Better Times Ahead for India on Job Hiring: Study

Friday, 30 March 2012, 04:32 Hrs
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Mumbai: India is expected to see better times in job hiring in mid-management and senior levels, according to a poll conducted by a job search portal.

"Our latest study indicates that senior professionals are fairly optimistic about job prospects in the year ahead. About 83 percent of senior professionals expect better times ahead," CEO Uday Sodhi said.

"As a leading career portal, exclusively focused on senior candidates, we pro-actively interact with professionals to understand their mood and view of the future," he said.

The findings of the poll are an important determinant of hiring in the crucial mid-management and senior levels in an organisation, as positive feedback points towards employee readiness to make a job change, the portal said.

This is in contrast to the mindset during economic slowdowns, when employees play safe and prefer not to shift their present job, it said.

The poll revealed that 39 percent of the respondents were of the opinion that the economy and the job market will see growth in the year ahead.

It also said 44 percent of the respondents expectedly the job market to witness fluctuations, but did not have a pessimistic outlook.

Only 17 percent respondents were apprehensive and felt that the economic scenario would continue to be bleak, with a slowdown in hiring activity.
Source: PTI
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