5 Must-Have Skills Tech CEOs Want In Candidates

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 07 August 2014, 13:37 Hrs
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BANGALORE: Let’s face it; in today's job market, it is not just the IT job applicants who need tech skills. With technological advancements, most of the employers are looking for tech-savvy job candidates even for the non-tech related positions. As a result the non-IT job fields like administrative, sales, marketing and other related professions are increasingly seeking for candidates with strong tech backgrounds and skill sets to stay competitive. So if you're looking for a tech related job, here are five ’must have’ skills every job seeker needs to stay relevant in the market, as reported by Sara Angeles of BusinessNewsDaily.
Social media
No matter how boring or stressful job is, it’s valuable for the upcoming grads to make use of networking to be social media savvy. With the technology rapidly growing and the internet reaching to every nook and corner, the upcoming grads should make use of the online communities to share and access information, and to engage with customers and their prospects.
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