10 Workplace Mayhem That Every 20-Something Goes Through

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 28 May 2015, 12:40 Hrs
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BANGALORE: “Living young and wild and free” the lyricist probably never witnessed the work settings of life. What’s worse, this is likely to be the anthem of the youth or rather more likely the ‘anthem of the doomed’ when these youngsters face the slap of reality check.

The presumed belief of an endless milestone that ran through the lines of School all the way to College has only prepared us for the impending doom that is about to leave us feeling sheepish and a hell lot sore, reports Mensxp.

So if you’re a renegade child, you’re dead! If you think a few advices from peers is going to be of use to you, you’re dead! But if you were a good student and kept your grades then chances are you will be the first to be beheaded, because there’s no escaping the mayhem of work scenario, god  be with you kid!

Here are 10 apt situations which every 20-something goes through in the early stages of working in an office. 

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