7 Easy Jobs That Pay Well With Minimum Education

By SiliconIndia  |   Tuesday, 28 May 2013, 13:14 Hrs
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Bangalore: Conventional wisdom state that earning a college degree opens door for a six digit salary. But were you aware that there are some jobs in the world that pays well, requires minimum education, with a meager background experience and most of all, allows you to perceive your passion and do something that you have been craving to do the entire life.

Here is a brief overview of such jobs that requires minimal effort and entails maximum pay, as reported on OMG Top Lists.

7. Food Critic

This is a line of work that can be a delight for your taste buds and your pocket. As a food critic you will have to visit some of the elite restaurants in the country or around the world, sample some of the top menu items and provide some quality reviews regarding the ambience, the food and the service. The longer you are at it; the more likely are your chances of landing top deals and enjoying the best cuisines from round the globe. 

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