10 Companies Doing the Most for Employee Happiness

By SiliconIndia  |   Thursday, 21 March 2013, 11:22 Hrs   |    8 Comments
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Bangalore: Employees are the heart and soul of a company; the driving force behind the success or failure of an organization. But unfortunately, not every company understands this fact. They fail to do the needful to create a better working environment and thereby fall short to fully exploit the complete potential of their workforce.

Check out the list of companies that have the most significant growth in the overall workplace happiness, as listed by the CareerBliss team.

1. Google:

Google is considered as the Holy Grail of employment and it is no wonder why this tech giant topped the list. This prestigious IT firm has the best score and is way above the rest in terms of pay, work-life balance, company culture, growth opportunities and work culture. 

The average pay package offered by this company is approximately $73,263, which is equivalent to 39.75 lakhs, and the Bliss rating for this company is 4.312. Google also saw the highest growth in employee happiness with about 36.74 percent in overall happiness compared to 2011.

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Reader's comments(8)
1: wats this


Termsof Use going to 403.
Posted by:stpen - 11 May, 2013
2: This post provides wrong data .
Pay average cannot be calculated as the parameter for employee happiness because the Top level has a highest range (unbelievable packages) and the 90 percentage of middle and lower management have Peanut salary.
Happiness score is based on the employees responded to the survey. The majority is frustrated and ignored the survey.
Please do not post such craps to Silicon India, because we value Silicon India points most of the time.
Posted by:Ranjith - 13 Apr, 2013
3: 10 Companies Doing the Worst for Employee Happiness
Posted by:Ranjith - 13 Apr, 2013
4: How can Ernst and Young even get a mention. Unethical Management cheating its customers, No work life balance, Poor inhouse support, lower salaries, excessive travel.....still a happiness score of 15,91%. Surprising!! Dont fall prey to such surveys. This is just another trick of companies to attract talented people.
Posted by:Jyotika - 02 Apr, 2013
5: i m also be happy for the.............
Posted by:rana - 28 Mar, 2013
6: Wipro !!! OMG they wont give a release letter, wont settle F&F... and talking about their BPO... less said the better 10 hrs work only 30 mins break that too after begging... come to the floor n see for ur self.
Posted by:Bobby Roy - 24 Mar, 2013
7: one more baseless survey
Posted by:navin - 23 Mar, 2013
8: Did I read it as Wipro!!! LOL
Posted by:Guest - 22 Mar, 2013