Fake resumes; Hyderabad leads

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 27 June 2011, 03:35 Hrs   |    256 Comments
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Fake resumes; Hyderabad leads
Bangalore: Every day the Indian IT industry wakes up with new challenges which could be from hiring skilled professionals to cost cutting during recession. Fake resumes are one of them. Since this is the first step in hiring, it makes it all the more difficult for companies to pick the right candidate. Despite having large HR departments, many IT companies have failed in identifying fake resumes. According to Employee verifications firms, recruitment companies and HR heads in the IT sector feel the number of fake resumes floating around have increased fourfold since 2007. Fake resumes have transformed and turned out to be a fine art nowadays. Most IT companies revealed that professionals from Hyderabad faked the most in their resumes.

MindTree terminated 80 employees out of 1000 recruited after it found they had filed false information, according to Subroto Bagchi, Chief Operating Officer, "MindTree is closely monitoring the resumes coming especially from Andhra Pradesh aspirants who provide false information to get a job owing to social pressures," he added.

The fakery included falsification of resumes, Most of them provided false employment information, incorrect tenure, gave away fake designations and some had also had negative supervisor or HR feedback. Manipulated educational information which had degrees from either unrecognized institutes or fake institutes and some had not completed the courses that they had claimed to have done.

Not only the IT sectors the, banking and financial services industry (BFSI) has also received the fake resume menace with major chunk coming from Hyderabad. Hyderabad emerged as one of the top cities with highest number of suspect companies that issued fake resumes.

Noby Nazareth, head of employee verification firm, Evaluationz, said that 25 percent of the resumes that reach him are found to be false or fabricated or exaggerated. This is largely because some candidates have become much "smarter" in faking it and there are some recruitment agencies are even helping them do it. According to Nazareth, a lot of fake resumes involve candidates from Hyderabad.

"Most of these companies who provide fake experience certificates, salary slips and even fake educational certificates are located in Hyderabad, while there are quite a few of them in Bangalore and many other cities as well," said Deepankar Sanwalkar who heads the Forensic Dept of KPMG.

Considering the above facts if we analyze why Hyderabad is leading in fake resumes, we have their state government recently admitting that not more than 10 percent of their engineering graduates are actually employable. Only 12 percent engineering students from Andhra Pradesh were selected in campus recruitment in the previous academic year and the figure declined further in the current year, a recent study by National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) has shown.

Small or big, all IT companies have faced and continue to face the scourge. Wipro, Infosys, TCS and Cognizant and others say they have taken corrective measures to stop the fakes from getting hired.

It is not only the fake resumes which has brought Hyderabad into the spotlight, during the Tri-valley university, the city drew a lot of attention as the scam claimed that as many as 1,555 students, mostly from Andhra Pradesh enrolled at the Pleasanton School were using fake visas. In a complaint filed Jan 19 in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, the U.S. Attorney's Office alleges that the owner of Tri Valley University used the school to help foreigners illegally obtain student visas that allow them to stay in the U.S.

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Reader's comments(256)
1: It is ridiculous. After being 10 years, at this space, I have figured out, why 75% or more are fakes, and that from ... yes, one state. They have a huge network. They plan people in HR, of big companies, (consulting or direct client) and pay commission to these HR contacts, when people from the fake/underhanded company is hired. One quack enters the system, they feed more. When these quacks go higher up, they reject good candidates for quacks. So what's the cost? It looks like entire India is land of ducks, when these so called IT solutions fail!!!
Posted by:Mehere - 10 Apr, 2015
2: Absolutely. I was working as middleware lead and interviewed around 30 people in US for one developer position. 22 were from one state in India. No one cleared interview. They were showing 6-8 years experience. No one even answered the basic questions correctly.
Finally my employer told the consulting companies that if a fake resume is sent by them, they will be blacklisted for 3 months. They even blacklisted two companies. The number of fake resumes almost stopped after that.
Another thing I have noticed is someone (who charges $200-1000 per successful interview call) else attends the telephonic interview instead of the candidate. So, we used Google hangout for interviews, so that a proxy cannot take the interview. There are so many fake guys out there. Nowadays, it's very hard to find a genuine candidate.
Posted by:Raj - 10 Oct, 2013
3: We have stopped looking into resume from Andhara.
Posted by:Deepesh - 22 Aug, 2013
Mr.Ramakrishna also fake experience only he is the friend of Karanreddy he is the owner of Isquaresoft right now in manyatha tech park he will provide the fake exp letter to everybody like Ramakrishna from Andhra also got fake exp letters from this consultancy only long back ago and joined in UST GOBAL Chennai these people sent to him Well point account and onsite US with fake letters actually this is one face and another face of Ramakrishna is his character he cheated no of people on the same time some ladies also,anyway UST not look for character only business so this comp don't has any values example is ramakrishna no of times he said dirty malayalies and poriki tamilins what is the meaning we should while working in UST if you given a chance to this person on any matter you gone case you life he is staying in srinivasa ayyar street in Chennai in that time also he cheated his room mates after get a good help from his friends dirty fellow hi pittula ramkey
Vijayalakshmi Replied to: Deepesh - 15 Sep, 2014
hi kaka topic this Hi pittula ramakrishna
Vijayalakshmi Replied to: Deepesh - 15 Sep, 2014
one day we are in meeting in client place with interesting discussion and we are getting some bad smell with bee sound suddenly we stopped the discussion and watching i am sitting next this person only everybody watching face this person "he is releasing silent fart (Bomb) like beeeeeeebbyyyoooooaaayayaaaaooooaaaayyyyaaaaoo aaayyyaaaayyyyaayyoooooooooooooo like one side farting another side laughing with smile face lead said immediately go out otherwise we will close the meeting he left from that plaee and one more fart in workplace cheeeee what is the necessary to wait for Clint food and morning coming late and farting dirty fellow pittula ramakrishna (PITTU MEANS FART)and he will use bad words and very good knowledge in badworks and dirty thoughts still he is available in ramakrishna.koduru@rediffmail.com
deepesh Replied to: Vijayalakshmi - 14 Apr, 2015
one good song
PRADEEP Replied to: deepesh - 23 Apr, 2016
i know this dirty fellow ramakrishna before coming to Chennai UST GLOBAL he is working in Wipro Pune in that time he taken a postpaid idea no with company account and not paid bill and used in roaming also when he came in Chennai no of times they called to this person but not found and colleagues also got call regarding this he will cheat everybody when he is in study time he done some nonsense things with one girl name Jahnavi and she given a slap he is telling to everybody now also he is loving Javnavi he is a no 1 dirty person sorry i think total family he is suffring with acidity problem taking treatment in when he is in chennai every time in room also releasing acid farts with 180 degrees angle he is Brahmin Vedic family from kadapa he like anything if you give free of cost he will eat shit also if it is free bastured
Vijayalakshhmi Replied to: deepesh - 18 Apr, 2015
The dirty person Ramakrishna koduru came out from ust global be aware everybody dirty character and dirty leg of Ramakrishna. ask him what is your mail id and check with mail
kak Replied to: Deepesh - 29 Oct, 2013

i think most of the times he is not using underwear, so when we are in office his finger kept in nose start drilling or squeeze Panis even in meeting also, with the help of my friends we found his brother venu working infosys he also same like this in meeting what a dirty telugu family
kaka Replied to: kak - 06 Aug, 2017
no, not BRAHMAN, he belongs to kamma caste.
peterparker Replied to: kak - 28 May, 2014
Latest update UST GLOBEL fired mr ramakrishnakoduru because of his bad behaviour on client and less performence , while when i spoke with concern hr he said he farting no of times before Clint in the meeting in onsite also started laughing so client given remarks to him no minimum common sense how you people recruiting and we lost because this persons two projects he very very bad for projects so we fired his performance also very very bad in client side
DEEPASH Replied to: peterparker - 07 Jul, 2014
kak Replied to: peterparker - 05 Jun, 2014
No ways, do not club everyone as BRAHMAN. Infact, we BRAHMANS migrated from eastern UP belt, no ways we can be clubbed with andhra, tamil,maharashta,kerala people. Yes, i know, many people like themselves to be called as brahmans,but majority of so called brahmans in the southern states of India are not brahmans.
peterparker Replied to: kak - 16 Jul, 2014
15: I badly need details of FAKE EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE providers.
I'm skilled in Programming , I even developed applications on my own but I have a two year gap and there's no way I can attend an interview to prove myself. Please someone help me :(

