6 Trending Career Choices In 2015

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 30 March 2015, 11:39 Hrs
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BANGALORE: Doctor, engineer, teacher- the most modest and eligible means of livelihood. It’s true, that till a long point of time, these were the only popular career options. But with rapid progress in the field of academics, new career choices are emerging every moment. Ask your father whether he knew who a Support Developer or an Android Software engineer was, when he stepped in the professional world? With computers and mobiles becoming an indispensable part of human life, the vacancies in the professional world are rising. Here’s a list of the popular job choices that is being seen in 2015 as per MilliGazette:

#Sales Managers:
The key to the success of an organization lies in this position. Taking care of the sales part simply implies they are the source to determine the financial return of the company. They are the face of an organization to its consumers.
This asset of a company is also responsible for meet the sales targets in time, train and develop his crew, devise strategies to increase sales, map potential customers and lead the company to success. Patience and selflessness are the key skills of a sales manager.

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