10 Trickiest Job Interview Questions You Can Answer

By SiliconIndia  |   Tuesday, 26 June 2012, 11:24 Hrs   |    5 Comments
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Bangalore:  The present recruiters have become very careful while hiring the candidates, especially when interviewing smart candidates. Asking tricky questions is a form of saving time is also a method to find out what kind of candidate they are actually interviewing, says Joyce Lain Kennedy, a career columnist and author of the book “Job interviews for Dummies”. Most of the time, the questions asked by the recruiters will be misleading just to figure out how smart is the candidate to answer the questions. Here is the list of tricky questions which can be asked by the hiring managers to the candidates as listed out by Joyce Lain Kennedy. You can also get to know the real meaning behind each question and the candidates can get to know how well they can answer it, as reported on Forbes website. You can learn how to answer the question in a much effective way.    

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1. Suppose you are hired here, how will you manage your time for other interviews?

Real meaning: To figure out, do you have any plans for changing your profession in a short time

Answer you can give: “I will be dedicated to the company and my position and I won’t be having any other career changing plans for the near future”.

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Reader's comments(5)
1: Good one :)....Thank you
Posted by:suma - 26 Jul, 2012
2: It was a very good article....but to be very true that the answers given are also accurate as per the question......but now in this competitive world even the hiring professional are expecting a different answers...............coz in day to day interview ,atleast 87% of people will say this kind of answers but it wont help them out in getting a job.
Posted by:Chotu - 02 Jul, 2012
3: it is very useful and help full for batter awareness and the facts about the present required to every person these thing nobody will tell and we will not find any person to share

Posted by:SATISHREDDY - 01 Jul, 2012
4: Your article is quite helpful to know the very inner meaning of such trickiest questions. I think it is necessary ( in these days of global financial crisis), to find a right employee for their organisation as it is linked with their company's reputation as well growth.
I think, if such trickiest questions are posed by the interviewer one must be tactful to answer them. For example if they ask me the first question that how will you manage to prepare for your interview while you work. I will first of all ask them whether is it for a next interview related to my promotion in your concern.

Most of the times the trickiest questions are posed to judge or find out your real 'self'. Meaning, that whether you are determined to work both consciously and sub-consciously.
I also think that one must know about psychology of interviewer before they appear interviews.
Thing is that how many of us really well versed with our self-psychology and its working?
Posted by:BalakrishnanRaju - 27 Jun, 2012
5: informative
Posted by:harshvardhan - 26 Jun, 2012