10 In-Demand Recession Proof Jobs of All Time

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 27 June 2013, 12:56 Hrs
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Bangalore: Recession and depression proof jobs are those that are least susceptible to financial meltdowns and have the highest combined scores for pay, projected growth and number of openings. They are the jobs that can either thrive during rotten economic times or at least survive unscathed.

But is there a job that is recession and depression proof? The answer is, probably no. However, there are certain jobs that have the potential to remain stable throughout the course and can handle the economic crisis better than the rest.

Here is brief overview of 10 recession and depression proof jobs that are expected to remain in high demand, irrespective of the prevailing economic conditions, as listed by Brainz.


Tax and death are the two certainties of life, and as long as we have to pay taxes, there will always be a job for these professionals. Every individual, company or industry, which makes and handles money, eventually, needs the expertise of these professionals.

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