10 Innovative Ways to Make Money on Youtube

By SiliconIndia  |   Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 10:57 Hrs   |    4 Comments
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BANGALORE: There are so many ways to make money online that you may choose the one which fits you best. One of them is to make money with You Tube.

Everyone knows that You Tube is a media company for people in the entire world to watch and share original videos. You might have heard somebody is earning by writing blogs or content on some website but the trend changes and now there are people that can become rich using Webcam or recording themselves,reports LifeHack.

The YouTube analytics site SocialBlade keeps a track of subscribers and viewers of YouTube and estimates their income, based on a wide range of cost-per-thousand advertising rates.



YouTube to boost traffic to your website and blog

Traffic is the most essential thing for any website or blog to bring in income.  YouTube not only provides a platform for a budding business but also holds your traffic as well as boost it.  creator playbook is a good way to get started on, once you have it set up bring in new videos and ensure your website link is placed in your video description.


Monetize Your Creativity

No matter whatever talent you have, singing, dancing, clicking photographs, or generating content aka writing, you can always try to monetize your talent. As per a recent study report, 375 billion photographs are clicked daily and 72 hours of videos are uploaded online every minute. You can all your videos and photographs online.


Sell products as an affiliate marketer



“Affiliate marketing” basically implies selling other peoples products for a commission. Colossal numbers of companies are putting forward attractive deals that pertain to affiliate marketers who advertise these products; this includes companies like Amazon and eBay. Furthermore, there are many affiliated networks that one can consider these networks include Commission Junction, ClickBank, and ShareASale.com.


Turn into a YouTube personality

Youtube personality or star mint money out of their traffic. If you are reeking with talent or loaded with creativity then this is an easy way to reason fame and fortune.  Create your very own YouTube video and let your passion flow through the videos.


Turn yourself into a tutor

If you’re good at something why not turn it into a means of getting income. You can gain popularity as well as money from your videos. One can delve into their interest when it comes to making tutorials.

Build your brand

Every individual is a brand in the business world. How well you do solely depends on how well you sell your brand. YouTube comes into play as it amplifies ones brand value. Simply start creating video about your interest and uploaded it on YouTube.


Turn your child or pet into a star (and earn money)



 Just like grumpy cat, your pet stands a chance of filling your pockets.  Videos pictures or even photographs can deliver results. However your content should be innovative and stand out.

Test-market your products

YouTube is a brilliant resource for marketing research. If one wishes to find out how good their product is, using YouTube can surely help you find out how innovative and profitable ones idea is.  Reviews, comments and views on your video will give you an idea of your strengths and the places that you need to work on.


Get creative: Create a Web TV series


  If you have the knack for telling stories why not try your own Web TV shows. One can only be limited to their imagination and according to their budget. Your videos can start from five minutes and go up to 15 minutes; however for longer videos more should increase their limit and ensure that their videos are able to hold the audience.


Become an expert on meta data

There are 1000’s of videos uploaded on a daily basis. Hence to lure the audience you need to use keywords so that your video pops up at the start of YouTube suggestions.  Furthermore, “Meta data” is a data that provides information about the outcome of one’s videos.   With youtube being the second-largest search engine on the internet, using metadata can enhance your videos with the right tags and description.


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