tryme17b at gmail
Posted by:Kalyan - 08 Aug, 2012
Oh yah? Why don't you work your way up, then Fake???
MeHere Replied to: Kalyan - 10 Apr, 2015
Try from isquaresoft they will provide fake only with some charge
ramkky Replied to: Kalyan - 11 Oct, 2013
kaka Replied to: ramkky - 05 Nov, 2013
19: In January this year I joined a new company called NichePro Technologies a name I had never heard, and I was deputed as a contract worker at Stoke Networks to work on Gx Interface development in C/C++.What NichePro Technologies resource executive one Prasad has done is he has forwarded the resume of a fake candidate to Stoke and got him selected. The name of this candidate who joined Stoke is Gopinath Gunashekaran. The people who are behind this are Infsys Murthy, Yeddyurappa, Anil Kumble, Javagal Srinath, Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni and Rahul Dravid.Because of this false candidate, everyone in Stoke got irritated with NichePro and I was denied all my development opportunities by Stoke team members and a situation has arisen that I am yet to get my final settlement and relieving letter from NichePro and I am searching for a new job while my employer happily helped Sachin Tendulkar to enter Rajya Sabha.Can Nasscom or any other organisation get me justice. Can a labour law be put in place to take action on companies that allow such things such as entertaining rich and famous to reach certain goals of theirs at the cost of their employees’ well-being.
Posted by:SumaG - 07 Aug, 2012
Also I want to add some more details about this fake candidate Gopinath Gunashekarn. He said he had come from HCL Technologies and that he has worked a lot in Diameter protocol stack, all interfaces of diameter such as sh, cx, dx which is a big lie because he cannot write even a line of C code.
Suma G Replied to: SumaG - 07 Aug, 2012
21: So funny how every time you go to a site that talks about the crap that indians do, all the indian posters always put down the attacks, and rather not have the information come to light. Unlike in America, where we want to fix what is broken, in india they prefer to just keep doing the same low-down bullshit and perpetuate the malfeasance...typical indians...your country will always be a toilet....too bad/so sad..
Posted by:Maderchod - 15 Apr, 2012
22: I don't doubt this one bit. Pretty much every nigger indian I see in America has a phony "CV". So ironic, to give a document such a sophisticated name, and then just to have it full of a bunch of lies. Lying, scheming nigger indians
Posted by:Slumdog Looser - 15 Apr, 2012
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Posted by:erggr - 09 Dec, 2011
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Hi i am roommate of Ramakrishna long back ago when we are staying in Chennai we found this Ramakrishna in our room
without dress (no single piece of cloth on his body) no of times with Vinodkumareddy (another room mate) with dirty activities, he encouraged for me and others also to do non sence things he has a habit to do all this things from collages days only he is a gay when he is working in
UST - Global Chennai in off only he is watching butu pics in office in corner seat in a small window he is a gay he has habit to do bad things and encourages everybody when anybody will come to home or his room after that incident we vacated house
Krishna Replied to: provera online - 19 Jun, 2014
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Posted by:Boldy - 12 Aug, 2011
39: Its not only Hyderabad issue. Candidates aspiring for good job goof up their resume, because companies ask them. For example company ask for 5 yrs of experience in android, now company received 1000 resume, at the time of receiving the resume they call candidates for the interview and take interview after they select the person. They know the fact very well that very few people works on android since last five year they know that maximum resumes have wrong project on it but they don't care.
IT industry is very different from any other industries. If you are in civil then after 6 years you have good knowledge of your field either it is road construction or bridge, but in IT everything changes from project to project, you need to work as developer, as tester as bug fixing anything... and after 6 years if any company ask for 5 year exp in android and you know that future is android then you goof up resume and show some core java work project for android.
Posted by:Anurag - 02 Jul, 2011
Beware of Nico Info Systems – they submit fake resumes

NICO INFO SYSTEMS - This company is an IT Consulting company owned by an Goolti. They train fresh graduates out of school and make up their resume to show 5 to 6 years of experience . BEWARE

Company does basic training in Oracle ADF and Webcenter other technologies, and passes on these new beginners are experienced ADF, Webcenter consultants, they promote and market bad resumes with much fake experience. Please check references for all employees from this company, and BE SURE TO ASK FOR PAYSTUBS for minimum past 3 years.

As it stands, more than 90% of their consultants are working on fake resumes and work experience.

Geeta Replied to: Anurag - 10 Aug, 2011
UST_global will send fake exp people to US from past some fake people working in US in mainframe technologies
basavaswer Replied to: Geeta - 28 Jul, 2012
yes basava i agree with you.i know these people came from AP rayalaseema part ramakrishna.koduru@ust-global.com is one of the person. we informed to org but still they cont find who is the person some consultancy also doing like this only UST-Global is not more than that
Prasanna ayyer Replied to: basavaswer - 28 Jul, 2012
Yes I know this person Mr.ramakrishna.koduru when we are working in UST -Global in conversation he suddenly he said in a statement poriki tamilans and dirty malayalees suddenly everybody silent I came from that place even he is working in UST how he can use the word this type people how companies recruiting and he is participating in different various imp task also which will influence the others activities including org also dirty person better don’t speak about the this dirty fellow
Prasanna ayyer Replied to: Prasanna ayyer - 08 Jun, 2014
he don't has min common sense no of times he want to project out in SPI when conducting client meeting he will release a fart with big sound and lough with loudly,in work place also same problem we faced with this person daily comedy with fart
Prasanna Replied to: Prasanna ayyer - 06 Nov, 2013
Prasanna you know we given a name to this guy 'fart boy' everyday up to 10 o clock he is waiting for snacks and morning coming late and giving farts to everybody
krishna Replied to: Prasanna - 12 Nov, 2013
krishna you know one day he said girls only for pay only play purpose only,and if not complete my work i will use my wife,and will complete the work how companies recruit these type of peoples dirty fellow
prasanna Replied to: krishna - 19 Nov, 2013
Telugu people calling this ramakrishna as PITTULA RAMAKRISHNA in telugu fart means PITTU "HAI PITTULA RAMAKRISHNA"
KRISHNA Replied to: prasanna - 10 Apr, 2014
UST global is encouraging in these fake people and fake exp people they deducting the salary with out emp also we should inform to IT once UST creating problems to everybody and recruiting bad character people also before
basava Replied to: Prasanna ayyer - 26 Apr, 2013
UST -Global given a name to this person " champion" i don't know he is what type of champion "PITTULA CHAMPION OR POKKULA CHAMPION OR DIRTY CHAMPION"
CHANDRASEKHAR Replied to: basava - 18 Apr, 2014
our Telugu people are calling in SPI this person " Satya hari chandra and one more name is GURIVINDA GINJA"when i asked once these people they said he won' t tell any time truths
Basava Replied to: basava - 11 Apr, 2014
Yes i know this person he is working in wellpoint account in US from UST chennai now off locted in OMR Road
lakshmi Replied to: Prasanna ayyer - 03 Aug, 2012
I know this person and total family members he is from kadapa Andhrapradesh Vedic brahmin and no 1 dirty person and his all friends also same like this only where he will stay he will create a problem with his friends when he is in srinivasaayer st in Chennai also same problems total family a problamatic family only any body in family wont tell truths how girls marry this type of people.poor wife,i think his wife working in CTS only same his cousin brother kalyan also working in TCS Bangalore kalyan father is a working teacher
Prasanna ayyer Replied to: lakshmi - 25 Apr, 2014
his brother is working in INFOSIS bhubaneswar and cousin brother working in TCS Bangalore his is name is kalyan friends name is vinodkumarreddy
lakshmi Replied to: lakshmi - 11 Apr, 2014
54: Now a days Hyderabad has become a hub for IT and people from all states are arriving to hyderabad and completing the soft/harware courses. they are staying here for year or two and then applying for Jobs in varios companies. adress is given of Hyderabad. hence it is wrong to mention hyderabadis are submitting false bio datas. My friendTri valley is the company/university based in USA. They are arranging fake visas means whose mistake it is?.
Posted by:azher ali - 02 Jul, 2011
Most of the Hyderabad people providing wrong information with fake exp resumes some consultants helping to them please all comp do before recruiting proper and perfect verification, including education, experience and better take first round only as direct face to face or skype or video chat, now performance testing people coming to market with fake exp
prasanna Replied to: azher ali - 17 Feb, 2013
Beware of Nico Info Systems – they submit fake resumes

NICO INFO SYSTEMS - This company is an IT Consulting company owned by an Goolti. They train fresh graduates out of school and make up their resume to show 5 to 6 years of experience . BEWARE

Company does basic training in Oracle ADF and Webcenter other technologies, and passes on these new beginners are experienced ADF, Webcenter consultants, they promote and market bad resumes with much fake experience. Please check references for all employees from this company, and BE SURE TO ASK FOR PAYSTUBS for minimum past 3 years.

As it stands, more than 90% of their consultants are working on fake resumes and work experience.

Geeta Replied to: azher ali - 10 Aug, 2011
Hi Geeta Myself adding here one more word and dangerous consultency name www.isquaresoft.com located in rajajinager bangalore running by a Goolti only from Rayalaseema will send 100% pakka fakepersons to anyware and will provide the projects also wipro kept in black list but no use still running wipro accepting these people also so fake also real only
Prasant Replied to: Geeta - 29 Aug, 2011
Hiring IT professionals

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Posted by:Chetan - 30 Jun, 2011
59: But when it comes to innovation, Microsoft relies heavily on its MS India Development Centre (MSIDC) based out of Hyderabad, that has been playing a key role in developing path-breaking products including Windows 7.
IT giant’s headquarters at Redmond, Matt Hempey, principle solutions manager, project group strategic innovation, Microsoft said.
“India is receiving tons of recognition at the headquarters with many of these innovations being showcased at the Redmond fair and even being incorporated in major projects currently under development. Hyderabad is by far the most energetic community outside of US in picking up the spirit of grassroots innovation,” he said, pointing out that per capita innovation out of India had surpassed even those originating from the US.
This article is from IT business .
Now the Question is..how come a fake hyd ppl can do these innovations, which makes india Proud in this planet. Companies need business and it can done by talented people, & not by with book knowledge marks/grades.Proud to be indian 1st and not by states/cities.
Posted by:Tarkesh - 30 Jun, 2011
MS office in hyderabad does not have only people based on hyderabad. MS office have people originating from various parts on india i.e, MS appreciates indian talent as a whole not specifically hyderabad people.

Say for example, google has office in bangalore with many people working together who have migrated to bangalore on job basis. Tomorrow if google appreciates the bangalore office, it doesnt mean it appreciates bangalore or karnatka engineers competency, it appreciates the talent of indian people working in bangalore office.

the article says, that job seekers from hyderabad are doing much malpractice than others(other regions), without any valid proof.
suraj Replied to: Tarkesh - 30 Jun, 2011
Awesome!!! first you guys do mistake and then shiow the courage to back it up... If you guys have so much of talent, companies would have come to your doorstep to offer job. Please have the courtesy to accept the fault.
satishbhat Replied to: suraj - 17 Jan, 2013
Suraj...aaap ka dimaaq karab ho gaya...
raju Replied to: suraj - 03 Jul, 2011
when a company starts any office in a place.It will see human talented resources in that city,along with other facilities.No company will start its operations,in thinking to recuirt from other cities( its simple logic my friend..no company would like to pay more money)'Major' human resources will come from within the city people( from the talented pool, which they conduct survery before beginning to set-up their office) and minor % will come from all over the country.And such a big huge MS Global business operations office is not a small thing.Not just MS, even Google Global development office in hyderabad,is their key place( google office in bangalore will do R&D & its not a global office for google).Apart from other companies having hyderabad as Key development offices.
I thought u would know how an IT firms will set-up their business in a particluar city and i mentioned that article in previous msg.

Bottom line : MS,Google & many other companies saw hyderabad & Andhra pradesh people have huge talent.U go and search how many % of people from andhra pradesh working in MS,NASA,IBM etc. IIT, AIEEE etc ranks.

