Colin Hughes joins the Board of Directors of Mysore based Excelsoft

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 24 February 2010, 09:08 Hrs   |    29 Comments
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Bangalore: Mysore based Excelsoft Technologies, a total solutions provider in the domain of e-Learning, has announced that Colin Hughes has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Currently, Colin Hughes is Director, Business and Professional, of the UK based Guardian News and Media.

Announcing the appointment, D. Sudhanva, Managing Director of Excelsoft said, "We are delighted to have Colin on the Board of Directors of Excelsoft. As a member of the board, Colin will advise Excelsoft on corporate strategy matters and enable the company to establish key relationships with individuals and organizations in the education and training space."

Having started his career as a journalist at the Sheffield Star in 1979, Colin worked at the Press Association and The Times before joining the Independent in 1986 as a Political Correspondent. He went on to become Policy Editor, Education Editor, and U.S. Correspondent, and spent his final six years at the Independent as Managing Editor of the Independent and Independent on Sunday. He joined The Guardian in 1998, and founded Learnthings, The Guardian's digital learning business, in February 2000. He was appointed Managing Director of Guardian Professional in March 2006, and Director, Business and Professional GNM in November 2009. He has also been serving Middlesex University as the Deputy Chairman since last September.

Excelsoft architects, designs and develops innovative technology solutions and digital content solutions for several organizations, worldwide. Excelsoft's technology and engineering capabilities, combined with excellent domain knowledge enables it to provide top notch e-learning applications. Having acquired significant international experience, Excelsoft aspires to be a global leader in the technology-enabled education solutions space. Excelsoft has also drawn out a strategy focusing the K-12 and Higher Education segments in India.

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