6 Inspirational Indians Who Chose Passion Over High Profile Jobs

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 08 July 2015, 12:36 Hrs
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BANGALORE:  The society is filled with people, who are running after their career in order to become billionaires. Such People can only complain about the wrong things happening in the country, but can never take an initiative to try something different. According to Indiatimes there are some people who gave up their highly paid jobs in order to bring a change in the society. Let’s take a look at their inspirational stories.

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Medhavi Sharma is an MBA graduate, who is the founder of NGO- Helping Hands foundation. While she was working with UNESCO on a college project, she got a chance to interact with various artisans and realized the challenges faced by them.

Being good artisans these people were adapting different ways of living, just because the products they used to make were hardly sold. They had to work as farm industrial and constructional labors in order to get their living means. Thus she started the NGO to empower these artists and craftsmen to preserve the cultural heritage of India.

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