Best Career Option After Graduation

By siliconindia  |   Friday, 22 February 2019, 09:27 Hrs
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Best Career Option After Graduation

Hey Flocks, confused about career after graduation or I can also consider our vast audience i.e engineers, So Engineers the mostly confused about their career options after graduation in engineering.

So you came at the right place to discuss your career options after graduation.

It is the hottest question right now on campuses across the city, with final year students torn between life-defining choices? 

No matter which college you are from or what stream you are studying, there's one binding factor that is common among all final year of graduation students  confesses ! " jobs after graduation ", "Arts or Management (MBA )?" "India or abroad?", "My choice or my parents' pick?".... A long list of questions are plaguing students who are torn between life-changing decisions. 

But the fact is that These days graduation alone isn't sufficient to continue in this ferocious competition, specialization in one explicit region can make you emerge from the crowd. There are Many course you can do after graduation and If you are struggling to figure out yourself what you want to do after you graduate.

Here is Some talks from the student who are also confused in the thoughts like what to do after graduation? Is graduation is enough or I Should earn? 

Read Some Real life Example and you can find the Solutions at the End.

And between the advice given from parents and lecturers' suggestions, Bejju are only left more clueless. Bejju Akhila, a mass communication student from Villa Marie College, is caught in one such conundrum. "While I want to pursue my masters in communication, my parents are keen on me doing an MBA as they feel there's no future in mass communications. Even lecturers at college aren't too helpful." 

Akhila is not alone. Management studies seem to be a top choice for most parents in the city. Engineering student Shweta Hegde from MVSR College, says, "My parents are very keen on me pursuing my MBA, but I am really interested in doing my MS and continue studying in the technical field. I just don't know what to do now." 

And with everyone around ready to give their two cents every time a new question pops up, the dilemma only gets deeper, feel these dazed students. Abhinav Bitra adds, "My parents want me to pursue my Masters in Constructions Management from Illinois, but my dream is to pursue Structures from North Carolina. I'm confused about what to pick." For many, choice between a job and higher studies is a tough one to make. Sindhu Gadepalli, a mass communication student at EFL University, says, "Work experience is always a bonus when you want to pursue higher education, but there's always a fear that it will be impossible to go back to school once you are financially independent." 

While most campuses lack proper counseling to address these issues, many students are turning to those who have "been there and done that" to make the final choice. "Talking to people from the industry you are interested in always helps as they can guide you from their experience. Whatever decision is taken now should be well thought of, whether it is choosing the right college or the right work place," adds Sindhu. 

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