Can Facebook make you a better college student?

By Kukil Bora, SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 28 April 2011, 14:45 Hrs   |    25 Comments
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Bangalore: Are you a student addicted to Facebook? If you are asked to assess its impact on your student life, how will you rate it? With students keeping up with social events, reading campus news, and even collaborating on projects on Facebook, the social network has become integral to college life now. But have you ever thought about its effect on actual studies? Can hanging out on Facebook keep college students from dropping out? Or, it's just another distraction? Well, the answer is not that simple as the question.

When it comes to India, the country's Facebook population has crossed the 25 million base mark. And among all the age groups, the younger generation between the age group of 18-25 has formed 53 percent of the total number of Facebook users in India. Apart from that, most of the Indian college campuses today are covered by WiFi networks and students use much of the bandwidth on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, the effect this has had on students has been an issue of heated debate.

The infographics below are an attempt to figure out the positive and negative aspects of social media among the student in U.S.

Here, the emphasis is on how social media affects student's grades. It shows that classes that use twitter typically have grades up half a grade point. It is also directly tied to students collaborating online with 75 percent saying that they would engage in online collaboration. What is surprising is that students who try to multitask between Facebook and studying are having lower grades.

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Reader's comments(25)
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Posted by:sff - 09 Dec, 2011
2: This is indeed a good article. Whatever social networking sites we are using, getting distracted or finding it useful, depends upon the way we are using it.
It is not the problem of the site, but the people who are using it. So use it in the right way and also at right time. Best wishes to all :)
Posted by:Subha - 02 May, 2011
3: its really amzing survey but the student who connected to facebook for educational purposes like propganding about latest colg events and latest amendments in all universites and like that it may be useful but if anyone find per personal use its ok for employess but for students its really a burden so lets think wisely and move for better step-chaitanya
Posted by:chaitanya - 30 Apr, 2011
4: I am agree to your point that facebook ruins the grades of student....I am addicted to it and i know how my grade point is decreasing sem by sem. In my first year i was topper but since i started using fb i am not even in top 5.
most of my important hours i give to fb...I mean i can not control myself using fb......
thanks for article..
Posted by:M.S. - 30 Apr, 2011
5: I dont think. What u guys thinking r right because ibam a guy who addicted to facebook i use facebook even in my exam time i am very much comfortable with my grades in my view facebook is refresh you.when ur in hectic mood
i am welcome suggestions on it for this wonderful article
Posted by:saikrishna - 29 Apr, 2011
6: i don't think that facebook affect studies of student ,
facebook provides lots of information about current affairs ,build confidence of student .
facebook is powerful tool to encourage to student to do social activies and many more
Posted by:sameer - 29 Apr, 2011
7: Yes, Of Course. The writer is right.
Posted by:Zafar Iqbal - 29 Apr, 2011
8: maximum students are when they feel alone .or they want chating social media is there medium.
social networking sites are time eater for those who r not concius about there time
Posted by:rashmi - 28 Apr, 2011
9: It depends on individuals. surfing of social media is addictive but those who know their responsibility will be able to focus on their own work when required. For ex- if the boss asks employee to finish a work in particular time, i dont think the employee would be busy surfing facebook.
Yet it is important to know that interacting through a media where you are not facing actual person also makes him introvert. students don't go out to play.
Posted by:Sajit - 28 Apr, 2011
may be those people who r employee do not do these thing but student r free from boss...........
rashmi Replied to: Sajit - 28 Apr, 2011
11: Social Media like orkut,facebook is informative but it leads to addiction of surfing the web for long time wasting precious passtime should be restricted
Posted by:vikash - 28 Apr, 2011
12: Good article. Though the social networks have their pros and cons equally. its up-to ourself using these network sites to certain extent. addiction to anything is misery.
useful study done.
Posted by:Jayaprakash S - 28 Apr, 2011
13: Good topic for ll be great if everyone considers pros and corns of it and make its usage to the best to thier understanding.
Posted by:Venkat Patil - 28 Apr, 2011
14: This is Unbelevable fact Facebook,orkut,twitter :( always spoils the teenage life. They are diverting from their goals. now a days Internet is rocket speed Knowledge transfer but the student is quitely diverting from this Knowledge to other value less culture.Students please be wakeup. Socialnetworks are a part of life, your future goals are immortal.
Posted by:Muralikrishna - 28 Apr, 2011
15: This is for sure that we can’t segregate our day-to-day life without the use of advance technology…people have to have connected through internet or phones at any given point of time in a day…In fact much of our day time is invested upon surfing internet or using phones for communication and information. And this is very much true for every single person on earth and is applicable in every aspect of life whether he or she may be a student, professional or household person. We are now very much dependent on technology. However lives have been much busier than before and people have less time to get socially connected. In that respect the social networking sites are emerging and helping people to get connected virtually. Then in that case these sites can be used for better performance among students if used for educating them good. And surely students will be benefited in their learning while virtually connected worldwide.
Posted by:GBORG - 28 Apr, 2011
16: There are few aspects to look into it..(these are absolutely from my point of view)suggestions and comments are most welcum :)
1. Relaxing
2. Connecting
3. Collaborating
4. Informative
5. Vulnerable to wrong things