Basic Question. If people are putting fake ,without any talent, then how come they surviving in biggest challenging IT firms?& every IT person knows how tough to get into & survive in MS,Google firms.
Tarkesh Replied to: suraj - 02 Jul, 2011
Bravo , correct major, i my self working for Biggest MNC know ppl from Andhra in my department have fake exp. out of 15 candidate only 3 have real experience
Vikash Replied to: suraj - 02 Jul, 2011
Hey dude, then still why u working in that company? Ur company is having 80% fake ppl and its like a fake company.
Tarkesh Replied to: Vikash - 03 Jul, 2011
Beware of Nico Info Systems – they submit fake resumes

NICO INFO SYSTEMS - This company is an IT Consulting company owned by an Goolti. They train fresh graduates out of school and make up their resume to show 5 to 6 years of experience . BEWARE

Company does basic training in Oracle ADF and Webcenter other technologies, and passes on these new beginners are experienced ADF, Webcenter consultants, they promote and market bad resumes with much fake experience. Please check references for all employees from this company, and BE SURE TO ASK FOR PAYSTUBS for minimum past 3 years.

As it stands, more than 90% of their consultants are working on fake resumes and work experience.

Kishan Replied to: Tarkesh - 10 Aug, 2011
hi how are you everybodyd
prasant Replied to: Kishan - 17 Mar, 2012
Rightly Said Suraj!
Suresh Replied to: suraj - 30 Jun, 2011
Means Do you now one thing 3 years of exp from others states in india equlas to zero years exp of AP( hyderabd)Enginees.
Let Us take consider i am having not having real time exp but i have applied to 3 + exp job ( with fake projects)but i cleared the interview at the end , after joining the company i can able to do work like 3+ years of exp guy ( means we having that much Talent)

If we get 1 year real time exp than we are equals to 5 years exp Graduate of other states in India.

First we are waiting for the chance then we will show our talent at work place ,hope u understand.

chowdary Replied to: Vikash - 02 Jul, 2011
ha ha ha

I have worked with these goolte people, pathetic english, no knowledge of tech, total slavish mindset, on top of that, no ethics, neither work nor place. Dressing sense is horrible as if all of you have come from gutters. Look at your own english, and what's the talent you are talking about? None of you are ever given a critical business to handle, forget about being talented. Even the employers know that all of you are dumb possessing low IQ.
peterparker Replied to: chowdary - 28 May, 2014
Wow choudary, that's indeed a whole new level of shitty logic! Talent my ass.
prettyTalented Replied to: chowdary - 21 Feb, 2012
72: I feel companies already know about this,but still they recruit (due to shortage of talent in the industry). They remove them, when they no longer need them stating these reasons.In Some big IT consultancies, you can find people with fake resumes there at ratio 1 out of 3. My advice to talented people is to avoid such companies,even they offer you good pay.Start working for smaller R&D product companies, where you are valued and not in midst of fake experience people.
Posted by:deep - 29 Jun, 2011
The work culture also gets destroyed. Look at infosys now. They hired many of those engineering graduates from small town, it is fine, but they don't have any industrial knowledge. Neither the infosys cared about the industry interaction nor these people also care, they are happy with the service kind of work which they do. It is fine it during their engineering days, they did not get industrial exposure,but now they can go ahead and do. But they are happy doing all those grunt works. And what do they do? Their style of management includes making sure that those who work of long hours are rated as the most talented ones,due to which ,employees log in late and leave it, creating an inflated time sheet. They are in their own myopic world.
peterparker Replied to: deep - 28 May, 2014
74: Not only hyderabad but all over india and almost every city is full of job aspirants and especially in private sector where contact and influence is on rise, less educated and unemployable people are getting high salried jobs on the basis of fake resumes and certificates.

I am also telling that most of the HR persons of private sectors are involved in fraud and corruption who take money and appoint less effiecent employees in the company.

Posted by:awdhi - 29 Jun, 2011
75: fake visas is a mattr of concern....however, targeting hyderabadis as te only 1 for fake cvs is unfair.....many more cities nd ppl do tis nd get awe wit nd nothing is accounted for.... anyways, idon kno te fact itself is baseless so no point in commenting......
Posted by:gokul nair - 29 Jun, 2011
76: I normally do not comment much but today I was pressed to comment. Something that I have been seeing in the articles over the last 6-9 months is that the number of articles that have been ambiguous on SiliconIndia have been on the rise. Infact, the term "Yellow journalism" seems to be apt for the situation. I think we as readers should expect some amount of credible information coming through. The above article is a typical example of a non-factual article on a regional issue. If news is no longer factual then why bother to read and why bother to visit this site ... This has got me thinking ...
Posted by:K K - 29 Jun, 2011
K K Dude, r u from andhra o wat tell me ur proper name and company will ask your company to go for verification of you experience. have guts
Sarath Replied to: K K - 02 Jul, 2011
78: Dear silicon, Thanks a lot for showing your interest on hyderabd for your cheap publicity. Please do write a article on how IT companies (MNC's (or) small firms) make modification while sending resumes to client. How IT companies send employees to abroad with visit visa's and ask them to work. How IT companies fool clients by hiring contracters from other firm and actual showing as their employees.
Posted by:Sahil - 29 Jun, 2011
Well said Sahil...
RAVI CHANDRA Replied to: Sahil - 02 Jul, 2011
Most of the times, ethics are meant for employees and not for employers!
Shak Replied to: Sahil - 02 Jul, 2011
Thats true Shahil.Companies and manpower consultancies for the sake of projects and revenu they do any kind of manupulations.Force people to swith technologies and domains,If person says he got little knowledge on rare tools these body shoppers boost the resume in such a way that this person is a expert in cross functional and rare technologies.
leo Replied to: Sahil - 01 Jul, 2011
Totally agree with you, Sahil... well said
Ajay Replied to: Sahil - 29 Jun, 2011
U R right u r comments may give boost and confidence to the people who have talent but don't have oppertunity to prove them.
karthik Replied to: Ajay - 30 Jun, 2011
84: upto now im following articles and updates on siliconindia,from now ill never do that,why ur targeting Hyderabad?even that is applicable for all IT Hubs?it shows bad image on Hyderabad n andhrapradesh guys.if you want publicity means do it in another way?some of the readers commented that fakes are from jntu OU and NU.well they are aware of these universities?please if you dont know anything means dont comment it will hurt those guys.this issue requires long discussion,dont hurt any guys,dont try to misguide people(SILICONINDIA.COM)
Posted by:sri - 28 Jun, 2011

Hiring IT professionals

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SAP, .NET, Testing/QA Manager for Experienced professionals in Top MNC's clients of Innovative HRD solutions.
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree or higher

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Chetan Replied to: sri - 30 Jun, 2011
I don't think there is any misguidance here! I myself am from A.P and I know most people around me even in the US get employed using Fake Resumes, and I think it is a shame although I can understand people's need to find a job in whatever way possible in a bad economy. I mean a fresher faking a 6-7 experience has got to be a joke doesnt it?
karthik Replied to: sri - 29 Jun, 2011
hello Karthik

DO u think companies in indian and US r working for the people sake.Do u really know how companies r collecting the charges for their goods . Just come to the real world and see.do u really know the value of goods which u r purchasing.that may be equal to the ten times of its original cost.
so don't bother about compnies.they r screwing us and that is why we also have the right to screw them.
kanth Replied to: karthik - 30 Jun, 2011
I second that. However, I would have liked it if SiliconIndia addressed the issue in general and then quoted a few examples leaving out regional barriers unless and until they have solid proof. For instance is the 80 fired from MindTree from Hyd or AP only? I do not see any statistical evidence linking the two. Rather than using "major chunk" or "most of", numbers and/or graphs would be appreciated if we're talking about facts. All this has caused is emotional / regional turmoil. Is that what this site is all about?
K K Replied to: karthik - 29 Jun, 2011
89: With regrds to FAKE RESUMES AND HYDERABAD, I would have appreciated if the article had revealed and eloborated on the issue in general and the relative statistics. It could have been presented very nicely if the author was genuine in his/her idea. Contrary it appears hyderabad was targetted for different reasons and it is like adding new fuel to the flame. As somebody said, it is an universal problem and probably it is more from Hyderabad as professionals from Hyderabad are more in software field. No dispute in that.
Though I am not a software professional, let me tell you openly that software business is not limitted to a cottage but it is universal as its professional. All citizens form nook and corner of the world can franchise their caliber and wisdome to prove. Certain fiscal and state measures sometimes provide boom to respective regions. Hyderabad was one made on those line. let that continue. Kindly dont bring in this kind of weeds in the minds of industry to brand.
Posted by:Dr Rangaiah - 28 Jun, 2011
90: This is very serious event in 21st century. Govt must have to entertain in this matter and must have to make law against this activity.
Posted by:Vinayak - 28 Jun, 2011
hello companies r giving targets and they r getting the results to their pay.just try to fight with govt on serious issues which r harm to the country .
kanth Replied to: Vinayak - 30 Jun, 2011
92: Will Mindtree go public or is this just some frustration being vented out by the author who for all purpose is from Noida / Gurgaon and failed to get a job as a techie and is writing articles now OR is sponsored by the real Estate lobby of NCR, since they have been sponsoring a lot of scandalous articles about the Southern cities of late
Posted by:Shiva - 28 Jun, 2011
Correct Mr.Shiva agreed
Rohit Replied to: Shiva - 29 Jun, 2011
Mr Shiva,

The article is not about Southern cities. It is about Hyderabad and AP.. Everyone knows that AP has lots of fakes in the state. Pity that good people from AP are affected because of the fakes. No one is talking about other southern cities!

