AECOM To Expand In India; To Hire 1,500 More Employees

Friday, 13 March 2015, 10:25 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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NEW DELHI:AECOM, U.S.-based infrastructure design and consultancy giant, plans to hire 1,500 more employees for its India operations, its global Chairman & CEO Michael S Burke has said.

“We will be hiring professional local talent in India. They are expected to be engineering professionals, architects and planners. This is very much part of Prime Minister Modi’s Make in India vision,” Burke told a press conference in the Capital.

Currently, AECOM, a U.S.-based consulting firm that provides end-to-end solutions for all kinds of infrastructure development projects, has 2,500 employees located across eight regional offices and project offices in 26 States.

This Fortune 500 company has 10,000 employees in Hong Kong and Mainland China put together.

In India, AECOM, which began its journey in 2009, is working on all of the 10 largest infrastructure projects being implemented in the country, said Burke, who is visiting India for the first time.

“AECOM is committed to India and is in a strong position to help Prime Minister Modi and the Indian government achieve the infrastructure vision for the country,” Burke told reporters here.

The major projects being executed relate to sectors such as urban development, transportation, environment, master planning and energy-efficient buildings.

AECOM is working on two of India’s most significant projects — Dholera New Township in Gujarat and development of naval base “Seabird” in Karwar. The projected construction cost for the two projects is $7.3 billion and $3 billion, respectively.

It also provides consultancy services for Metro rail projects in six cities. The total cost of construction works being undertaken by AECOM for the Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai Metros is $9.9 billion.

The consulting firm is currently engaged in providing design and project management services in the country.

There is no immediate plan to get into build, finance and operate activities in India, but the company may eventually do so, Burke said.

Burke met senior government officials from various transport and other infrastructure-related ministries

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Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(2)
1: AECOM To Expand In India; To Hire 1,500 More Employees

Friday, 13 March 2015:- It is the same procedure each time, Mr. Burke? When Big talk held in the Political arena, can you explain us, how do you see the “EMPLOYEE”, your high ranking talks, to hire 1500, more people in India, R u doing a favor? Definitely not? You are demanding work against Money, and the Money that, you pay cannot bring a happy meal to the family of FOUR in India. You are not providing Quarters to live to these employees means they should live in Private houses Rent is exorbitant, due to FOREIGN INVESTMENT in India in the Real estate. There are no protective laws in “REAL ESTATE” business in India to Consumers or Tenants. The laws of past lash and out dated. With present real estate situation, one cannot afford to buy for over a Crores of Rs. A flat. The bank if? Credit taken, takes out the big chunk of the Salary Packet. You Mr. Burke live in 5 Stars hotels, and enjoy the life at the cost of Employees and giving them a “ROTI”, to Kutta?. And not as Human being and in accordance to the present Cost spiral situation in India? But the 1st look in the media that word “MORE EMPLOYEES” or JOB to Indians is only a show business of such cos. In US or Europe and extract work for cheap Wages in majority of Under developed Countries?. So you should Mr. Burke to be honest to yourself. And be reasonable to give these employees that, what you would take home for your engagement and not working?

Posted by:Kamath - 13 Mar, 2015
2: AECOM, a U.S.-based consulting firm that provides end-to-end solutions for all kinds of infrastructure development projects, has 2,500 employees located across eight regional offices and project offices in 26 States.:--- At 1st look seems to be very interesting Mr. Burke, but pls. tells us (INDIAN), the word "EMPLOYEE" means for you? Tell us if R u going to give the same salary that in your Head Quarters American employees get? Have the Same rights, & Duties to Indian Employees. Will they get the same HEALTHCARE SUPPORT? Pension and Social supported Money? If you are Honest and tell the truth, I am sure you will not. Because, Indian Politicians have made mistakes in opening the doors to Foreign Investment in India. They have not taken prior to that, (As in some of the European Country’s protecting their Natives Interest) India for Foreign Investment is an ELDORADO MARKET, to loot Indians and cheat Indians. (Take for example:- Vodaphone, Consumers are unable to fight in the Consumer court due to lack of Knowledge of Judges in the Consumer matters. The Values of Consumers and their needs. The 2nd problem is, we do not have adequate Consumer Courts in Comparison to our Population and the Variable Products structure in the Market. 3rd Example. The Word “WARRENTY” in Lexi conical Meaning is another Legitimate fooling the Customers. Whereas the word “GUARANTEE”, something authentic and guarantees the customer to obtain their full value in the event of any defects. Where as by “WARRANTY”, till the producing or their agents comes down to see the object and its repair ability to decide. May take months or even Years in few case observed. See how the Politicians ignorance , and the ignorance of JUDGES at consumer court can give Justice to an Applicant in Consumer court? All these issues should have pre thought (AS IN EUROPE) to protect the interest of Natives were Missing from the CONGRSS and now also from BJP as no such initiatives are being observed or planned.
AECOM is only agent to third party who employs for their JOB. There by for them it is least interested how the Employee feels or benefitted. We are still in the Middle aged Structures when it comes to MONEY & POWER against weaker Citizens and Employees.
Posted by:Kamath - 13 Mar, 2015