Don't sell jobs through social networks: Students

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 30 September 2009, 02:06 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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Don't sell jobs through social networks: Students
London: About 70 percent of students are not in favor of the companies using social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook to offer them jobs, despite the increasing importance of social networks in corporate hiring process, according to a survey.

As per the survey conducted by hiring solutions provider TMP Worldwide and Targetjobs, 70 percent of surveyed students did not want businesses to use sites like Twitter or Facebook to sell jobs to them as they believe that employers should not exploit social media for their own benefit. However, the survey revealed that 79 percent of the respondents believe social sites were key to employers engaging with them.

In the survey, it came across that students actively use social media to research companies and confirm whether employer brand messages live up to reality and almost half of students use social media sites to chat with peers about recruitment process. In addition, about 30 percent of students chat with current employees to check if their expectations of a particular employer were met, after being taken on.

Neil Harrison, Head of Planning and Research, TMP Worldwide said, "Employers have been saying for some time that they use social networking sites to 'check up' on potential candidates, but they must now be aware that the tables have turned. Today's students use these sites as trusted places to not only communicate with friends but to also investigate potential employers; so businesses simply cannot underestimate the power of social media when it comes to brand building and engaging with undergraduates."

The report, which was based on the study of penultimate and final year students, also revealed that 42 percent of students feel social media is the ideal platform to communicate employer brand and 56 percent agree social networking sites allow candidates to get feel for company's culture.

"Employers must not however, approach social media half heartedly. They must be consistent with their brand and maintain the values they promote online throughout the recruitment, selection and ongoing retention process," said Harrison.

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Reader's comments(10)
1: In India every employer hire their employees after charging money from the candidates and/or don\'t want to pay salary to their employees and reject in a short period of one month. This is very bad. Slap to such employers.
Posted by:Anil - 01 Oct, 2009
2: I am on both the way of the controversy though it is a loss for the candidates who are really capable of performing the job greater than the other one but it is the question to reach to the vacancies in the companies...
the candidates who are in touch with twitter and face book they will loose the opportunity and no one is stopping us to be in touch with all the social network sites so the one who is in touch will be benefited but at last i would say that "THE DESERVING CANDIDATE SHOULD GET RATHER THAN THE CANDIDATE WHO IS HAVING STRONG REFERENCE IN THE COMPANY"
Posted by:Divyang - 01 Oct, 2009
3: it's one way to creat hype about their respective sites.networking sites like twitter and facebook creating awareness so that more people will register in there sites and open their sites sothat they can make more money.
Moreover these networking sites may try to collect the maximum filtered resumes to main good statistics of the individual profiles so that they can put a tie up with corporates to supply with valuable resources.

you can enjoy as usual with dummy profiles or your own profiles
Posted by:jegan - 30 Sep, 2009
4: If students are using social media tools to research on companies they liked to be employed with, what is the harm if the prospective employer intends to do a research on his prospective employee. Over the years percolation of information has improved many folds. The only modes of job advertisements where newspaper classifieds or job portals. But with social networking sites the reach is immense. What good is technology advancement if it is not used for the right purpose. If something good is happening, let it be. One section of people use the media possibly for relaxation, but majority are looking for opportunities through them. If technology is one way to weed out fakes and potential threat to societies, so be it.
Posted by:Manoj Bajpe - 29 Sep, 2009
5: Reading this, I wonder if it has anything to do with hiding their own profiles. I think students / aspirants should not worry about their social profiles as long as they present the right things and present themselves professionally and decently. Only those with sinister designs and unprofessional attitudes need to worry about corporates scouting social media to check on prospect's profiles.

I have only one thing to say....have no fear, speak your mind, this is the best platform to hear and be heard, since most people don't have an opportunity and privilege to be seen in the media or appear on `Page 3'. Social media helps fill that vacuum.
Posted by:Manoj Sethu - 29 Sep, 2009
6: If you see most of the individuals join social networking sites like LinkedIn for better career options. So, I don't think corporates should shy away from such sites to offer jobs.
Posted by:Aashish - 29 Sep, 2009
Yes I completely agree with you.....Head hunters obviously need to reach masses where there is gathering be it Virtual or Physical.Social networking helps a lot in finding Prospective employees in minimal time with More Accurecy, Ignoring this is follishness
Kalyan chandolu Replied to: Aashish - 30 Sep, 2009
Comming to real ground you are absolutely right..
Ankita Replied to: Aashish - 30 Sep, 2009
9: I agree. Social networks are not like professional networks, to be used for selling jobs.
Posted by:saijal - 29 Sep, 2009
But in India companies like ABB sells jobs depending upon their region.. specially if HR is an Bengalli then all jobs to bengallis or if HR is an Malyalli then all to malyali..

this is not good and its more in one company like ABB,whitefileld in bagalore
nishith Replied to: saijal - 03 Oct, 2009