9 Jobs in India with High Salary and Less Education

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 12:48 Hrs   |    11 Comments
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Bangalore: Admission in the sought-after career courses and then get hired in the job market, it is very tight and tough for average students in this competitive world. A well-paying job and satisfying profession is a very far dream for many, but actually it is not. Some may think a Bachelors degree cannot fetch you decent living same as the professional courses do.  To pave your way to a successful career, you just need to opt for the right career and desire to achieve what you plan. There are some interesting careers which you can opt for after your Bachelors’ degree. Get some professional experience you can get paid like a chief executive within few years of time. Here are some professions which you can be a high paying job without an education barrier which is listed by 'hubpages.com'.

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9. Radio Jockeys and Video Jockeys

With a boom in the audio-video media industry, the opportunities of skilled and talented talkies increased in a rapid way. The presence of VJs made a positive impact on reality shows, television shows, traveling shows, cookery shows and so on. The smartness, informative and interesting talks, language proficiency, general knowledge, and sense of humor are the main qualities for RJs and VJs. Today, there are few institutions which conduct coaching for Radio and Video Jockeys. It is a very challenging profession which can pay you well.  And you can become a household name as well.

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1: If you copy (or rewrite) a post from somewhere else at least give credit to the original author.

All fellow readers the original post can be found here http://kannanwrites.hubpages.com/hub/10-jobs-in-india-with-high-salary-but-low-education
Posted by:Kannan Reddy - 01 May, 2012
2: very thank full to silicanindia account of your information we are getting some knowledge..... thank you very much...
Posted by:surender - 30 Apr, 2012
3: The one and only highest paying with almost no education is "Indian Politician"
Posted by:tripathi - 29 Apr, 2012
4: and how can one be a Information Technology Manager.its going to take a while so everything comes down to the same.Degree with good score get a job work hard then become IT manager..............
Posted by:xyz - 29 Apr, 2012
5: Hey guys u missed out the politicians ;)
Posted by:Sunil - 28 Apr, 2012
6: I beg to differ. One cannot be writer and prosper until he or she have the flair of doing that. This profession is God gifted or else your writing will go in haste.
Posted by:Sat - 26 Apr, 2012
7: Thank you sir/madam for the kind information. Most of the jobs mentioned in this articles are high paying and can be done on part time basis. It seems that what we require is not more certificates, diplomas and degrees to prove our mettle but an unique skill set according to the nature of job. I think learning both soft skills along with other managerial qualities will help anyone to shine in such jobs. Most of these jobs are skill based therefore one has to concentrate more on their ability to perform in a given situation. I think, all we need is to act with full of common sense both physically and mentally.
Posted by:Balakrishnan - 25 Apr, 2012
8: I would like to be associated with Tourism Industry. I already have a degree in the Tourism Industry from a reputed Institute. My Mobile number is 9807414370 & mail :shyamalsen65gmail.com.
Awaiting for your reply soon.
Posted by:Shyamal Sen - 25 Apr, 2012
Were you born yesterday. This is not a job portal!
It's just an informative post, so inform yourself and search jobs on job portals.
Shyamalsadvisor Replied to: Shyamal Sen - 26 Apr, 2012
10: thanks for the great information
Posted by:fjt - 25 Apr, 2012
very good thanks great ideas in world
ganesh Replied to: fjt - 26 Apr, 2012