Cool Indian Replied to: Shiva - 28 Jun, 2011
Cool Indian lost his cool, I personally feel that there are great people from Hyderabad serving for the Nation and International. Why all of sudden these junk report and senseless comments
Amit Dhingra Replied to: Cool Indian - 29 Jun, 2011
96: Hi friends,
As per the title of Article ' Hyderabad Leads', it doesn't mean only Hyderabad. So, its there in all regions, professions and corporates.
But onething is to aceptble, most of the talented IT professionals from South India. They are realy great programmers and hardworking ppl. And observed also, the other region ppl can communicate much and try to manipulate the things in projects. So they are fake in their regular responsibilities.
I guess, this article comes out from a jealousy of such manipulaters in offices.
Posted by:Guest - 28 Jun, 2011
CHETAN Replied to: Guest - 28 Jun, 2011
there might be a truth in the research..but highlighting Hyderabad so many times in the page, would start giving a negative impression on many folks from hyderabad..though they might be working genuinely, whether in a small company or a bigger one... there are fake resumes floating around all over...
Guest Replied to: Guest - 28 Jun, 2011
i agree with you.

not only in india world wide this is happyning.

world wide stolen indian brains...
Balaram Replied to: Guest - 28 Jun, 2011
100: Software companies are anyways fooling around. Fake resumes are only feather to their cap. Am I right, Raju (Satyam)?
Posted by:Jaya - 28 Jun, 2011
The other one is no one is ready to pose the question that when all the companys are asking 60% no one will be perfect but the talented people are Nevertheless
sekhar Replied to: Jaya - 28 Jun, 2011
A small query from my side initially the MNC s are asking minimum of 3yrs experience then how would the fresher get the jobs then automatically it turns to fake for Trying the jobs
sekhar Replied to: Jaya - 28 Jun, 2011
103: Dear Friends,

Everybody thinking they are own ways. Nobody think about real problem, in India how many universities we have, under this all universities how many colleges we have in each college how many students are studying. If it is possible to get a job everybody in software or non software company’s. “ IT’S POSSIBLE.”

State and central govt. also they are not ready to tack care the proper employment for people. Y media is not asking any question to State or Central govt.

Simply everybody blaming people. This is not correct way. People need to start thinking.


Try to help the people, motivate them first change the society.

Posted by:Balaram - 27 Jun, 2011
its good .... day to day is happening same....
Pandureddy Replied to: Balaram - 28 Jun, 2011
Hilarious! Please learn English :)
RCR Replied to: Balaram - 28 Jun, 2011
haha.. really hilarious. probably another fake engineer:))
n27 Replied to: RCR - 28 Jun, 2011
Bugger I don't no English. No problem for me. I know my mother tong. You know English very will I think.

But you don’t have brain.

First get back your brain.
Balaram Replied to: RCR - 28 Jun, 2011
com N teach me bugger.
Balaram Replied to: RCR - 28 Jun, 2011
109: Hey Guys what do you say about the below? Who is encouraging these acts.

sender-time Sent at 7:15 AM (GMT+05:30). Current time there: 11:58 AM. ✆
bcc arif.athar@gmail.com
date Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 7:15 AM
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We have a Backdoor opening for your profile

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If you are interested don't wait please forward your resume

Posted by:Athar Mohammad Aarif - 27 Jun, 2011
just go and f____ him in the back door
backdoor Replied to: Athar Mohammad Aarif - 28 Jun, 2011
111: i think measuring the talent is important rather than resume, if the candidate is having an ability to perform the required job he must be observed than looking for Degree or qualification posted on resume is secondary.
Posted by:shaaz - 27 Jun, 2011
you are right bro...
Just example:If a fake guy invented or develop new tool,All these so called comanies stay in line to recruite fake guy.Bcz business is important for all these companies.


MOHAN Replied to: shaaz - 28 Jun, 2011
What invention can you expect out of a person who could not even clear 10th class english paper? I mean, I am not a big fan of indian education system, but come one. And on that, well, to be honest, this is an industry, apart from technical knowledge, there are other things also which matters, even fitness, the way you present yourself, dressing sense, sitting, eating. Yes, may be the 'COOLIES' of IT Industry don't get to see these things as they are labours,but in reality, even the family background is checked. Industrialists know lot of things and no one can fool them.
peterparker Replied to: MOHAN - 28 May, 2014
shaaz, that actually makes no sense. if that is the case, i guess companies should just make announcements saying anyone can come and attend an interview, we aren't looking for any criteria as such.
n27 Replied to: shaaz - 28 Jun, 2011
Companies should not allowed the fake employees in the company...because he started his future or career with false thing due to which genuine student are not getting place...so companies should takes serious action against fake employees...and they should black list them...they can even maintain the list of this kinf of employees and help others from it....
Nilesh Replied to: shaaz - 27 Jun, 2011
Firstly, Its just a general discussion. I dont have any hard feelings for anyone nor my intension is to degrade/abuse anyone.

We need to first understand what genuinity means? a student who tops the university with 98% percent ? How sure are we that he can perform better in real time when compared to a student with 60% marks. He can or he cannot. There are lot of factors involved I guess to describe what genuinity means .....
So, what I want to say is, we cannot actually say or do anything with respect to this issue. Employers themselves do a lot of politics to hire especially someone they know personally, like their relatives or close friends. No one even knows about those openings.
sil Replied to: Nilesh - 28 Jun, 2011
Student securing 98% don't get the thinking works in india,neither are there any standard procedures to select the candidates in universities. And in pvt industry, we have grunt work, they treat everyone as same. Why will someone with high marks do low level tasks? Tell me?
peterparker Replied to: sil - 28 May, 2014

Hiring IT professionals

Huge openings for C,C+,UNIX,SQL,
SAP, .NET, Testing/QA Manager for Experienced professionals in Top MNC's clients of Innovative HRD solutions.
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree or higher

Send in your resume to innovativehrdsolutions@gmail.com
Chetan Replied to: sil - 30 Jun, 2011
@ Nilesh good that you have a concern for the fresher, how would you possibly eradicate such activities, recruitment is such a challenging task, by the time you make a back ground check , he/ she would be proving on floor with an extra ordinary performance. companies require such talent so may be overlooked at some time.Black listing of the applicant is seriously very tough task, practically it will be impossible.
kris Replied to: Nilesh - 27 Jun, 2011
@kris, i totally agree with you. it is a difficult task. but if there are guidelines, then it would be best to take measures to see that they are followed.
n27 Replied to: kris - 28 Jun, 2011
121: The information given here is true . How much ever news is given about the fake resumes and all this stuff, the market continues to take students. No initiative is taken so that the real talented people are in loss of it.
Posted by:Sandeepa - 27 Jun, 2011
Sandeepa let anyone make clear that where u are just discussing about the fakes and the talented missing opportunities? many people who are talented and are not sufficient to meet the requirement crieteria are choosing the way 'fake' and even inthe artical there mentioned out of 1000 80 are fired but still i can bet you there are more than 200 left surviving in mind-tree, Please tell me why and how mind tree is unable to sort them out and not ready to fire even after sorting. Plase any one help me out in this as I'm unable to get where their mind goes wrong exactly?
saima Replied to: Sandeepa - 30 Jun, 2011
It is my bad experience too with Hyd people while in the USA, this news must be true ...
Kurup Replied to: Sandeepa - 27 Jun, 2011
Absolutely. I have interviewed 30 people in US for one developer position. 22 were from one state in India. No one cleared interview. They were showing 6-8 years experience. No one even answered the basic questions correctly. So many fake guys out there.
Raj Replied to: Kurup - 10 Oct, 2013
hei kurup your name itself someway reveals and why you take efforts in reveling your personality. What you experienced is not bad. Your experience is itself BAD.
saima Replied to: Kurup - 30 Jun, 2011
126: Arey Mr.Silicon Pheku,
Try to get correct information. Faltu information/gossip without relevant source can bring you some viewers but it really costs IT Pros from Hyd...Mind It!
Posted by:Salim - 27 Jun, 2011
127: we give you further info. HRs of several companies do enter into contract,when they meet at Training centres and seminars.They collect lakhs from the Jumping executives and professionals and the recruiting HR share the booty and they absorb the inefficients, fakes, and fradulent recruits. krisha
Posted by:KRISHNA - 27 Jun, 2011
128: The Ramdev and ruling party clash is nothing but a war between two culprits. Ramdev has become another dirty political set up levelling allegations of rape and murder
on police. Ninty percent of his disciples are black money holders in one form or another. All his 80 G donations are to be immediately scanned, there will a large junk of unaccounted has come to donations and tax benefits. All his declared assets of trust has got to be investigated
turth will come out in gallons. Government is corrupt equally or more and no need to take side with them just because RAm dev ashram is haven for economic offenders.
Posted by:KRISHNA - 27 Jun, 2011
You mean Ramdev has no Degree or he has a fake Degree. Well at least his turnover is above a 1000 Crore so I guess it don't matter after all. Jokers like you should be made to share the benches in the kindergarten where they are taught to reply only to the relevant section at the correct time.
Raju Srivastav Replied to: KRISHNA - 27 Jun, 2011
@Raju, well said.:) damn.. that was a good reply.:)
n27 Replied to: Raju Srivastav - 28 Jun, 2011
131: public.commonman@gmail.com Hyderabad known for desk top operator hacking Regional Passport portal and issuing passports.Known for fake currencies .Hassan Ali activities started from Hyderabad and many more.The news Indian AP students get cattle tags in US Trivalley university and so on
Posted by:pcman - 27 Jun, 2011
132: Yes, i truly agree that many people from Hyderabad put fake resumes in search of a job.
Fake resumes can be found in every city of India, but more prominently in Hyderabad.

One of the reasons could be that, there are a lot of emerging graduates every year from AndhraPradesh, and not everyone can get the job as a fresher, in their desired technology. Putting a fake experience in their resumes will boost their chances of getting hired.

Another reason could be the want for a bigger salary. Bangalore and Chennai have a lot of companies offering the best salary in the IT industry. All they need is the experience. And the people in Hyderabad are greedy for higher salaries. They cant work for smaller salaries in the small companies of Hyderabad. Though there are mnc companies in Hyderabad, they take only experienced candidates, preferably 2+ years.

