10 ways your Boss will get you to Quit

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 06 July 2011, 11:14 Hrs   |    70 Comments
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Bangalore: If you are among the talented ones in your office and is supposedly getting more attention than your Boss then you should be seeing a pink slip coming your way anytime. There are some good hard working employees, but sometimes their attitude or personality does not take them far in a workplace. But we have another set of employees who are exceptional and are determined to go beyond their bosses, which will end them up in making more enemies than friends. Employees who show up for work, do their duties very well, and their overall job is betted good then it is difficult for Managers, supervisors and corporate figureheads to put employees on probation or fire them if they have done nothing wrong to warrant such actions.

But how will you know that your boss wants to secretly get over you? What might be some signs that a boss gives out when he wants to get rid of his potential threat? Here are a few:

Concentrates on you for no reason:

If you have a your boss checking your minute to minute work, keeping a watch on when you come and leave office, checks who are on your chat list and who you are chit chatting with. Then you will have to gear up as he is determined to point your errors more than once. Whether big or small, making you feel guilty is what matters and he will keep repeating it until you turn out humble in your attitude or either get frustrated and leave the job. Either way a boss may reason that he or she won't have to put the person on probation and cause him or her possible feelings of resentment or fire this person. Whatever happens, the boss just wants the potential "problem" to go away.

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Reader's comments(70)
1: Alot of this happened to me.There is alot of workplace bullying in the Retail industry here in Australia. Unfortunately they always get away with it because unions are crap and offer no support.
Posted by:Fran - 26 May, 2013
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Posted by:ertert - 09 Dec, 2011
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8: Lot of typos in this article and others. This does not reflect good on the writer. Content is good though.
Posted by:Raj - 11 Jul, 2011
9: I feel that now a days most of the big and reputed private companies are professional and follow good management policy as well as corporate governance. If there is existennce of good and strong HR department this bossism problem can be resolved by proper training , workshop and various seminar to those boss irrespective of their position ane power like Tata Group, Birla Group (Aditya) and many others.
This problem of boss is due to their individualistic approach and attitude. Either each of those bosses suffer from complex either superiority or inferiority or both. Superiority complex is that, they feel that they are boss and every thing should take place as per thier instructions or directives only. If subordinate is having good knowledge and command over his job, automatically he takes decision instantly or discuss with others those who are concerned with the issue, in the interest of the organisation and brief the boss subsequently. This enraged and make furious to the boss having superiority complex because he feels his importance is being reduced in the organisation. Similarly the boss having inferiority complex in the similar situations feels that his top management or superior boss and others may give importance to his such dynamic subordinates. These complexes of the bosses are nothing but one type of disease only which can be cured with proper modern type of repeated training, otherwise the organisation will suffer grately by not able to retain good and best professionals and attrition level will go up. In a good organisation the boss should feel as a team member and behave as good colleague to every subordinates. This will automatically reduce the complexes between the boss and subordinates, because the subordinates will feel free to discuss all the matters with boss, before he takes or communicate any decisions. The boss should feel that he is the captain of the team and at the same time he is one of the team members and takes best decision after discussion with the team members only except in case of some key confidential and secret decision which as per its nature not to be dicussed with others in the interest of the organisation.If this is followed properly in any organisation the attrition leveil in the said organisation will automatically reduce with healthy work atmoshphere and team spirit. There should be good reward system for good, sincere, dynamic and innovative emplyee with appreciation in presence of others. This will automatically help for healthy growth of the organisation.
Posted by:Suman Kumar Dey - 10 Jul, 2011
You face such problem in organizations as TCS, especially in Kolkata... where the job security and politics is so much that bosses feel they are above all... and mechanism to protest against such culture is also not effective.
Anonymous Replied to: Suman Kumar Dey - 14 Jul, 2011
Still in Telecom company employess of Engineers and middle management folks are facing bossism problem.
Thease 10 ways my boss was followed (Mr.Velagapudi venkata satyannarayana). I have no option to quit Ericsson.

Venugopal Replied to: Suman Kumar Dey - 11 Jul, 2011
Mr Suman.. You are absolutely correct. Your words match exactly with my experience with one of my former employer.

Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts...I agree with you that the HR Team has the greatest role to stop such injustice or bossism.
Monoranjan Gorai Replied to: Suman Kumar Dey - 10 Jul, 2011
Hi ,Suman Kumar Dev,
Thank you very much as its very much informative.
Parvez Replied to: Suman Kumar Dey - 10 Jul, 2011
14: That is a myth. If it is not, then I'd call it (Indian) hierarchical mentality.
Posted by:Krishna Murty - 09 Jul, 2011
15: This is the common thing in private jobs. There is lot of ethics on appraisal and promotions , but final promotion is in immediate boss approval. As every body is working for self first and organisation last, so any subordinates who work for boss interest will get promotion first what ever may be his KRE is not matter.E,g If boss is making financial cheating , those who support or silent on this they will get promotion ,even if poor performance, this is the reason corruption is spreading like cancer in big houses people are sacked over night , organization loosing over night like Styam, Rock well.sShawwallace.
On this situation, the best thing is people should be promoted on basis of assessment completed as the only means to grow people and grow organizations . Still some MNC s are doing assessment but no fairly.
Posted by:Aswini Sahu - 09 Jul, 2011
very true.. i have faced and seen in my previous employment even in the current organisation we facing the same practice.. and no body care,, only people will long speech when it comes to setting ur goals when u will achieve they start singing the other song. even the companies like TATA's n Bharti is encourging the same practice.. and at times it feels that it is hiiden agenda of these priavte companies .. even the HR people ignore the request for being tackled or rated in such a way...but can't do much until u bring urself to that positions...
manish Replied to: Aswini Sahu - 01 Sep, 2011
17: Any Employe is not a failure the only person who is responsible is his own boss it is responsibility of his boss and HR to recruite proper person & to take work done from him in said format
Posted by:pramod - 08 Jul, 2011
18: If employe is a failure, why not MNC's set rule to catch hold of HR's and technical team recruiting the person?

so they should first lose the job.
Posted by:Popo - 07 Jul, 2011
yes HR should leave the job along wih the person who recruited the person
Deepti Replied to: Popo - 09 Jul, 2011
popo ur correct

hr is useless and hv not common sence also
nayan Replied to: Popo - 09 Jul, 2011
21: I accept this and I have a bitter experience on the same situations where mentioned in this article. Its true when you would be noted by your surroundings than your boss then a pink slip is come across on your way. But here I and my colleagues won the game.
Posted by:Aravinth - 07 Jul, 2011
22: Almost everyone of my colleages have undergone thos situation due to a futile name sake asst.manager. Because the manager found us as his own competitors. Its the higher ppl's duty to take care of most talented employ,irrespective of their resignation. If a manager bringing complaints about an employ, the superiors should analyze in bothways.
Posted by:gladys - 07 Jul, 2011
23: also he wanted people from his own native and homestate in plum positions
Posted by:anonymous - 07 Jul, 2011
Was he a Bhaiyya by any chance?
southerner Replied to: anonymous - 08 Jul, 2011
25: They did all this to me with inclusion to making me work non stop on trivial matters for 13 hours and more in office without food and water and not even allowing me to go to the rest room - finally I left - now I am job less
They spoiled my appraisal and even spoiled my reputation.It is only one company all this to many
Posted by:anonymous - 07 Jul, 2011
26: This article by Silicon India on the subject is most poisonous true depositions available ever, when a tricky Boss wants to remove an employee.

Also one more thing I would like to add here that a 'boss' not necessarily to be a owner of that business. The type of bossism psychology referred in the article is normally found in persons employed as a Head / Boss of a particular chapter of an organisation.

By means of these fault finding connive activities, evidence against the person whom he/she wants to be removed will be collected, for complaining to actual management. This type of attack from the immediate boss, can not be held out by that most talented employee.

I have seen this type of many cases during my career and mostly these connive techniques are played on talented persons only as they were humble even. Any one or all of these connive techniques if conspired on that employee, he/she would not tolerate and mostly would resign in search of tranquillity.

I really appreciate The Silicon India for bringing out the real thinking psychology during such issues and short down to writing.

