Exciting Jobs for Travel Fanatics

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 31 March 2016, 05:25 Hrs
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BENGALURU: In this competitive world, there are times when one feels like taking a break and visit an unknown country just to take their mind off the daily hustle and bustle. However, it is not possible without spending a fortune until one is lucky enough to get paid for visiting other countries. Here we take a look at ten such jobs that one can look forward to, where one gets paid for visiting foreign lands as compiled by Business Insider:

Flight Attendant:

eing a Flight Attendant is one of the hot jobs for those who love to visit other places. Employed by airlines to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, the job enables one to spend some time in foreign cities. The job has the added perks of getting discounted flight tickets for the family members apart from a handsome salary.

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