But in cities like Bangalore, many companies offer good salaries even for freshers. Hence people keep fake resumes.
Posted by:Sasi Kanth - 27 Jun, 2011
ha ha ha, the engineering graduates of hyderabad and AP are the most dumb. They cannot get jobs in big companies, forget biggies, they struggle to get jobs with indian IT houses also. Everyone knows this. That's the reason that why andhra kamma people want to fly abroad, by hook or crook, then set up their own bodyshop, then, hire their own andhra people. Of course, this is all part of the same game. These people won't mind doing all this as they have hegemony via politics. Many of the business in bangalore are owned by these seema andhra kamma people. The guy will marry a MLA, will get dowry, will fly, and will set up a body shop, in turn, hiring his own community people, which makes them strong. They exploit the non kamma people. And also, these people make sure that their white bosses are getting good pay and commission.
peterparker Replied to: Sasi Kanth - 28 May, 2014
In the present situation most of the companies prefering min 3yrs of Exp then how far it is possible as fresher with out the fake exception of those colleges having Campus interviews
arun Replied to: Sasi Kanth - 28 Jun, 2011
yes i also admit to this
even i have seen my colleagues(from AP) in IT sector being thrown out of the company for having fake experience
yes the allegation is true to my knowledge
sam Replied to: Sasi Kanth - 27 Jun, 2011
If this is so true we will have ship loads coming back from their stay in the US too
Raju Srivastav Replied to: sam - 27 Jun, 2011
Hi Raju, Your estimation is correct. Many AP guys will and should return to India. Because of these fake resumes, Indians are getting bad name. It is high time they return to India.
venubk Replied to: Raju Srivastav - 27 Jun, 2011
Call them as SEEMANDHRA,because, many of these KAMMA people are settled in karnataka also. They will select only their caste people and exploit others. And also, they open these small IT firms, train freshers,of course, same community, and will get them placed. Many of the MLA are also behind this.
peterparker Replied to: venubk - 28 May, 2014
Bravo Mr. Venubk, what a concerned about the nation, appreciate your concern towards India, lets come to the point we are on good notes of the IT giants , what is that Microsoft , Oracle Or SAP or any other giants gonna do with out Indians, the talent and the brains are used from India know that ? be proud to be an Indian, sincere advice is understand the topic and comment , dont comment just that you have to comment.
kris Replied to: venubk - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr Kris

What venubk told is absolutely correct.. AP people always prefer AP people in US and show discrimination with other indians. Hence what is the concern of India you are talking about? Please go to US and then you will come to know how Andra folks have spoilt our country's name.

All the fakes should be returned back and kicked out of IT industry to clean the whole mess..
Cool Indian Replied to: kris - 28 Jun, 2011
100% correct. They won't select candidates from other states in India.
Smitha Replied to: Cool Indian - 10 Oct, 2013
Who wants to work with these KAMMA people.
peterparker Replied to: Smitha - 28 May, 2014
I have seen in Job work centers and Photocopy outlets, boys come with letter heads get them scanned and edit or retype the experience certificate.
Venkatesh Replied to: sam - 27 Jun, 2011
Hello boss, Dont say anything about hyderabad without any knowledge and dont think guys will only works for high salaries. I hope you are not aware of all these things.
Sunil Replied to: sam - 27 Jun, 2011
Yes why only Hyderabad,
Chennai is the hub for fake Degree Certificates. One gets a Degree even without seeing where the College is located. WoW
Venkatesh Replied to: Sunil - 27 Jun, 2011
The dirty person Ramakrishna koduru came out from ust global be aware everybody dirty character and dirty leg of Ramakrishna. ask him what is your mail id and check with mail
kak Replied to: Venkatesh - 29 Oct, 2013
People fake resumes just for an opportunity to get into the league of IT professionals and FYI, people who fake their resume have better knowledge than anyone else. They learn a lot to crack the interview with the additional experience they show up on the resume. Its not that they cannot work for smaller salaries, they have to get a job and it is purely a gap between the Demand and Supply of Jobs - atleast in Hyderabad. If you have a gap between your education or job, the HR/Recruiter would interrogate as if he had committed some murders. They won't understand the concept that they didn't get an opportunity. They show this as a reason to reject the candidate. As long as the behaviour of recruiters doesn't change, you would find the concept of Fake Resumes in this country. Out of so many thousands of graduates every year, you may find some like this as well. Don't just pinpoint at some region.
Prashanth Replied to: sam - 27 Jun, 2011
ha ha ha.

well, it appears you are a fake resume candidate.

Ok, just solve this simple problem

-> I have connected a device with a laptop

-> I want to know in which COM port that device is connected.

Use any program language you wish.
peterparker Replied to: Prashanth - 28 May, 2014
I truly agree with this Prashanth... first a graduate needs experience. If the companies are not ready to take freshers, obviously keeping a fake experience helps. Salaries are not important for freshers, but the experience is !
Sasi kanth Replied to: Prashanth - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr cool indian i dont know whether all fakes should be kicked out of it industry or not but you should be kicked outta this discussion to clean the whole mess of this discussion.
saima Replied to: Cool Indian - 30 Jun, 2011
151: Stop spreading rumours like this.
Majority of the IT professionals are from AP, Karnataka and Tamil nadu and of late these kind of rumours have started to emanate
Are IIT toppers also fake just because they happen to be from AP
Are 30% of the employees in Microsoft and Oracle in the US fake Even the senior most people just becasue they are from AP
Posted by:Jags - 27 Jun, 2011
There are exceptions to prove the rule. Jai Ho
Raja Hindustani Replied to: Jags - 27 Jun, 2011
Yes..U r right jags...
What are u thinking about AP guys..AP people are rocking the IT field so this type of rumors are coming from some waste fellows...
Raghavendra Replied to: Jags - 27 Jun, 2011
Hiring IT professionals

Huge openings for C,C+,UNIX,SQL,
SAP, .NET, Testing/QA Manager for Experienced professionals in Top MNC's clients of Innovative HRD solutions.
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree or higher

Send in your resume to innovativehrdsolutions@gmail.com
chetan Replied to: Raghavendra - 30 Jun, 2011
AP Guys Rocks with Fake Experience.....
Nadar Replied to: Raghavendra - 27 Jun, 2011
Where do you think all the recent IT co's are heading - definitely not A.P so relax those days are gone.
Raju Srivastav Replied to: Raghavendra - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr. Srivastav i am unaware where it IT Companies are headed but i will make a confident statement that where ever the Companies are headed the talent working for them would be from Andhra Pradesh.
kris Replied to: Raju Srivastav - 27 Jun, 2011
@kris, you aren't really talking with any facts in hand. AP is definitely not contributing to the IT sector these days. you can see the audit report from the AP revenue department to clarify this. i have worked with a lot of AP guys and this article is definitely making a lot of sense to me.

@Raju, man, you are good. you have some amazing replies on this board.
n27 Replied to: kris - 28 Jun, 2011
Brother, from my personal experience I support this article. I have interviewed huge number of candidates. As an experienced interviewer, one can easily assess the person and the content in the resume.
Most of the resumes I received are from Hydrabad University (Don't like to mention the university name). Almost 70% candidate I met have produced fake content in their resume.
The funny thing is most of them even don't know what they have filled in their resume.

To be honest, the facts have corrupted my mind. For any resume I receive, the first thing I do is check the name of the university. If the resume is from that particular university, I request the recruitment team to do one round of preliminary verification.
Even at one stage I started hating any resume with degree from that University.

I just want to share my view. Sorry if this hurts you.

Rather taking this as personal ego, try to fix the problem.

anonymous Replied to: Jags - 27 Jun, 2011
brother WOW u are great brother as a senior recruiter dont u have sence to make a statement that you'll request recruitment team for preliminary verification to all the profiles u receive from that university? If you have enough ghuts to challenge tell me the name of the university u graduated from. I'll show you more than 100 who faked in some or other way for job. Are u ready to challenge me?
joy Replied to: anonymous - 30 Jun, 2011
Well ... my assessment of your post does not appear to convince me that you are a recruiter ... first too many language errors to ignore. I am only called for technical interview in recruitment panels and one critical thing is to be unbiased before an interview. If you are showing emotions like "started hating any resume with degree from that University" you are already in a wrong direction. So I have a doubt on how much your facts are truly an experience. Unless you wish to state more ...
K K Replied to: anonymous - 29 Jun, 2011
The university is either JNTU or Nagarjuna or Osmania.. Most of the fakes are from these universities.. Beware of people from these!
Cool Indian Replied to: anonymous - 28 Jun, 2011
Mr cool indian please tell me the name of ur cool university u graduated from? better remove ur sticking things outta this discussion than making wrong statements.
joy Replied to: Cool Indian - 30 Jun, 2011
OK atlest tell your Father Name
Raju Srivastav Replied to: anonymous - 27 Jun, 2011
don't u have father...or forgot ur father name...
farher Replied to: Raju Srivastav - 28 Jun, 2011
I think you are perfect round hole. For one staying in Hyderabag you are refering to universities here as Hyderabad University, little do you know that there is a premium University by that name. Your father or uncle must have told you stories after a drink that you reproduce here posing as an anonymous writer. Your English is poor so who on earth gave you a Job and who corrupted your mind. Please do not pose as if you have a team of professionals to serve you. And this one is classic Your English teacher will Cry if He/ She comes to know that it is you who wrote this : - Even at one stage I started hating any resume with degree from that University. Dont Hate get to work and first of all Grow up - Kid.
Venkateshwaran Replied to: anonymous - 27 Jun, 2011
This can be fixed only if the recruitment people look at the person's capability rather than the University they have studied. Do you think the education system in this country would allow to take a job immediately after completion of your course - if so, you don't see the non-computer science engineers in the IT field especially in programming. It is just that the IT companies need a BE/BTech degree (specialization is not a criteria). IT people have not learnt everything from their college. It is the coaching centers which give them the required skill. And to your information, an average student performs a reasonably better job compared to a Brilliant student. It is just that the recruiters are still going behind the so called "Merit Students". And for a country like India, you just have a handful IITs and premier institutes. And remember most of your IITians and Top college students are from AP.
Prashanth Replied to: anonymous - 27 Jun, 2011
Prashath, I agree with your logic But two things: (1) in short you are asking for an unbaised view (2) the "anonymous" is already showing signs of bais on a forum, leave alone in an interview. So do you think this person is going to understand all the effort you are trying to put?
K K Replied to: Prashanth - 29 Jun, 2011
169: Hi Silicon India Team,
If you have any grudge means it is up to you and your Org but please dont spread fake news like this dont make this site as a fake news site

Posted by:chowtha - 27 Jun, 2011
something in the article sending jitters up the spine
Raja Hindustani Replied to: chowtha - 27 Jun, 2011
171: This article is totally wrong, it aimed to degrade the AP IT professionals.