Thanking you...
Posted by:VL Prasad Rao - 07 Jul, 2011
You are absolutely right Mr.Rao. The bossism psychology is to be used only to the growth for the institution and not to dismantle it. I appreciate your comments
Aravinth Replied to: VL Prasad Rao - 07 Jul, 2011
28: There is no unique solution to the problem as the problems/bosses are not unique. Every boss has his own psyche and idiosyncrasies. We have to put up with the inconvenience with fortitude and perseverance. That is where spirituality comes to our rescue. If we are able to sustain there is every likelihood that either the boss will change his attitude or himself quit. Either way we are the gainers.
Best wishes to all victims to fight it out.
Posted by:Piyush - 07 Jul, 2011
29: Yes some time? bt how far it is true, I will be with u to some exten... if give my opinion ... Its quite natural and/or may b human behaviour to finger point to anathor person who is at most concern and dislike by us, lets rethink and deeply understand ourself, afterall he also is a human being , have a parents, family and some good frds, why cant we bcom a goodfrds for them......................

Posted by:roshan singh - 07 Jul, 2011


Posted by:ASHISH PANDYA - 07 Jul, 2011
31: This is what I am also facing in my office. Can anyone share the solution for overcoming this type of situation?
Posted by:Anonymous - 07 Jul, 2011
32: All that is written in the article is fine... but what is the soultion to this or what should be the next step?
Posted by:Anonymous - 07 Jul, 2011
33: I think this is what happened to me too in my office, now searching for a job in better in MNC. Hope the readers and the future managers here wont become like this to their subordinates plz. My boss shouts in front of others in front of his boss. He asked me to look for a new job, suddenly some other members left office he now suddenly making a U turn on me.
Posted by:Sathish - 07 Jul, 2011
34: Hi every body

I have gone thr the comments and found many of them worth reading as well as to practice

You can see this type of Managers not only in your office but every nook and corner of our society.

Take every home first and certain parents are getting irritated while hearing a new idea or suggestion from their son /daughter. They are keeping aside that suggestion and executing another foolish idea on the fear that his supremacy will loose from his family

Like that there are so many examples but dont think that you always will be in this position and in near future you also become a good manager . Then make a change in your attitude and your subordinate should not suspect your approach as vindictive one any more

in his Family
Posted by: sreekumar - 07 Jul, 2011
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Posted by:chetan - 07 Jul, 2011
36: this kind of situations are in each and every company whether it's SMB or large MNC. The solution for this is to fight back, ask your manager what exactly ur responsibility if he points out 10 points then you explain thous 10 points with added 10 points and let him realize that he was wrong. Escalate to your managers managers, if required involve head HR. Don't leave the company just fight back. The company is not ur managers property, he/she is just an employee of the company. Managers like that are manager who don't have goal for future.
Posted by:Muktakesh - 07 Jul, 2011
No use. The persons who are into this act will be well connected and also most of them will be swindling the money and greasing their bosses (including MNCs).

Managements will listen to them rather than to harassed person (even though they talk tons and tons about their ethical practices)

