility of finding the students of very good level is very less in other B-school....
That's y IIMs brand ..comes into place....to make their recuritment easy and quick.... :)
Aditya Replied to: sagarika - 24 Feb, 2010
agrreed with sagarika.

why only IIMs are getting these offers........

there are much more talanted guys in other INSTITUTES.
BHUPENDRA TIWARI Replied to: sagarika - 23 Feb, 2010
Dude.. if they r really talented they would have been in IIM's.. respect the real talent.
anees Replied to: BHUPENDRA TIWARI - 23 Feb, 2010
i do respect for real talent but the people who cannot afford for iim,even though they have talent..
pavan deshpande Replied to: anees - 23 Feb, 2010
Real talenter are every were, here IIM students are focuser easily because of name IIM.
raju Replied to: anees - 23 Feb, 2010
I fully agreed wid Raju..
In why education focused based on IIT,IIM?
RAKESH GHOSH Replied to: raju - 24 Feb, 2010
haha so many losers are yapping their way to glory and trying to make their univ sound better
touseef Replied to: RAKESH GHOSH - 24 Feb, 2010
Becoz they are IIMer.
vishal sachan Replied to: sagarika - 23 Feb, 2010
hey guys why are blaming each other based on ur institutes, try to think practical and positively and you all will get answers for your own questions.
Sowmithry Replied to: vishal sachan - 24 Feb, 2010
Forget everything just focus on your work ,believe me ,it may be that IIM'ers get gud offers from college but after that also there's lot to be done,just do what you want at youe best and success will follow, haven't you guys watched 3 idiots
mukul Replied to: Sowmithry - 25 Feb, 2010

KHAN Replied to: mukul - 26 Feb, 2010