Editors of SI: Get the correct information from the source and publish, do not provide the false information and fell the companies -ve about HYD guys...

Posted by:Mahesh - 27 Jun, 2011
Hiring IT professionals

Huge openings for C,C+,UNIX,SQL,
SAP, .NET, Testing/QA Manager for Experienced professionals in Top MNC's clients of Innovative HRD solutions.
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree or higher

Send in your resume to innovativehrdsolutions@gmail.com
Chetan Replied to: Mahesh - 30 Jun, 2011
Yes you can relax you may belong to the other 90% of the Good Guys/ Gals.
Raja Hindustani Replied to: Mahesh - 27 Jun, 2011
hei i think u r not raja hindusthani, u r khaja khajakasthani. Saala shut ur mouth and go to work rather than making faltu statements.
joy Replied to: Raja Hindustani - 30 Jun, 2011
175: Hi Guys,

In IT industry most of the person are fake because there is no opportunity r there in Hyderabad for freshers all the company use the skill of the person and they will give less expensive for there work and they used to touchier the work burden on them. So most of the Hyderabad have been keeping fake resumes to get job.
Posted by:suryafu - 27 Jun, 2011
What an excuse? The fact is that the graduate engineers from the AP state are most dumb, it is a well known fact. Now don't tell me that oracle,microsoft have majority of these people. Show me the work which they do? Are they thought leaders of plain labors? Now on satya nadella, it is again a lobby which pitched him in,so we do know how things work. And why will brilliant people like these junk works? Why shall we log in late nights? We want to do good works,not junk works, and we also want to enjoy our life. Labors don't have any rights to enjoy life,as they have low IQ. That's these andhra people have, LOW IQ. Andhra people deserve to remain like slaves, since time immemorial, they have been slaves.
peterparker Replied to: suryafu - 28 May, 2014
How True
Venkateshwaran Replied to: suryafu - 27 Jun, 2011
178: look who is talking about fake.
majority of the IT Companies are faking / fudging their results.

These people do not have the right to talk about the candidates. These candidates are faking for their living and they are not greedy.
Mo just IT companies many other Companies from different industry background from different regions are faking / fudging.
Posted by:Srivatsa - 27 Jun, 2011
179: While fake resumes and incorrect information etc should dealt with the Sevier punishment and black listing of the people, this specific article seems to aimed at defaming Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh by the people having negative intensions and language/state prejudice. Data given about the employability of the engineering students and other things are totally false. This disease of fake resumes and incorrect info about qualification, experience etc is equally reported from the candidates from Bangalore, Chennai and other cities.
Posted by:vijay - 27 Jun, 2011
Raju Srivastav Replied to: vijay - 27 Jun, 2011
Dear Silicon india editors, Publish about the top ranks secured from AP in the listings like (IITS, Bits, etc
ram Replied to: vijay - 27 Jun, 2011
182: Nice article. I have experienced it personally that many from AP fake resume. I had been to an institute and their many from andra were doing crash course and they were planning to remove MCA and put 3 years exp instead in their resume. I dont understand whats the hurry to get into job. (may they want to get dowry more asap by claming to be a software engineer)
Posted by:skp - 27 Jun, 2011
This is not true, please do not tell like this you mean only we take Dowry in this world Now a days even the girls are getting good jobs and salary in here.
Raju Srivastav Replied to: skp - 27 Jun, 2011
Hiring IT professionals

Huge openings for C,C+,UNIX,SQL,
SAP, .NET, Testing/QA Manager for Experienced professionals in Top MNC's clients of Innovative HRD solutions.
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree or higher

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Chetan Replied to: Raju Srivastav - 30 Jun, 2011
scrap article dude skp, SI is trying to degrade by pointing out one place, it is not for first time happening with the, even during World cup(Cricket) they published an article about sachin tendulkar which is fake one, nowdays SI is becoming as a fake site
chowtha Replied to: skp - 27 Jun, 2011
Bullshit topioc from SIlicon India, Just for the sake of SI business i knew what and all the scrap work they do.Just stop this and try to doing something which is highly required for the nations transformation.
Adam Edgablker
Adam Replied to: skp - 27 Jun, 2011
Yes do something like Family Planning it is more important.
Raja Hindustani Replied to: Adam - 27 Jun, 2011
188: The major difference between the western and Indian HR policies is while the earlier look for caliber the later look for years of experience, percentage of marks gained which have little to do with the software job. Lakhs of students coming out ever where and it took them years to know the right path to enter in to industry, by that time they were treated as trash. the whole situation is a catch-22. when they find Hyderabad training institutions misguiding their students, ask them to stop recruiting people from that place. But is it possible?.
Posted by:naveen - 27 Jun, 2011
Excellent Naveen.......... I support you...
chandra Replied to: naveen - 27 Jun, 2011
190: 30% of IIT ranker's from AP, 35% NIT Toppers from AP,40% of BITS Pilani. In the India what ever the National Entrance, How difficult it is, 30% Seats are occupied by AP people.They are dedicated to do hard work, Innovative and creative persons.
Plz see the IIT Results
The people who doesn't have talent,Crying on andhra students,they will tell these ranks also Fake Given By IIT's.

Coming to the s/w, The Industry needed Talented People.They don't care about the qualification and experince. They need the skillful candidates and work driven. The PHD candidate doesnot have s/w knowledge and 10th class student have enough s/w knowledge. The company will pick the right candidate for the right job. If that guy is not performing, the company will terminate.99% of our s/w development goes for US/Europe countries..they need the quality software. They donot care about the persons who are working for that. If the Fake guy is working for ISRO or DRDO or BSNL is not at all possible.s/w is a wast domain, they may go for system Networking, Hardware repair, Administration and all. The company need to take care about the Fake candidates. The Fake is not only in India every where its there. Who completed their MS in US/UK, they are putting 7-10 years of fake experience. Fake is not at all matter , But Surviving in the industry is bit difficult.Please don't underestimate or criticize entire state people, due to 5% of people may put fake.
Posted by:chandu - 27 Jun, 2011
I partially agree to Chandu,as i also worked in hyderabad for an year and met lots of brilliant guys but they are mostly from IITs, NITs. But the horrible thing is that in AP every house one will see atleast one engineer.How is it possible? it is happening becose there are thousands of engineering college in Andhara Pradesh. So any body can become engineer there, ofcourse it will give a just degree. But whatever quality one engineer should have, he will not be able to learn in any ordinary engineering college.IIT and NITs seats are very limited, thogouh now seat has been increased now.So, next thing is the State Govt. Engineering colleges, where no Donation system exists and only merit is the bench mark.To get into a admission in Engineering is becoming very easy in states like Andhara, Karnataka,Tamil Nadu.I have met some guys in Hydrabad, they are Btech plus MBA, but they can't cumminicate in English.Definitly these are class of students who are passing from any ordinarry college. AICTE and UGC and also state govt. should be strict on these so called engineering college.
siddharth Replied to: chandu - 27 Jun, 2011
This is not only related to particular state. The Indian Education system Lost its glory. Compared to Northern states, southern states are progressing well in Technical education. Scrap should be there every where. Can you say in all northern states Giving 100% industrial exposure to all their students and 100% placements to its students.In India, 25% are ready for industry. 30% Undergoing training to ramp up the industry requirements.Remaining people are doing higher education in India and Abroad and few people are doing family business.The education system has to change.Lakhs of faculty is required.so many problems in education system. In india each state you can find a Post graduation student who doesn't have English communication skills.They can Improve by practice its small matter. People are preferring four Year degree courses.The Govt. should start the courses of 4 years. Instaed of 3 Years BSC, Bcom, Ba.....anad all....
chandu Replied to: siddharth - 27 Jun, 2011
well they need skilled people i accept that,but how far they are really looking for skilled people no company is coming forward to do that,show me a notification were amnc or it company is calling for skilled people without any barriers
shilpasrinivas Replied to: chandu - 27 Jun, 2011
U r rite shilpa...But Every company has its own recruitment policies...Only the TOP companies have required tough criteria. CMM Level4, level3 and level2 companies have lot of relaxation on education qualification and experience....They will take the skill full people. Once we enter into s/w industry , based on exp we will grow Up to top MNC's.
chandu Replied to: shilpasrinivas - 27 Jun, 2011
people from Andhra are getting job because of there strong lobby in software industry.Even they are having fake exp and certificate they are surviving bcoz of this lobby only.
chopa king Replied to: chandu - 27 Jun, 2011
Hahaha... Joke of the decade.....If the candidate is not working means they will terminate or The lobby people should complete that persons Task.Nobody in the world complete other persons work, who doesn't have relation.Language is not criteria for lobby .Corporate companies are working for their Project works, clients Needs, They have code of conduct and Business of conduct, principles....They should not run based on any partiality or lobby.Its a company related work, Its not a family related work.are u thinking The Microsoft, Google, FB, Yahoo, Oracle..... all companies are setting up for andhra people chit chatting in telugu and lobbying over there. Its not fair SKP.Then U will tell, There is strong lobby in IIT, NIT, BITS entrance tests also.......
chandu Replied to: chopa king - 27 Jun, 2011
No, actually its the harsh reality of the decade. This is what we are seeing in front of our eyes everyday. Though its happening everywhere in the country and abroad but Hyderabad is undoubtedly number one, whatever may be the reasons.
Amit Kumar Replied to: chandu - 27 Jun, 2011
Hiring IT professionals

Huge openings for C,C+,UNIX,SQL,
SAP, .NET, Testing/QA Manager for Experienced professionals in Top MNC's clients of Innovative HRD solutions.
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree or higher

Send in your resume to innovativehrdsolutions@gmail.com
chetan Replied to: Amit Kumar - 30 Jun, 2011
Its Not lobby. The companies are taking more than 100 crore RS land for just Rs.1 crore from govt. for providing the employment for AP Students. They should show the employees of 30% should be from AP.All other states will follow the same.AP govt. is giving land to companies for free of cost and providing jobs for other states people also.