1. Relaxing:
Out of the busy schedule and huge syllabus quickly you can get what your friends are all about to do..a quick update on about a book,about a movie or a place..its just a way to get yourself a quick break.

Some time you get gel easily when you find it that most of your areas of interest and liking are in lines with your friend or classmates through facebook communities etc..which earlier was a different scenario and sometimes missing links also get connected.
3. Collaborating:
Sometimes we work on few things which are in common interest of many people which further enhance the overall enthusiasm and collectively it strengthen the particular activity.
4. Informative
Sometimes user experience by some fellow classmate on some gadget/book etc. helps us getting a review which is more close and connected.
5. Vulnerable to wrong things:
Apart from all the above point keeping your profile within secure setting helps to prevent you to get into wrong things.Yes of course one has to keep a timing to spend time on FB say 'x' percentage of you study time will get into FB engagements. :)
Posted by:subh - 28 Apr, 2011
You have outlined some of the good practicing thoughts Subh applicable for the campus sophomores :)
Ratul Chanda Replied to: subh - 28 Apr, 2011
poda dubanguru... methaavi maathiri paesuraan
steffi jose Replied to: subh - 28 Apr, 2011
19: It is useful but addiction is very bad. the access of anything is bad and if that is social networking, it becomes worse. facebook helps make new friends, expanding your circle but a lot of crimes are being done due to the vulnerabilities of facebook. we should be aware of that. so limited facebook is good.
Posted by:Bharat Raturi - 28 Apr, 2011
20: I know and I am aware of the impacts of d facebook.Those who can hold its OK for them but for them who can't hold themselves will ruin themselves,I am not using facebook....coz i know that if i get into this i can't hold myself.....these r my point of view...nways evrthing has their own sets of -ve and +ve impacts..
Posted by:HARSHA - 28 Apr, 2011
21: Students on Facebook will be wasting precious time chatting with friends. The distraction is very much and once they are addicted to using Facebook it is difficult to get out of this habit.

The same time can be better utilised in surfing the Internet and gathering information about the topic they are studying.

Even adults get hooked to Facebook.
Posted by:A. S. Bhasker Raj - 28 Apr, 2011
Agree with you.
sujit Replied to: A. S. Bhasker Raj - 28 Apr, 2011
Facebook has made Mark Zokkerburg as the youngest millionaire in the world..what else is needed to make proof what Facebook has left terrible impact on people?
ya...many of my friends seems to be in FAcebook na replying to them,they don't care of friend beside but be worrying about some one in virtual world,direct relations are getting spoiled.
Samuel winny Replied to: A. S. Bhasker Raj - 28 Apr, 2011
oh yeah... ya ya... wat ru u dng dere... wat r u dng dere... my boyfriend and i does it in FB... offenders... will smash u want us to do it on bed together?
Maggie Grace Replied to: Samuel winny - 28 Apr, 2011
Social Sites are eating the times of Student, and only 10-20% Students cares about the time and they really use for knowledge. it should abuse
SJain Replied to: Maggie Grace - 29 Apr, 2011