From Punjab to Bihar to IIT, three 'super' stories

Monday, 30 May 2011, 02:38 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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From Punjab to Bihar to IIT, three 'super' stories
Chandigarh: One is the son of a grocer, one's father sells chole-kulche from a cycle cart and the third's runs a mobile repair shop - but all three have risen from these humble surroundings to crack the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) entrance exam, considered one of the most difficult in the country.

It was coaching from the Patna-based Super 30, which helps economically backward students crack the IIT-Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), that was behind the success of Jatinder Singh (rank 656), Satish Kumar (rank 2,041) and Priyanka Sharma (rank 5,324).

"My son is a very hardworking boy and excellent in studies right from the beginning. We attribute his success to his own efforts, Super 30 and to god's grace. He is literally addicted to studies and usually forgets about food and water while studying," Jatinder's father Raj Kumar said.

Raj Kumar, a resident of remote Majha village in Sangrur district, sells "chole-kulche" to earn his living.

"We have a small house and Jatinder did not have any separate room for studies. However, he never complained and sat in one corner and quietly kept studying. He was an all-rounder and at times also helped me in my work. Now I am planning to take a bank loan to finance his studies. I hope our days of struggle will soon be over," said an elated Raj Kumar.

All the three were beneficiaries of a 2011 alliance between Super 30 and US-based Bhai Jaitajee Foundation (BJF) to provide an opportunity to poor children in Punjab. They were selected through an entrance exam.

Priyanka's father, who lives in Punjab's industrial city of Ludhiana, is euphoric.

"I am a proud father. I always wanted my daughter to study in IIT and she has fulfilled my dream. Last year she missed this seat by only 36 marks but she did not lose hope," Ram Kumar, who runs a small mobile repair shop and resides in the Sham Nagar area of the city, told IANS.

"Last year also she had got admission in the chemical engineering department at Panjab University but she left it and joined Super 30 as getting into IIT was her sole aim," he added.

The response of Satish's father was also the same.

"Satish has secured the 2,041st rank and we are very happy. It is our dream to see him becoming a big officer. Yes, my son had faced many difficulties but now I do not want to remember the past. We are only looking ahead," his father Ashok Kumar told IANS.

"I had talked to my son over the phone and he was also very happy. Satish is a hardworking boy and he stayed in Bihar for nearly nine months, taking coaching for this exam. He is expected to return home in a couple of days," said Ashok Kumar, who owns a grocery shop in Dhadrian village of Sangrur district.

The three students are still in Bihar and will return home in a couple of days.

Responding to their success, BJF chairman Harpal Singh said: "This heralds a new ray of hope for the underprivileged students staying in small villages. We are extremely happy with the results and thank Super 30 for giving this opportunity to children of Punjab."

"We are again conducting an entrance test for Punjab students to join the Super 30 programme for the year 2011-12. It will be conducted on June 5 at Patiala. Selected students will get one-year free coaching for IIT-JEE 2012. All details are available on," he added.

Students from poor families have to pass a competitive test to get into Super 30 and then commit themselves to a year of 16 hours-a- day study routine. Coaching, food and accommodation are free for the students.

Anand Kumar, who runs the institute, said it is supported by the income generated from his Ramanujam School of Mathematics, which has students who can afford to pay fees.

The Super 30 was started by Anand along with Bihar's Additional Director General of Police Abhyanand. Three years back, Abhyanand dissociated himself from the institute.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(10)
1: To ALL Indian readers
please read the post below that I have posted ,,you also must have read some Wipro Ex Employees leaving the job to start a satellite Diary Farms in Karnataka ,,we also know that ISRO has or has put a number of IRS Satellites into polar orbit ,,so data is already rich and available ,,it is a matter of proper utilization and application
,,also see how this MIT guy is doing to produce jackets that can keep you cool in 40 degree heat ,,this is exactly what will help indian poeple become productive ,,now I want IIT Faculty to think on the same lines and patent such technologies or make robust innovations in the same way in Hosuing ,,Transport and Urban planning and engineering ,,by doing such innovations ,,we will make tech help common man of india become productive and lead better lives ,,there by helping india to become a developed nation so gentleman need of the hour is not a blame game or fancy dicussion about wprld rankings ,,rather it is application of science and tech to the growing needs of indian society that should be our focus ,,never has been a better time than now ,,with post GFC some problems and opportunities arise ,,we have to devise solutions and colloborate with Indian private industry ,,GOvt and IIT Faculty
Posted by:rama anne - 30 May, 2011
2: here is another example what the IIT Faculty can do to help India or even the DRDO can do

this is a direct BBC news extract that I took from its website and pasted here please read it carefully
An Indian inventor is developing clothes which keep the wearer comfortable in extreme temperatures.

Kranthi Kiran Vistakula started with a jacket and is now applying his idea to shoes, scarves and even dinner plates.

The clothes use Peltier light-weight plastic plates with a thermo electric device.

The device is powered by rechargeable batteries which can be topped up by vehicles or even solar panels. They can last up to eight hours on one charge.

Mr Vistakula works with an enthusiastic young team in an isolated building near Hyderabad city, the capital of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Outside, the summer temperature is more than 40C. But Mr Vistakula looks as comfortable as if he is in a cool climate.

He is wearing a state of the art ClimaWare-jacket based on his own patented technology.

Continue reading the main story
Thermal layers

The jacket works by controlling the electric current into the layers of the heat sink (3) and the cooler (5) which changes the temperature for the wearer
A Peltier plate consists of a junction between two metals. When an electric current passes through the junction, metal on one side heats up and on the other side it cools down, he explains.

