Engineering students convert moped into a race bike

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 23 June 2011, 11:56 Hrs   |    41 Comments
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Engineering students convert moped into a race bike
Bangalore: - It is unimaginable, but innovative brains have done it. A group of young talents from Bangalore have converted a moped into a race vehicle that can match the world standards.

Moped races are very popular in European and Western countries but are not very common in India. The young minds of NITTE Bangalore lead by Rohan R Baindoor developed one of the fastest vehicles in this category. The race modified bike has an engine capacity of 142 cc, weighs 60 kg and has an acceleration of 2.8 sec.

The magnificent idea of converting a moped into a race vehicle was instigated by the fact that they were inaccessible to sufficient data and requirements and decided to generate their own design based on experimentation.

Their work was initiated with the purchase of an engine. The engine was selected from various moped/scooters. The main criteria behind the selection were to get maximum power output. Suzuki Access (125cc) engine was found to be the best suitable engine for their project.

"At the beginning the engine was overhauled and the necessary alterations were made by cylinder boring to increase the engine displacement. Also, the cylinder head porting was done for smooth and customized fuel flow which was previously absent in the engine," Rohan said.

High performing spark plugs, CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) coil units and other aftermarket products were incorporated to provide excellent current supply to burn high octane fuel. Carburetor rejecting was done to have optimum fuel flow. Vehicle clutch, camshaft were also subjected to minor alterations to meet their requirements.

"The chassis was the most challenging task that was to be designed so that it had to be lightweight and provide good aerodynamics," he said. The group decided to choose aluminum for the entire chassis design as it had desirable properties compared to normally used mild steel. The square aluminum beam was cut into required dimensions and it was precision TIG welded which was a very cumbersome job. Gazettes, which were laser cut, are provided at six vital locations on the chassis to obtain good strength. Normally, for mopeds the rake angle is 28', increased this angle by 7' to have more stability.

The vehicle parts included various aftermarket products like aluminum alloy wheels, customized fuel tank, front forks, and handle bars etc. The outcome was the integration of all the above mentioned activities which resulted in an intended racing moped.

Rohan said that their vehicle would commensurate with the standards considered. Therefore the moped was very close to European race moped standards. The project involved a lot of engineering and technological skills and the group also gained real time exposure to practical environment.

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Reader's comments(41)
1: ur idea is excellent but will u guide me more about engineering in car or bike racing.
i am eager to know about this model.
Posted by:Renuka Deshpande - 24 Dec, 2011
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Posted by:chetan - 30 Jun, 2011
9: Good job.... keep going...
Posted by:Naveen - 25 Jun, 2011
10: Frankly this is a modification job not worthy of any engineering Project. You have money so you purchased an engine and paid a welder to make the frame and which mechanic did the alterations for you.
Seriously it is a Scooter engine and not a moped guys.And where did you get the rake angle in feet I thought angle was measured in Degrees.The wheel base looks too long and the Frame looks to be made of round pipe and not square.
THE BEAT PART IS YOU GREAT GUYS MODIFIED THE CYLINDER HEAD PORTING - wow so you beat the guys in the R&D try your luck in the limca book of records guys. Wow good lock to Rohan R Baindoor and his excellent team......keep up the good work maybe you can buy a zen and modify it to a BMW with an acceleration of 2.8 sec or whatever
Posted by:Venkatesh - 25 Jun, 2011
Building a whole vehicle from scratch, with an engine obtained from scrap(burnt) cant be called modification. Fabricating and welding aluminum is not as easy as mild steel. The frame was done with highest degree of engineering skill, which included all the CAD drawings, airflow testing and racing ergonomics to be taken into account. So, this kind of a job cant be called modification. We gave life to the dead engine. Wheelbase, vehicle length is excellent, just gives the right amount of stability. The rake angle is measured in degrees as u said and lastly the acceleration is 0-60k mph in 2.8sec.
Rohan Replied to: Venkatesh - 25 Jun, 2011
Suzuki Access is a recent launch.. how can you get a dead engine.. Suzuki sold that to you

taking an engine and re-working it is known as re-engineering.. this is lay man langauge, though I am not an engineer, i can understand atleast this much..
Kintu Replied to: Rohan - 30 Jun, 2011
Yes, it is a recent launch. With lot of hard work we did get an engine, a completely dead one. I mean the vehicle had some electric problem and the whole vehicle was burnt, with the engine remaining almost stable.
In India, I don think its difficult to find any kind of scrap from the market. U tend to get the latest engine models of your choice, the only thing is that u should be sure enough where to get it.
Rohan Replied to: Kintu - 30 Jun, 2011
Like venkatesh said this project is not worth a mention. We could find a thousand mechanics in bangalore alone who if paid would do better then this!.
Designing a vehicle means designing everything.
This bike might give an acceleration of 0-60 in 2.8 secs but will it last?.
who says welding alluminium is not easy!.
this is another crap project like the one before " students develope desiel bike that gives XX milage".
Trevor Replied to: Rohan - 26 Jun, 2011
We did not pay any mechanic to get our job done, we only learnt from him, we only made use of his tools. Welding of aluminium is not easy as compared to ms, I say it because I know what kind of a hectic job it was us to get Al welded.
Please do not get into conclusions, without even knowing what the project is about. People who do not have any kind of knowledge will obviously comment in this way. They do not know what kind of commitment and hard work has gone into the making of this project.
Criticism can be appreciated by people who have knowledge, and who tend to teach in case of mistakes.
Rohan Replied to: Trevor - 27 Jun, 2011
16: excellentkeep ongoing
Posted by:SP SINGH - 25 Jun, 2011
17: Al Professional Colleges should provide manadtory trainig to their students on proper documentation of their Projects and also on how to communicate the results to Non-technical readers through properly structured Pr4ss Releases which will give complete information in lay man's language.This would eleiminate the chances of uniformed and frivolous comments appearing in some columns, which do not do justice to the ingenuity of those who did the Project.

