10 Types of Bosses - What type is yours?

By siliconindia  |   Thursday, 28 July 2011, 12:02 Hrs   |    22 Comments
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Bangalore: When you say the word "Boss", you immediately picture a personality in your mind. It is not always necessary that you picture your boss like your worst nightmare; you even get to picture them like an angel with a halo. All bosses carry different personalities and if you have a closer look at them they tend to manage their employees also on the same ground. They exhibit different traits, patterns and habits.

Some difficult bosses are completely toxic, while others just have very annoying habits. And sometimes an employee and a boss are just a bad mix. If you're not happy with your manager, you need to determine if the problem lies with you, your boss, or the combination of your personalities.

There are different types of bosses, which one of these do you think is your boss?

The Perfectionist:

He is tough, he is hardcore solid about his work, and he has no patience for impatience or for anything other than perfection. Perfectionism is a personality trait. He is highly conscious and hyper critical about the mistakes that you make. He sets absolute ideas which are only black and white and there is no room for grey. He is the harshest critic that you can come across. He fears failure and thinks about only the end goal. He has all-or-nothing approach. If the situation does not allow him to achieve the standard he laid out, he will abandon the task because it does not make sense to spend time on something that he is not going to conquer. This is actually one of the good traits of a boss, only when it is used appropriately.

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