The climate-controlled jacket, which weighs a little more than 1kg, has been successfully tested by the Indian army in Siachen glacier where temperatures are as low as -40C in winter.

Mr Vistakula's company, Dhama Innovations, is now developing a range of other products using the same technology.

"We have also developed shoes and they have been immensely liked by the army personnel in Siachen glacier," he says.

Frostbite is a big problem for the army and the shoes have really helped, he said.

Jacket for cows

Mr Vistakula is now setting up a manufacturing facility near Hyderabad for the mass production of his products, which include jackets, shoes, scarves, gloves and ear muffs.

He is even considering a special jacket for cows.

"Basically when the cow is cooled, it gives more milk in summer," he explained. "So we're working on a jacket like that - a huge one."

Mr Vistakula says he started to develop the idea when he moved from his home city of Hyderabad to study engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

The difference in temperature came as a shock to him.

His first attempt weighed about 5kgs and had wires and fans. Everybody joked that he looked like a bomber. Then he started using Peltier plates.

There may also be a medical application for the technology. The team is working on a product called Haemosave which can freeze blood oozing out of a wound.

It is described as a potential life saver. It uses cryo or ice therapy to stop the blood flow and contract the blood vessels.

Other medical products include knee, neck wraps and elbow wraps. These devices can go instantly from 0C to 50C and help in controlling pain.
Posted by:rama anne - 30 May, 2011
3: Dear Indian readers
i want to share with you my thoughts about IITS and Faculty ,,the article that appeared on this site yesterday and I could not find it so i posting my thoughts

HRD ministry Govt Of India ,,Private Indian industry and fcaulty at IIT have to come together here is how

1.Revamp the Masters programm at IITs to have both streams one by course work and the other by research component

2.For Example Mahindra Group has Automotives ,,let us take its REVA car division as a case ,,now given that it is electric car and many more techs and improvements have to made ,,IITS can have MTECH by research course ,,and in that course can have students from Mechanical engg plus Electrical engg plus automobile to come together as a team or even new a course like Mechatronics ,,now what will they do
To answer that question ,,they can improve hydraulics ,,and knuematics ,,that is come up with end to end system that is lighweight and better ,,smart etc ,,they can also make engine rpm better

Funding So who will fund such a course ,,it can be Indian private players joined like reliance plus mahindras plus tatas ,,the faculty can liase with industry and come up with course objectives or areas of focus

Govt of India can be a facilitator and help sanction land and all other licenses as required

2.Also at societal level ,,everyday india
Posted by:rama anne - 30 May, 2011
needs housing that is good quality and cheap ,,IITS can again team up with mahindra group like its Lifespaces division ,,Hafeez contractor the designer and architect .,,it can from its lab ,,invent new materials and models that will use say for example Carbon compoutes ,,bamboo shoots and yet combine all modern ammenities and model such a house on a desktop computer ,,this models can be adopted to suit North east states like mizoram arunchal pradesh etc

3.At the same time IIT faculty can strectch Civil engg to have green tech and find ways to produce a clean cement that is as strong as conventional cement and more cheaper

4.IIT faculties can also use electrical engg plus mechanical engg to design or improvise referigeration systems for storing fruits and milk ,,that use smart grids like Solar power etc

IITS can also start new courses on Urban planning and design are so needed as India grows ,,we need smart engineers plus designers plus architects to design everything from power systems ,,housing all the way to sewage and waste handling

Never has the world been at such a cross roads ,,with GFC and sustainability with clean tech as the foscus ,,the world has thrown up some challenges and opportunities

IITS can still jump on this bandwagon and reinvent to further enhance their brand image and at the same time fulfil societal dimension as applied to India ,,touching Indians lives at all levels of society
this mission by IITS will bring a change in quality of living and they would have truly fulfilled Pandit Nehrus vision of India ,,so the mantra ,,is to reinvent and make relavent in context ,,there has been no better time than now ,,when indian private players like tatas ,,Mahindras ,,Mittals are in Real esatte ,,telecoms tobiomedical engg

5.IITS can also liase and wor closely with new age 3rd gen companies like Praj industries on Green tech ,,ethanol based fuel ,,bio fuels and distilleries
rama anne Replied to: rama anne - 30 May, 2011
5: Great achievements by the students and a really good initiative by Super 30. Hope our indian news-papers and electronic media to get coverage of this kind of events/achievements rather than covering only corruption and scandals.
Posted by:Pradeep - 30 May, 2011
truly said 100 percent
rama anne Replied to: Pradeep - 30 May, 2011
7: Congrats to them who will become Mega Engineers or Stake holders for Indian Growth, & hope they will do some thing that can improve the life of their neighborhoods also.
Posted by:ranjeet - 30 May, 2011
8: Hearty congratulations Super 30 for the wonderful performance by your trained students at IIT JEE. When Coporate coaching Centres are charging abnormally,SUPER 30 is training under privilaged students. Hats off to SUPER 30.Why not others follow this dedicated example of SUPER 30.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP)
Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 30 May, 2011
Dr jagdeesh sir
on a seperate note ,please read the above ,we can still make IITS to cater to Indian societal needs and at the same time create value by liasing with indian private players see my post above
rama anne Replied to: Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 30 May, 2011
10: well done guys all the best ,,upon entering IITS strive to improve your personal skills,,english labguage and communication skills besides technical knowledge ,,also start planning the path after BTECH from third semester onwards ,,never hesitate to ask your professors any doubts ,,they are your best mates and help
Posted by:rama anne - 30 May, 2011