AP people don't and never show the language kind of difference.They will always speak in English in work life, In personal life everybody will speak, their native language.They are well communication in English, Hindi, URDU and Telugu Languages.North People will treat Hyd as their second home in South India.
I will show many examples, AP S/w Engineers are suffering from other state professionals.TN state , they will do discussion in Tamil in work life and simply smile and tell "Have U Understood". In Northern part of India also the same, they will discuss in Hindi. In India, The Hyderabad and Bangalore Only use English in their Professional Life...

chandu Replied to: Amit Kumar - 27 Jun, 2011
Ha ha ha, AP People are most dumb. They are surviving or were surviving in the IT industry due to lobby. Now that TG state has been de-merged, let us see how KAMMA caste will dominate. That's not gonna happen now. The seema andhra people are doomed now, and will get back to their original works SLAVERY
peterparker Replied to: chandu - 28 May, 2014
201: Hi Guys/Gals,

India is a beautiful country on this Planet Earth. Like any other country India has all the positives and negatives.

Distance Learning, Instant Degrees, [Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates] are available online. General promise is that you will get these within two weeks. This is from the most of the developed countries like USA & UK. Most do not have a verifiable postal address. They are a one-man or mom-&-pop affairs. Money is plenty for these racketeers. Each degree costs between USD 500/- to USD 4,000/-. Some of them complete with MIN of Foreign Affairs authentication!

So let us mud sling on ourselves. Remember internet articles are ready by people all over the world. We are degrading ourselves. PLEASE DO NOT. Whether you are from one state of India or another, remember you are an Indian.

Westerners do not know about the States of India. For them India is a country and all people will now be classified as NOT-GENUINE-DEGREE-HOLDERS.

It is for the HR department to get itself geared to meet this threat.

Posted by:ali quaishi - 27 Jun, 2011
You have rightly said Ali, the whole series of comments, debate is not just being vewied by Andhrites or others...but the whole world is viewing. If something is wrong we need to correct it, else let the others correct it but not make it worse that it makes eveyones life miserable. Majority of our business is already routed to China and such article and comments makes it more complicated.

I’m surprised that Silicon India, which hosts a good platform for healthy discussion posted such article which is pointing at one state or city.... Please do not degrade your credibility...
Ajay Replied to: ali quaishi - 27 Jun, 2011
Is that SI is maintained by Al-Qaeda or some thing like that, cause every time they spread some or the other fake news like this about our nation INDIA....
Please don't do this....
chowtha Replied to: Ajay - 27 Jun, 2011
204: Look in to calibar of the candidate, where the exprence is and designation right or wrong dus not makes much deferance. When forms conduct exam and interview why do they bother about fals experance.
Posted by:srinivas - 27 Jun, 2011
205: Who is the brainless candidate discriminating the things in this way.What is he thinking about himself, generalization should be there while he is delivering things but shouldn't target to single region.He is targeting in this as all the candidates stepping form hyd or andhra are fake. HOw can he justify that.YOu know many of my frnds form US when ever they come to india they under go trainings here.YOu can get any information related to IT here.Many of the graduates from different parts of india come here to have some courses.For eg A candidate from North, west or east if he comes and under go a training in hyd and puts some fake exp, you say that he is from andhra?Is this the way you are going to write articles.I pity that silicon india which is good at its articles trying to publish such a foolish articles.Be cautious while delivering the things like this, as this is the life and death matters to many of the candidates. This article is targeted to whole telugu people who are working in different organizations.We don't want this type of articles from silicon india, as we get some discrimination in our organizations as some of them are form andhra.
Posted by:sha - 27 Jun, 2011
206: Infact Ppl in TOP MNC's are hiring ppl know that they are fake still.How far is that gud. They are just satisfied that they clear the rounds and hired. These fakes are still allowed due to meeting targets by the recruitment dept.
Posted by:XYZ - 27 Jun, 2011
207: u r correct bhai
Posted by:nithya - 27 Jun, 2011
208: we know the situation between 2001 to 2004.Those who have above 10 years of experience (60% of IT employees) comes under this article.
Posted by:RGV - 27 Jun, 2011
209: Can somebody investigate how so many enter into IITS now a days through some coaching institutes
Posted by:bihari - 27 Jun, 2011
210: Sam, either you're sick or jealous of Andhra talent but don't blame whole Hyderabad or Andhra. If that is the case ask Nasscom or organizations whether are they sleeping by selecting fake candidates or it's something in the background which is out of box of everyone's mind.
Sam,think before you write but don't do vice versa.
People let's not get divided on this crappy news. Be united to fight against this and lets develop our IT industry by providing your services to company and get prosperous and let India proper but be careful with bloody politics and corruption.
Posted by:rocky - 27 Jun, 2011
I m not telling everyone from Andhra is fake. When u take fake candidate they r from hyd. Its not saying by myself.. i have seen many forums and even Silicon writes.. First check some forum and let me knw. I am Hr, I am hurting anyone here.. i support andhra or any guys who r ginune..
sam Replied to: rocky - 27 Jun, 2011
@Sam, so we have an HR in responding to this post, So Mr. Hr,wats your point commenting on hyderabadis,may be you have found bunch of people who are faking with their resumes that doesnt mean you can comment on total talent of hyderabad / andhra pradesh,the so called hub of IT in india is occupied by Talent of Andhra pradesh, if you are so confident that your statistics are correct then take a corrective measures in your organization dont announce your experience in the public form, i can bet you Mr. Sam people whom you are calling a fake profile can answer to the questions even your trained or experienced staff cant do. By the way Mr. Sam let me introduce myself i am a Manager HR for a reputed MNC.And Mr. Admin SI please stop such humiliating topics which hurts the EGO of People.
else you would loose your honor.
Kris Replied to: sam - 27 Jun, 2011
well said rocky..
sharath Replied to: rocky - 27 Jun, 2011
you are right rocky...
chowtha Replied to: sharath - 27 Jun, 2011
215: The whole software industry is crap. whatever our so called great companies are doing is bloody daily labor jobs(in technology domain), not even mason jobs (forget about architecture level exposure). It's a real shame with these so many software firms there is no single product development company and just depend on outsourced projects with every specification designed by their foreign counterparts. You people are fighting about the quality human resources, does it really require for this shit kind of jobs?. The industry just driving the Indian youth to a delusional world and heading towards under capacity utilization. In this country people like Tata (who takes acres of land from people to make a crap car called Nano), Narayanmurthy (with not even a single product recognised internationally from his 30 years of industry), Mukesh Ambani (with low commitment to society) are only recognized. so don't find unnecessarily.
Posted by:young indian - 27 Jun, 2011
Very well said .Applause.
abc Replied to: young indian - 27 Jun, 2011
217: Dear silicon india donot try put these kind of atricals in your site for god sake. Because we don't want discrimination among us.

Thank you
your best reader
Posted by:Bava - 27 Jun, 2011
218: Where is "rama anne" today, the Andhra guy of Silicon India?
Posted by:The Truth - 26 Jun, 2011
219: AP might be on the higher side when it comes to fake testimonials, but please also take into account the genuine ones. Stereotyping any community, state, country etc. only creates hatred which is a major demotivating factor for our peers. I have been to Hyderabad a couple of times, its a beautiful place let us not bring a bad name to it. Let us not divide India. Thanks! btw, Im not from AP.
Posted by:Michael - 26 Jun, 2011
Bloody because of these people I am unable to apply with Mind Tree company, a company where everyone has dream to work. I did my M.Com with Distance learning because I was not having money and time to spent in campus, I was doing my dairy work than finish my study came to Bangalore worked with Thomson Reuters now with Yodlee Info tech.

Mind Tree will not take me because they would not take people who have done their study through distance learning.

My Bad Luck.
Dheeraj Lamba Replied to: Michael - 27 Jun, 2011
See Boss Many companies wouldn't prefer much to distance education..Many companies will ask you at interview time whether you completed your degree through full time or distance?Anyhow Dheeraj don't worry..Hope you will get better job in one of the top companies...Good luck..
Manjrekar Replied to: Dheeraj Lamba - 27 Jun, 2011
How come and when "MindTree" became a dream company for candidates. Even your dreams don't have a worth :P
Amit Kumar Replied to: Dheeraj Lamba - 27 Jun, 2011
223: Most of the andra guys come with B.tech certificates with first class marks on their marks sheet, even though the don't have basic knowledge. some of the institution ( for distance education )promises Pass guarantee while taking admission, what the shit it is, what about those people who study day and night to reach their goal. andra gov should take some serious action against these fake institutions.
Posted by:anniyan - 26 Jun, 2011
FYI Mr. Anniyan fake degree certificates are first started by well known university in Salem better i dont give the name of the university and later on the university is taken over by sate government, and by you name i am sure you are from Tamil Nadu, brother first look at your region later on you can comment on your neighbors. what is it matters you if the universities are offering pass guarantee or some other commitment. you have a guts to prove at the time of interview the job is yours. and for your last point there are much many students from hyderabad topping the competitive exams. Trust me Mr. Anniyan there is a talent pool in Andhra pradesh for which Top IT companies and Manufacturing companies are recruiting Talent from Andhra Pradesh.
Kris Replied to: anniyan - 27 Jun, 2011
dear kkrish,

sorry to say this, i m not from tamil nadu brother... and i know the name of the university which provides fake certificate.

brother thr is nothing like talent pool or pond. india itself has very talented and honest people than any other part of the world.

thr is no use of discussing about fake institutions with u.its like asking suggestion from politician to make india corruption free.

i think u r also certified by some fake university, and got job by reference......buddy u will get my point when any of your colleague get promotion and high salary by influence....in bangalore most of the things are happening like this only.......
anniyan Replied to: Kris - 28 Jun, 2011
Dear Anniyan,
If you are really concerned about the IT companies and their productivity because of only the Andhra Pradesh IT Professionals. Will you pay atleast Rs.100 to any one which you don't feel worthy. I don't think this is the burning issue in INDIA. There are lot of other topics to debate and to make all our Indians feel proud. Don't try to destroy our "Unity in Diversity" just because of these silly issues. Atleast IT professionals are paying taxes correctly. Blaming others is so simple, try to post some useful comments, which really suits your name.