Editors may also like to delete irrelevant and distasteful comments appearing in the midst of enlightened and relevant comments.Inventiors are the salt of the Earth.They deserve to be treated with respect and not snides and insults by those who do not know anything about what they are talking of.
Posted by:C S Radhakrishnan - 24 Jun, 2011
18: Hi Rohan,
This is Sree Harsha here.We are also working on few projects related to the auto domain....
Our focus areas are E-Drive Terrain systems..

Kindly get back in touch.As we would like to share our bit of technology with you for further development..

Sree Harsha
Posted by:Sree Harsha - 24 Jun, 2011
Kindly get in touch with me at Cell no-09916678006. I shall be glad to hear from your side.
Rohan Replied to: Sree Harsha - 25 Jun, 2011
20: wat s d top speed f tis vehicle?
Posted by:dhanasekar - 24 Jun, 2011
130 k mph
Rohan Replied to: dhanasekar - 24 Jun, 2011
22: Definatly, it's encouraging. When a student can think for such modifications and make it successful it should be appreciated. Such fanic minds, as I call them as resurchers of the futer.
Posted by:Shantinath B Jain - 24 Jun, 2011
23: I though they have built a engine by themselves.....alas....its just a fine tuning work...atleast my project was worth more than this :)
Posted by:Anup - 23 Jun, 2011
Why do not you publish your work and let us educate
Dr. P.K.biswas Replied to: Anup - 24 Jun, 2011
Somebody try to do some innovative things appreciate them, dont demotivate, first learn to praise others effort then only you will get appreciation for your effort.
Gowda Replied to: Anup - 23 Jun, 2011
As a frequent viewer of Discovery turbo, i do not find this that innovative, like anup said, just fine tunings that many millions does across the world. But, doing it at such young age, we could have some chopper builders in bangalore. Oh yea, the city needs some custom bike builders, a profitable world of creativity. Sure, they could make a better career.
leocosmic Replied to: Gowda - 23 Jun, 2011
well said Gowda.. totally agreed..
Sunil Replied to: Gowda - 23 Jun, 2011
28: Please don't publish whatever is fed to you. No Foreign journal/newsletter publishes news like this with out authenticity. In India the first news spreads fast but subsequent criticism never.

Such news lowers the credibility of SILICONINDIA News. Be careful in future.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 23 Jun, 2011
29: acceleration of 2.8 sec?

do you even know what is acceleration.
Posted by:Leem - 23 Jun, 2011
obvious that its 0 to 60 in 2.8 secs, when you talking about bikes
Niraj Replied to: Leem - 24 Jun, 2011
Its not a bike for your kind information. Its called a moped/scooter. It has CVT (automatic) transmission. A bike has gears to transmit power unlike this.
Rohan Replied to: Niraj - 24 Jun, 2011
0-60k mph in 2.8secs
Rohan Replied to: Leem - 24 Jun, 2011
even i had to read it 3-4 times to believe how well it
Anup Kumar Replied to: Leem - 23 Jun, 2011
that's superfast! 2.8 seconds for ALL the acceleration.. Since its a 142 cc engine it must be taking less than a litre of petrol for one ride :)
makarand kokane Replied to: Anup Kumar - 24 Jun, 2011
35: This news is not at all worth for a Blow up advertisement like this. All the above mentioned re-boring, head work, CDI tuning etc etc can be done in 1000s of places in Banglore and you know why ppl dont modify Access 125CC engines? Coz they are as stupid as the NITTE. Any body can modify a piece and sh*t to look like an apple for a while, but sh*t is sh*t.
Posted by:Yourfather - 23 Jun, 2011
Its not about getting it done at 1000s of places, but to actually do it yourself.
Rohan Replied to: Yourfather - 24 Jun, 2011
37: Useless, total fake news... Who confirmed this news IDIOTS?
Without any photographs...
Posted by:Ashish - 23 Jun, 2011
Will give u all the necessary photos. No engineering college or media would accept fake news. So, kindly reconsider your thoughts.
Rohan Replied to: Ashish - 24 Jun, 2011
39: A photo of the bike would've been nice.
Posted by:Anoop - 23 Jun, 2011
Are anup dont think silly matter what Mr. Baindoor made and succeeded. You atleast try any this kind of project with using latest technology by using u r empty mind.
I think u r adicted for seeing only Raped, Murdered, Suicid accident news! atleast u appreciate this kind of news are posting in news.
Shiva Kumar Replied to: Anoop - 23 Jun, 2011
yes anoop is right
Nand Replied to: Anoop - 23 Jun, 2011