Careers That Lead People to Commit Suicide

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 05 November 2012, 02:15 Hrs   |    3 Comments
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Bangalore: Depression is on the rise all over the world. In addition, high-skilled and high-stakes profession have elevated suicidal tendency among people. Most of the people report that job stress, frustration, increased work load and lack of positive admiration as the major reasons for depression and increased suicidal tendency.

Here is a list of some of the high risk professions with the highest rate of suicides, as reported by Mamta Badkar and Gus Lubin of Business Insider.    

5. Mathematician and Scientist:

Scientists and mathematicians are undoubtedly the greatest minds living on the planet Earth. But more often these great minds live a painful and tortured life. This is directly due to the stress and pressure they face in their professional life. In a number of cases this stress and pressure has lead to self-murder.

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*. Wallace Carothers-

Wallace Carothers is a well know chemist from America who invented Nylon and helped to lay the groundwork for Neoprene. He worked at the prestigious DuPont Company, where he carried out studies related to fundamental research.

After his momentary discovery, Carothers suffered from depression due to severe workload, which together with the sudden death of his beloved sister, caused this 41 year old to take his own life by poisoning.   

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*. George Cantor-

George Cantor was a great mathematician whose outstanding work is considered to be the foundation of 20th century mathematics. His back breaking work to prove his theory of infinity drove him insane and eventually led him to commit suicide. 

Here is a list of some of the other famous scientist who committed suicide - Victor Meyre, David Kelly, George Eastman, Ludwig Boltzmann and Kurt Godel.


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1: Poorly researched article. Just copy and paste with no relevance to India at all. The most famous author to commit suicide was Ernest Hemingway - a Nobel Prize winner.
Posted by:MedicinMan - 10 Nov, 2012
well said.. but not correct u too
nakul Replied to: MedicinMan - 20 Nov, 2012
3: well written.
Posted by:Nagaraj - 04 Nov, 2012