Prakash Rao
prakash Replied to: anniyan - 27 Jun, 2011
Dear Prakash,

Never again say "Atleast IT people pay taxes correctly". In india TDS is applicable to all salaried people, ie tax will be deducted automatically detected before it is transfered to your bank account. Hence all salaried people are paying taxes correctly, may be they are not submitting there IT return forms.
The biggest IT(income tax) scammers are the IT(information technology) industries, even though after providing maximum tax breaks(such sez, etc). DO NOT GLORIFY IT PEOPLE. They are also similar to common man.
suraj Replied to: prakash - 30 Jun, 2011
dear praksh rao,

try to understand first dont rush to cmment, i told about the fake institutions. and i think u could not get what i have wrote.....
anniyan Replied to: prakash - 27 Jun, 2011
are you a qualified or with same kind experience you are having
Rohit Malhotra Replied to: anniyan - 27 Jun, 2011

Hiring IT professionals

Huge openings for C,C+,UNIX,SQL,
SAP, .NET, Testing/QA Manager for Experienced professionals in Top MNC's clients of Innovative HRD solutions.
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree or higher

Send in your resume to innovativehrdsolutions@gmail.com
Chetan Replied to: Rohit Malhotra - 30 Jun, 2011
i think no need to say Dear Malhotra,

if u have lot of time,..........take a long breath......count down 1 to ten and then try to read and then analyze and then cmment.
anniyan Replied to: Rohit Malhotra - 27 Jun, 2011
Hey Anniyan...What the shit you want to do here..Whats your expertise...These bloody idiots(SiliconIndia) don't have work and they simply posting these kind of articles...Its funny you are posting comments.Kindly requesting all don't encourage these kind of article...your comments will definetly hurt someone( who is an Indian again)...be unite...
Manjrekar Replied to: Rohit Malhotra - 27 Jun, 2011
dear manjrekar,

hold on man........ i love india, i love each part of our country.

come to the point, i hate fake institution which provides 3 or four years needful educations in just a couple of months. for u also i want to say that please read and analyze ..........
Anniyan Replied to: Manjrekar - 27 Jun, 2011
Why don't Silicon India post an article like how the IT companies get the projects from different clients throughout the world...As an IT consultant I had an experience with my previous company they projected me to the client as project lead having 8 yrs of experience but by that time i have only 5 yrs of experience...This is all bullshit IT field...Anyone can do anything as if companies are projecting fake in front of client...Poor silicon India might not be knowing all these things and just blaming people from particular area...
Manjrekar Replied to: Anniyan - 27 Jun, 2011
235: Please don't generalize, there could be people doing all these wrong stuff. Also these are not isolated cases, there were several instances from other states also.

BTW I am not from Andhra.
Posted by:A friend - 26 Jun, 2011
Can be but there are more people in AP especially Hyderabad who are indulged in such activities.
Something 5 years back the BPO sector as well as the Data Entry jobs market boomed in all of the small to big towns in India. Most of the agents who were providing the leads to the Call centres and and the middlemans providing the data entry works were Hyderabad based. They looted a lot of innocent guys, by showing big dreams and fake works, whoever shown faith on them.
Gyani Replied to: A friend - 27 Jun, 2011
Because basically all AP people wants to go to US so that they can get a good dowry and IT is the visa for them. why most people of AP are in IT only why they are not there in other fields like Event Management, hotel management, Stock Market, Derivatives, PR and so on.. People from other states have too many options to choose for their career unlike AP.
Deepesh Replied to: Ravi - 22 Aug, 2013
i strongly support ravi, one simple thing i would like to put across is,are not the companies faking clients? if they are faking for what they are faking(it is happening in many ways by companies also)? just see the list of companies blocked by WHO,World Bank and other major banks,telecom clients.second thing why the companies are recruiting fake people , actually they themselves are encouraging fake ppl by promoting consultencies through which they recruit ppl on contract basis for whom some companies are not doing second level of technical assesment or so blindly taking the ppl from those consultencies with which HR's are having deals and so on. so many stories like this i can say , i can show where in companies/thier representatives are doing back doors by taking lakhs of rupees from aspirants and getting them onboard. one conclusion i would like to say is it is happening at all levels with all the ppl in many ways and ppl from all over india are coming up/processing thier resumes from HYD and BGL. By the way i started my carrier as a fresher.
maheshpoluri Replied to: Ravi - 05 Jul, 2011

Hiring IT professionals

Huge openings for C,C+,UNIX,SQL,
SAP, .NET, Testing/QA Manager for Experienced professionals in Top MNC's clients of Innovative HRD solutions.
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree or higher

Send in your resume to innovativehrdsolutions@gmail.com
Chetan Replied to: Ramesh - 30 Jun, 2011
nice part from ur side sir.
sri Replied to: Ravi - 28 Jun, 2011
yes i agree with you.This is the truth.
Raghunath Replied to: SRK - 28 Jun, 2011
i worked with many companies and worked with many andra guys... they are so talended.. they just speak.. blah .. blah... i did this that... and never work or have any knowledge... just fake up things... there are good guys from andra just like any other state... they never noticed with fakes...

Other states have fakes but negligible when compared with pools of fake from ANDRA
Kuttoos Replied to: Ramesh - 28 Jun, 2011
Hello All ...I completely agree that cornering just one region is not fair . The issue is prevalent in all the states. Some gets politicized like this one , some does nt see light . I really feel we need to go to the crucks of the issue for the simple reason that fake talent will give way to fake workforce and competency and this will lead to fake growth rather negetive growth of the country ...I request Silicon daily to avoid putting controversial articles like this as it would have grevious negetive impact on a region ( AP ) and AP being part of India this is intolerable. Pls get the facts right before giving asaulting comments to your own people ...
jith Replied to: Ramesh - 28 Jun, 2011
that's what all u doing. otherwise u don't know so many facts. aren't u?
kumar Replied to: Raju Srivastav - 28 Jun, 2011
India got lot of talent, all the countries in the world knows the fact. Some are intelligent by birth, some learnt by their experiences,Some learnt coz to keep their family alive, some learn't out of grudge.The whole point is we don't have good politicians to ignite the spark to our talent to create great India. End of the day the point to put this kind of news is to study & find more about us & we are like you scratch my back & I scratch your back. which is never ending.
Sain Replied to: Ramesh - 27 Jun, 2011
What IT Companies like Wipro and Infosys are doing aren't they cheating in getting Visas?
Aren't they cheating their clients for getting projects, then why Wipro got BAN from World Bank?
Venkat Replied to: Ravi - 27 Jun, 2011
Hi IT savvy's,
I would like to say one thing with my 10 years experience in IT industry that both the companies and IT people from all over India are fake. These IT companies prepare fake resumes of their employees and produce to clients to get more billing. Companies also cheating employees by sending onsite and paying only 10 to 15 per cent of money to them. Please compare with the freelancer's salaries.
First companies should change their own policies.
Raj Yadav Replied to: Ramesh - 27 Jun, 2011
Hi Ramesh,

There is no seprate recruitement drives for poor people and rich people in india.Thank god its not started yet.
babu Replied to: SRK - 27 Jun, 2011
Hi guys,
There is nothing wrong whether you are fake or genuine as long as you are performing very well. if there is requirement of resources in MNC they retain the resources even they know half of the manpower is fake. once the project complete they threw you like tissue papaer.

How many companis really genuinely showcasing their employees experience infront of their clients.
babu Replied to: Ramesh - 27 Jun, 2011
Dear raju,

please try to read and understand....i never told all andra guys.... before cmmenting on my cmments read it 2 or 3 times analise and get back to me...and another thing thr is no need to cntrol my tongue, i have brain to think and finger to type.....y u r jealous about my cmments, i think u also got digree from any of the FAKE institution by paying some bullshit bugs......
Anniyan Replied to: raju - 27 Jun, 2011
Hi Guys,

The word fake was created by the IT companies only.If the candidate is from reputed organization or some good colleges only those people having campus recruitment.There are more and more colleges where they didnt even know about campus...then what does the other or poor people will do.though they are skilled & qualified they are not getting even a chance to explore..they will wait for some opportunity for a year or two..now they will face the new problem educational gap or career gap..most of the companies are not accepting if you have any gap.End of the day to survive they are showing/putting some fake experience based on his trained skill and important one is ..NOW there are recognized and getting jobs even in the MNCs ONLY THESE RECOGNITION make others to fellow the same

If the companies are giving opportunities to trained or skilled persons rather than the experienced one why should these people go for fake..Hence there is no point in blaming the candidate or the State he/she belong.

so there is no use of blaming Silicon India..they are creating awareness/sharing the information about our market & IT industry.
SRK Replied to: Ramesh - 27 Jun, 2011
This topic seems more to be an Indo-Pak war?Ist'nt so ?
Fake people may be anywhere .however it is possible(@Ravi .We are 50% of IT expertise in India,US,Europe and Asia-Pacifi),AP people have majorty in IT so may be there some such kind of fake people.In IT sector i think knowldge matter much more rahter than qualification ,experience or passed out from xyzght institute .Satish Malanch
Satish Kr Malanch Replied to: Ramesh - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr. Ramesh, Firstly I m not telling everyone from Andhra is fake. When u take fake candidate they r from hyd. Its not saying by myself.. i have seen many forums and even Silicon writes.. First check some forum and let me knw.
sam Replied to: Ramesh - 27 Jun, 2011
look who is talking about fake.
majority of the IT Companies are faking / fudging their results.

These people do not have the right to talk about the candidates. These candidates are faking for their living and they are not greedy.
Mo just IT companies many other Companies from different industry background from different regions are faking / fudging.
Srivatsa Replied to: Ramesh - 27 Jun, 2011
Hey Guys,

Technical guys can only come from this state,You cannot deny the technical qualities of Andra guys.We are 50% of IT expertise in India,US,Europe and Asia-Pacific.Don't Panic guys,Chill.By the way I am not fake,Lets debate on the the Technology skills with the entire world.I will come with my Team in all technologies.
Ravi Replied to: Niraj - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr sam i dont bother about which place are you from.I am least bothered abt you but i warn you to be in your own limits and do know that not all People from Andhra are fake.And also people from all over India are also producing fake certificates.Its not just from Andhra.If you have got the right talent you go on.But you dont have any right to comment on AP.
Ramesh Replied to: sam - 27 Jun, 2011