Unfortunately, in our country on one will be able to approach legal system also.
an it engineer Replied to: Muktakesh - 09 Jul, 2011
38: These kind of bosses have no confidence on themselves.They r
getting afraid of ur talent & worry about their position so they use their power to make u down.
I faced the same kind of behaviour from my boss.
Posted by:anju agarwal - 07 Jul, 2011
In my opinion, someone should write the "real" guide to management, which most managers follow. Most of the principles that managers follow seem to be the opposite of what is there in most management books. For example, if one of the "supposed" principles of management is to promote excellance, then most managers do the opposite i.e promote mediocrity.
Abhijit Replied to: anju agarwal - 07 Jul, 2011
40: Such boss does not know management but HQ will support him as they know little or dont know much about that specific business. Boss is the king then does not want to empower anything but only to make others quit till company closes down ...
Posted by:Kurup - 07 Jul, 2011
41: This thing have happened to my boss and he is searching a job after quitting.
Posted by:Prasanna Dinesh - 07 Jul, 2011
42: At my current organization, I have seen 10/10 signs with me.
Finally my Boss never communicated what he actually needed, but all this trauma led me to decide and resign. Now during my notice period, My Boss comes to me, tries to talk but he is unable to talk, finally he accepted that he is one of the puppet in this corporate politics of getting rid of people who bring projects/clients and provide service delivery to those. Senior Management doesn't want't people to work well, but they want some TIME PASSING IDIOTS in the office, who doesn't even know about their JD....
Posted by:Faiz - 07 Jul, 2011
I learnt that now my Boss himself is facing these situation and finally had put his papers too...
FZ2011 Replied to: Faiz - 07 Jul, 2011
That will defnitly happens if miss use theire power,it will curse worse than they have done.
sunil Replied to: FZ2011 - 08 Jul, 2011
45: this is very true and this is how is happening to me in my office.
Posted by:sagar - 06 Jul, 2011
46: Congratulations to Silicon India for having the courage to write the facts about the work place. This article hits the nail on the head and really describes the actual facts instead of dishing out useless advice like "keep your boss in the loop about everything" or "try your best to meet deadlines". This is what I have observed throughout my career and its nice to know that this happens to other people too. Once we accept this fact, then we can take measures to counter it.
Posted by:Abhijit - 06 Jul, 2011
i had faced similair situations and had to make up my mind to quit finally in my earlier assignment
ramu m Replied to: Abhijit - 07 Jul, 2011
48: I admit my acceptance for the true fact revealed here.Really its a part of every office now a days that bosses are keeping the red eye on without any reason on there subordinate.
This shows the incompetence of there's and growing power of junior all the way....
Posted by:sri - 06 Jul, 2011
49: Yes, this is very true. Especially when I have worked with an Organization that was under MoC and became a Navratna PSU in 1990 and privatized in 2002- courtesy corrupt Industrialist-Neta nexus.
During the Govt days the pay was small but there was no danger of loosing a job so most of the staff worked with devotion. Though the promotions took ages to come by but there was rules in place and we had lot of respect where ever we went and behaved as per service and conduct rules. The staff in whatever position were very much humane. During the PSU days the staff got lot of money for anything and everything but still worked hard - humanity disappeared soon. After privatization the Navratna PSU was subject to - MBA - hounds who think they are god. Their job is only to ask why this or that and take home salary packages which is unheard of. They started breaking up the various sections in to different teams, throwing out experienced engineers and outsourcing staff at dime a dozen whose knowledge is nowhere near to even ITI guys. The best part is that they somehow manage to show huge losses but the VP and above rake in performance pays ranging from 25L-1.5 crore with salary increase. Others are subject to bell curve - only 10 percent are rated outstanding and keep getting promotion every now and then without any knowledge or fear. They are best at pleasing the bosses. 10 percent have to sink in to partially met expectation category and dont get any increment and performance pay is a petty sum. During the Govt or PSU days one could escalate matters to DG or CMD level. Now one cant even get an appointment with a VP - worse they have no respect or identity in society.
Posted by:Jai - 06 Jul, 2011
50: As we know everyone don't have same nature similar of all. SO When you are working in an organization then you should make politely and clear behavior with employees and BOSS.
Posted by:Pramod Kumar pal - 06 Jul, 2011
51: Very True! I am just wondering, this is whats happening around me these days :&
Posted by:Infosys - 06 Jul, 2011
52: Yes i think this is the story of every office. Because Bosses have some extra power to hire and fire. I think a Good Boss will never do like this.
Posted by:Ram - SEO Expert - 06 Jul, 2011
Ram - . I assure you, there are no "good" bosses in the world. I have a lot of work experience and all of my bosses have been like this.
Abhjit Replied to: Ram - SEO Expert - 06 Jul, 2011
I know many of IT professional do not know the law that are applicable for the IT Company and employers. threatening , victimization and being offence on the employees can cost a manager with 6 month jail. Even if a company want to fire even single employee they need to take the govt permission. For more info log in to itcompanyreviews dot com
sharan Replied to: Abhjit - 07 Jul, 2011
sharan thanks for your link on itcompanyreviews. hope every ioone knows on this....
sathish Replied to: sharan - 07 Jul, 2011
56: Absolutely true signs from my previous boss(now i left that job), but anybody can tell me how to tackle like this boss and if you are going for a new employer for interview how to answer this situation if anybody knows pl comment
Posted by:s.balasubramani - 06 Jul, 2011
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chetan Replied to: s.balasubramani - 07 Jul, 2011
Very good points. How to deal with such situation.
Please note, your boss alone is not the only one who is observing you or one who can treat you as he wishes.
Entire organization will be watching.
So key is make your work and worth visble to organization , beyond your boss and your team .
While we all know we need to market ourselves in open job market , it is equally important to market your self within current orgnaization.
So, how it works, by showing your real worth, you will find friends within organization who can extend help at appropriate forums , two you can find alternate positions within organization , which will give you time for you to quit on your own terms and make your day to day life more comfortable.
You may even land in better position in other department.

So be aware of above situations and plan your next steps i.e moving to new role within org / our outside.

You may also want to read book Called "Power " There are many tehcnicques used by Courtiers / Ministers in History to handle such situations.

Important way is ensure that if your boss harms you he also get effetced equally or more ..
Gopinath Replied to: s.balasubramani - 06 Jul, 2011
Mr Gopinath, can you please mention the name of the author of book "Power".
Amitesh Replied to: Gopinath - 07 Jul, 2011
Mr. Gopinath, Thanks for your inputs. They are indeed very helpful. Guess I am also going through the same. REally not able to understand why inspite of doing good work going through this.
naina Replied to: Gopinath - 06 Jul, 2011
One of the ways to avoid this situation is to "give the impression" that you are not as good as you actually are. Also not tom tomming your knowledge or achievements and in general acknowledging others as being good workers also helps, in my opinion
Abhijit Replied to: naina - 06 Jul, 2011
all are very good and valid points this also can happen when boss himself in tourble to save his face he can apply all these methods
mrudul Replied to: Gopinath - 06 Jul, 2011
I am sure positive approach may give good results all the time. who ever he is , what ever he is .. we should keep our work going ,try to build good support with your team mates ,bring positive vibrations among your teams members and collectively correct boos , I hope boos cannot escape from teams suggestions. Hope good approach never defeet
srinivasa reddy Replied to: mrudul - 07 Jul, 2011
the same happen Wth me also is thee any Way to overcome this problem. this is most cmmonly seen in Government offices.
Santosh Singh Replied to: mrudul - 06 Jul, 2011
The best solution to this problem is to become indispensable in the organisation.This can be achieved by doing your work exceptionally good and at the same becoming capable of multitasking.No boss will dare to axe an employee who can not be replaced by another recruit.
Cyriac Kandathil Replied to: Santosh Singh - 06 Jul, 2011
This method will never work because:

(1) In order to become indispensable, you have to be entrusted with a lot of responsibility and that would only happen if the boss gives you that responsibility.
Abhijit Replied to: Cyriac Kandathil - 06 Jul, 2011
This method will never work because:

(1) In order to become indispensable, you have to be entrusted with a lot of responsibility and that would only happen if the boss gives you that responsibility.

(2) Also, if by some freak chance, you do become indispensable, then the boss would divert your responsibilities, little by little and leave you with hardly any after some time.

(3) Actually, come to think of it, no one is indispensable in an organization.
Abhijit Replied to: Abhijit - 06 Jul, 2011
The article is good. However, this seems to have been made as too simplistic. Situations are usually not so. In fact when boss wants to remove you, he may have real good reason. If employee is productive, sincere and contributing to organization, there is hardly any logical reason for boss to remove you. Because your good work contributes to his/her success. So one must needs to do introspection before leading to negative connotations. After all as per Hawaiian HUNA philosophy 'Energy Flows, where Attention Goes'. Lest put our energies to negativity which would harm us by getting us in negative spiral.
Deepak Replied to: Santosh Singh - 06 Jul, 2011
The article is 100% genuine sir ,i have been through the similar situations regularly ,this article is showing the full picture of my workplace
sanjay Kumar Replied to: Deepak - 07 Jul, 2011
why u give the chance to others to play with u from day one you should be alert with every one in the office because not only the boss but the other coleagues also play the game there you should not allow any one to know you completely initially you work just namkewaste and day by day you just act as impoving and keep asking some silly doubts to ur seniors and when you get the chance to explore yourself only then you perform so that you overtake your senior let him to cry late onwards
kaleem Replied to: sanjay Kumar - 07 Jul, 2011